Friday, February 29, 2008

Yeah I know.. it's a bit of a blogger's diarrhoea today because of the simple fact that I've holed myself up at home today so that I have no choice to do anything else but study. Studying however always makes me hungry and I've found the next thing I want to try in Singapore:

Afternoon Tea at the Fullerton Singapore Courtyard

"For a mid-afternoon respite, visit The Courtyard and enjoy a scrumptious afternoon tea. Served on a three-tier tea stand, our tea-time selection also includes freshly baked scones with English clotted cream and home-made berry jam, muffins, traditional tea sandwiches and delicate pastries. Guests will be able to select their favourite accompaniment from our selection of Ronnefeldt teas.

Be serenaded by the exquisite music of a String Trio while enjoying Afternoon Tea at The Courtyard. The String Trio comprises three accomplished lady musicians - violinists Guo Lan and Ou Yang Dong and cellist Dawn Toh. Their repertoire includes instrumental classical and jazz pieces. The String Trio performs from Tuesday to Sunday, 3.00pm to 5.45pm.

Afternoon Tea is served from Monday to Saturday, from 2.30pm to 6.00pm at S$25 per person, including a choice of coffee or tea from the menu. " - from

The thought of English clotted cream is just totally making me drool. Please, somebody go with me!

Okay, the next shameless plug is for 30th February, by Chow Chee Yong. A fine art photography exhibition from now till 15th March 08, held at Kay Ngee Tan Architects at Duxton Hill (conveniently located!). Best of all, it's free! C'mon sammie I know you wanna go too! :)
Further information here.

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Update: the sidebar has a new feature! The big ticket items wishlist. haha.. It acts as a gentle reminder to tell me to save. Maybe I can get these things for cheap in China, seeing how it's probably the biggest bicycle market around ;)

I should be getting back to work. 3 weeks of FIIM and 7 weeks of Strategy to cover in 5 hours.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today I read in Life! that this guy broke up with his girlfriend because she got fat.

How upsetting. Would any of you guys do that?

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Such a beautiful poem! From Moshe Safdie at TED 2002:

He who seeks Truth shall find Beauty.
He who seeks Beauty shall find Vanity.
He who seeks Order shall find Gratification.
He who seeks Gratification shall be Disappointed.
He who considers himself a Servant of his fellow being, shall find the joy of Self-expression.
He who seeks Self-Expression shall fall into the pit of Arrogance.
Arrogance is incompatible with Nature;
Through nature, the Nature of the Universe and the Nature of Man, we shall seek Truth.
If we seek Truth, we shall find Beauty.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The NewUrbanMale paperbag design. Does anybody know what this reminds you of??

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank the one who hurt you,
for he reinforced your determination;

Thank the one who deceived you,
for he deepened your insight;

Thank the one who abandoned you,
for he taught you to be independent;

Thank the one who made you stumble,
for he stengthened your ability;

Thank the one who denounced you,
for he increased your wisdom.

-a male bashing post.

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Monday, February 11, 2008


After working at my laptop for almost 5 hours straight, I've finally cleared all my to-do list! I'm only left with 3 FIIM tutorials and German homework, the latter of which I shall proceed to do after I take a breather by blogging.

But, oh dear. A quick flip at my moleskine shows that I have a mid-term exam this Saturday. Company Law. And I'm still a little clueless. Oh me oh my. :( AND ITS 20%!!! die die die.

Suddenly, it feels like I can't catch my breath. Drowning! Bloop bloop bloop

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I've caught the job search bug. Damn you, all these people searching for internships out there! Now I'm all kancheong and jittery and starting to look for a final job one year before I'm due to graduate. pfff.

That said, there are so many options and so many companies to check out. Like, who do you eventually want to work for and what do you want to do there. So, so, so many choices......

Sometimes, looking at the people around me, I get the feeling that I'm not destined for greatness.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

After reading what Shanglin posted about Ireland finally getting rid of their plastic bag habit, I thought of what I had seen in India. In India, they are more environmentally advanced than most of us are. Purchases are usually wrapped in old newspaper if they are small; big purchases are given a recycled paper bag or once, in Darjeeling, I even got a small cloth bag to put some jars of jam and pickles I just bought.

So yes, while here we are getting plastic bags with every single purchase, it seems like India has skipped a step and gone straight to environmental friendly newspapers, paper and cloth bags.

I'm totally in support of imposing taxes on plastic bags. Let's move on from the half-hearted measure of the "first Wednesday of every month", and start charging people for plastic bags. Start with $0.10 per plastic bag; kiam siap Singaporeans will soon resort to resuable or cloth bags, as they have done in Ikea.

Ikea Singapore has started to impose a charge of $0.10 per bag and today, while I was at the check-out counter, I saw many aunties bringing their own little bags - they had obviously caught wind of the plastic bag charges here and wisened up.

Well done, Ikea. Why stop there? Why not Giant, Carrefour, NTUC and Cold Storage as well? The money earned from the sale of plastic bags can be donated to Nature Society, or be used to plant trees to offset our carbon footprint (as Oasis Hong Kong Airlines has done so, using carbon credits to buy energy credits for a windfarm in China).

That's my chip-in for the environment today. I also didn't use any plastic bags when buying the stuff at Ikea. What have you done for the environment today?

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And it's over!

At 2359 we concluded our citibank case challenge! Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best on the 4th.

Meanwhile.. Today my brother had his first concert where he performed 2 solo songs on stage. It was the NTU Hall 10 performance at The Arts House, and he sang 2 songs solo. Before he started singing, he said: " I would like to dedicate this song to my mum, who's sitting in the audience today and I would like to thank her for bringing me up all these years, ..."

And of course for my mum sitting in the audience, it was a proud moment for her :) I asked her if she cried and she said she was very touched, and a warm feeling came over her! But no tears.. almost almost. Haha. It was then and there that i felt the feeling of "I should have been there." You know, like in your typical family movie (somehow Arnie in his family man roles comes into mind) the metaphorical working dad, who is too busy for his work and ends up missing a very important baseball game which his son is playing in, or musical which is daughter is performing in. Yeah, somehow, I've experienced for the first time that kind of feeling. It wasnt very nice :(

I wonder if it will be like this for many of us in future. Working so hard, and missing the other things in life.

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Don Quijote by Miguel De Cervantes
East and West by Christ Patten
Hong Kong by Jan Morris
Le Peau de chagrin by Honoré de Balzac
1984 by George Orwell


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