Thursday, June 30, 2005

wow i think i totally love smu lor! i was there for 6 hours. 12nn to 6pm! fwah. i am such a school lover. took a cab down to matriculate, and then surprisingly my matriculation took 1.5 hours. hmm. then after that... i met jac, talk talk a bit with her about school and stuff. Then sit at that same bench for like 1 hour plus waiting for friends. so sad and lonely. then gary from asoc talk to me. as well as danessa. then after that even they left. so i was sad and lonely again.

then... juanita (is that how you spell it) came to sit opp me! was quite nice to chat with her to find out more.. hmm i think becos of her i might just go for like the rock concert thingy, since she's organising. but see how lah hor.
the girls started coming in one by one: yingtee, ellen, siqingazleenlingsze (in that order). It was so fun to matriculate again!! ahahahaha i was super amused. then just walk around. then finally went into the CCA booth, signed up for 4 friggin camp (no need to go home liao lor) - ASOC, BONDUE, SMUX and of course CIRCLE is compulsory. I'm going for first run. all smu students reading this pls go for first run okay. 12 - 14 july. i am in group 23.

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I just read a Life! article about this author, Terry McMillan, who married a guy half her age when she was 40 years old and wrote a book to celebrate the mutual love, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. It was even made into a movie starring Angela Bassett. And now, she just found out that the guy is GAY and they're filing for divorce, and he was just using her to get a US citizenship.

That's not even half as bad.

The worse part is, the court ordered her to pay HIM alimony of what, US$2000 a month?? like, WTF!? Is it her fault that he turned gay? Why does she have to pay spousal support, it's not like he can't work. I know this sounds totally feminist when divorced wives get tonnes of cash from their rich ex-husbands in alimony but divorced husbands shouldn't. it's not like i think husbands shouldn't get it. but i feel that when the husbands have the MEANS to support themselves then the ex-wives should not be made to pay support! like, hi!!

Most of the women getting divorce payouts use the excuse that their husbands gave them a very lavish lifestyle and they need that money to continue living that lifestyle (as though it would be hard to adjust to being poor again!!??), i think that's a bullcrap excuse too. But the wife paying the husband? That's even further bullcrap. Plus the fact that he's like 30 years old and able-bodied. So what's this money gonna do, 'comfort' him when he's having fun gaying around? As though it's not bad enough that your husband is gay, can you imagine the emotional torture she's going through? And she STILL has to PAY him to enjoy his gay lifestyle, seriously like what the fuckk.

Don't get me wrong i have nothing against gays, those who know me know that. But i just think that alimony should be paid when
a) the (ex)spouse has no means of supporting oneself
b) the spouse has suffered in the relationship and needs compensation
c) okay the 'lavish lifestyle' excuse is crap but makes sense for a short while. Maybe like a year plus but no longer than that. The woman should learn to be poor.

Which brings up the issue of pre-nup agreements. I am now in full support of them. People should get what they started out with in the marriage, and split the rest. A cruel pre-marriage step to take, but ultimately necessary.

Comments anyone?

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i just spent like, 2.5 hours reading my archives! i have found them miraculously with the help of and resurrected them in the right hand column u see over there. n omg super effing funny! ahahahah i wonder what i was doing with my time last time sia. Some posts worth visiting:

May 2003
May 13 Tuesday
"my horoscope says i shouldnt not step on ppl on my way up and i shouldnt let sentiments get in my way. okay ive made up my mind. dont let sentiments get in the way! and i wont.."
looks like i totally DID NOT follow the advice of my horoscope and look what it brought me! much agony and pain. (ala Genting 2003! that big guy/girl thingy fwah so long ago man)

May 9 Friday
"i went blading today!! a tremendous feat of 4k. i stink and my feet ache now.. bah. but i looked really clumsy behind this damn zai young girl in front of me. i mean, she was like a pro! hope i can achieve that standard one day.. and soon i'll be able to blade in my sports bra along east coast park n look damn seh doing it! haha. but besides the point. i want a better figure as well. "
Wow!! that was a reallly long time ago. think i've come a long way hahahaha.

May 1Thursday
"but im stil pissed abt getting slammed frm that stupid tchr yesterday. whats his name. larry choy. yeah. like why pick on me when there r a thousand other girls with shorter skirts sia.. i think he has totally no respect for girls man. wtf."
i think this is the first time i used the words wtf!! ahahaha. the memory of that incident is still fucking fresh in my head. feeel my pain and embarrassment, please.

April 2003
" i quarrelled with kiat yesterday. not exactly quarrel though. more like he lashed out at me.. i duno y as well. he says its cuz there were alot of things happening at e same time. huh? nvm. i was quite scared by it [and him] man. hope this doesnt happen again cuz it jus totally freaked me out."
I dont remember what this was about but i remember kiat telling me (2 years later!) that he was frickin guilty after reading this.. haha. i hope this refuels his guilt. go on. feel bad.

