Tuesday, June 17, 2003

wah gim sen really hao ren sia.. today after sentosa we went thai express. ordered some tofu mushroom salad cuz i was considering my diet, then -wham- it was like dripping with bloody chili. pissed off can. so in e end i din haf dinner.. think i looked qt poor thing altho i was jus tired. then he offered to lend me money.. said no. even aft i said no he took out e money!! i was like.. heh nvm lar. hao ren hao ren :)

anyways had quite a fun day in the sun [or shld i say rain] at sentosa today..went there n it was like pouring. sigh. why does it always rain on me. played beach volleyball in the rain until me, chloe, tracy [the only girls present] couldnt tahan the cold n so we took shelter. guys jus played soccer. thankfully the sun came out n voila, i got a nice tan:) have pink cheeks now. tho the heat like inflated my nose pimple :( took alot of funny photos and it was damn funny.. hee.. valmond's birthday sumore. happy birthday! buried val in da sand. haha. valmond made gim sen like rub suntan lotion on his back loh.. so gay.. hahahaha. and stupid bao, serene and mabel pang seh us, say raining den dun come. where got rain lah. i show off my tan then u know.

Mrs Brightside at 10:10 pm


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