Thursday, October 30, 2003

omg.. im so charged w energy now. no kidding. came back and cheong-ed sims all the way.. haha then i went to the gym. decided to do long dist aft i became inspired by what ven said : long dist, slow run will lose fats! so i ran like 5.03 km. and i burnt off 228 cal!! ooh-hoo.. so happy. haha but i cant c e results yet leh. -stares at tum- bleh. mayb more planks will help.

sigh my oral presentation day is on my birthday :( next day muz submit gpf some more. no need to celebrate already lar. kaoz. whine.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

how come my posts dont turn out? sigh

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

more new photos!
lky performance at swissotel!

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new fotos! open house 2003. click here!

anyway i just went to fel's hse, with sam and az, and i found a new way to build abs! it apparently works really well so i shall go try it later. yay!

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its such a beautiful day today. what am i doing in school.


anyway i jus went for bio lect, slept through the whole thing.. then aft tt they had a hospitals attachment briefing. im on the reserve list - :( sob. not good enuf eh. lydea got in.. i think she really wants to go, but she'll hafta miss like 3 choir pracs or sth. but i guess its ok, this kinda thing is a once in a lifetime chance anyway... so yeah, im ok with it. then me? and fatt sheng. both of us in reserve. told mr toh we had cca commitments though we both wanna go.. sigh. nvm lah joel said i could go. haha. yay :) c how lah if i get in that is.

fenny got into dentistry, duno how this'll affect her choir attendance.. mayb i'll ask her tmr.

anyway to all out there who read this: choir this wed is at 7pm! pls take note!!! oh yah and gd luck for chinese. heh.

duno if i shld sign up for ogl. feels like im stretching myself. but oh well, i was thinkin jus sign up loh. if it clashes w choir then i'll just drop out, no harm done.


er. haha.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

todays been a really long day. as gs put it, really 9 to 9 loh. had sectionals in the am, then seminar. played naval fleet w ys, AND I LOST!!! :( cuz of stupid d.wong. hmf. smart lah. ok anyway. had combined jc choir prac.. did some cheapo jap song. ok lah mayb its not cheapo, cuz it sounds really nice.. but anyways qt a few times kena scolded by nelson, like not paiseh lar! felt abit like, let him down, i duno.

then there was this no-nonsense girl fr aj in sop, think her name's eunice or sth. she's qt zai lah, organize every1 properly.. n e poor mj girls were struggling..

anyw keith was there, cant believe it. thought he was like some slacker shit.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

hais.. i finally got the sims: unleashed!! whoa damn cute sia.. the doggy.. ahha. but cant install hot date cuz mine is windows 2000 :( oh well..

back to sch tmr, i think we're gettin back our chem papers.. argh.. worried sia.
the chem paper was hard. bleh.

open house was on sat, i think it TOTALLY ROCKS!! haha.. think we all did a great job. cheers to choir especially!! our carolling session rocked.. haha everyone loved us :p and double cheers to adi + the sole/soul sistas!! hahaha i think we rock too.. we double double rock! :) had a great time groovin to lady marmalade.. think our performance was great, well done guys!

no cheers to the chinese teachers back stage. stupid idiots.

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and grace! :)

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Friday, October 17, 2003

hehe.. sneaking arnd in my bro's rm, on my bro's comp. hes damn sly lar, set up some comp alarm tt shuts down the comp if u dont on it or sth. poks. but i got thru that anyway.. hehe.. can use until like 4am liao lar! :) hah.

anyway. my blogs like dead nowadays.

still got qt a few ppl i wanna go out with.. hmmm. val, bubu n ginny, shiwei.. haha.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

ok. like everybody is telling me to go use friendster now. like how weird.

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Friday, October 10, 2003

YAYYYYYYY PROMOS OVER!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))

happy happy. yeahhhh! damn happy. haha. i want to go out w everybody and do everything.. miss all the gal pals out there.

wanna go shopping. go blading! gossip. play the sims with all the expansions!catch movies. ok maybe not really movies. go shopping! walk around town, i miss town so much!!

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Friday, October 03, 2003

boringg.. taking a break off bio. hope i remember everything.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

ok i must MUST remember this. 07dec, singapore indoor stadium - david tao concert! tic prices - 69, 80, 109, 129. booking of tix starts 06october. remember.

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