June 2003
"jus a sudden thought.. kinda missed owen's company after tuesday's outing. like so long dun feel his cock prescence liao.. suddenly realize u duno what u got till its gone. and i miss chloe too.. she has all her tsd stuff on now. and sop is like one less person 2 talk cock with.. sigh.. "
I cant believe i actually said that i missed owen!?!?!?! ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahashahahahahahaha

"somebody said my blog is stupid.

Posted by Cheam . at 4:04 PM "
WAH i cant remember who said that but if i rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... GRRR!

June 24 Tuesday
Wow i cant believe it. a post about keith poon! ahahahah so long since then sia.. and there were references made to xian liang. sigh. sad:( i really do kind of miss him every now and then. the day i cried so badly. still fresh in my head. the guilt. argh.

June 26 Thursday
I watched Finding Nemo with xian liang! omgosh. yes i remember that time. sighhh i really really miss him.

July 2003
"i think i wanna get a floppy butch haircut too. but joel said it will look gross with the choir gown. hmm. point to consider. but. aiya. suddenly wonder how itd be like loh.. quite cool quite cool. mayb i can join tatu or sth."
ahahaahhahaah i cant believe i said that last time!!! haha

i love this post! Saturday July 5. go read it. SUPER DUPER FUNNY i think i have such a witty sense of humour. eh wait that doesnt make grammatical sense but whatever.

Wednesday July 9: Oh man!! the good old days when we called sufi 'pung bibi' haha so cute. love you!

Thurs July 10: angsty post sia. i think i was really pissed off. i think that was when my overseas dreams were sparked haha.

to bao: July14!! "and the lingering presence of tenor X was like. lingering. haiz. lucky he din make too much noise today."
Omg all that tenor X shit super funnny ah!!!!!!!!!!!

July 28 Monday: "will b in my white fila shoes. hmm hmm hmm. denim skirt? yeah i think tt'd do. "
WTF!? i actually thought of wearing white track shoes with my denim skirt. omg i must have looked ugly back then.

August 04
". i sense something. but anyway, think he's cute. haha."
omg. this is the beginning of a 15 month relationship! that comment was made about YS! hahaha.

Famous sufi quote: ""Even if there's a goalkeeper doesn't mean you cant score a goal." - Sufian"

Nov 2003
first signs of cracks in the relationship... :"ive been trying.

been trying real hard.


losing faith."

I didnt blog the whole of march 2004! wow. first hiatus.
And shit i just realised it might not b a hiatus cos i CANNOT find the rest of my archives. shit. is it lost somewhere in cyberspace. so sad. i wanna read them all!!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm not rich: I'm just willing to spend.
I'm not poor: I have a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes to wear.

I'm not fat: I have an acceptable BMI.
I'm not thin: I have less than desirable thighs and a tummy.

I'm not smart: I just mug a lot.
I'm not stupid: I use my brains to mug.

I'm not pretty: I have the physical flaws of any average girl.
I'm not ugly: I get my fair share of compliments.

I'm not popular: I don't have big cliques of friends everywhere.
I'm not outcasted: I have friends dear to my heart.

I'm not lonely: Again, I have friends dear to my heart.
I am lonely: Have yet to find the one yet.

I can't dance: Not as groovy as the pretty girls on the dance floor.
I can move: To the music.

I'm not tall: Isn't it obvious.
I'm not short: I hold my head up high when I walk.

I'm not mean: I give up my seat on the train.
I'm not nice: I snub volunteers seeking donors.

I can sing: Out loud for the world to hear.
I am tone deaf: When it comes to advice, which I tend to regret later on.

I know what love is: when I am happy and he makes me happy.
I get confused: Cos, what is love really?

Philosophical right? Heh heh. anyway went kboxing with bubu and ginny today!!!! so funnnnn. i love singing to Jay Chou and David Tao and FIR and Fish Leong and SHIN (my favourite screamers ahahah) and Guang Liang's Tong Hua (so sad i almost cried!) and Stefanie and MayDay. And of course the other 2 liked their 5566 and JJ and LAO SHU AI DA MI! haha. think i was a mic hogger, oops sorry ah :P

After that kia kia around.. eat tonnes of good food.. Marche Mango crepe with Macadamia Dulce Ice Cream and chocolate rice and nut toppings! And of cos, our staple activity of taking neo prints! Ginny's eyes look surprisingly big lah, that lucky shit. mine look mascara-ed. but overall the photos were good.

After that it was ELLEN DEAREST! at NYDC. i was too full so i just drank some soup and ate a MINI pie, and we shared the cookie monster mudcake. Had a great time catching up and telling her about the most exciting night of my life, i think she laughed so much haah it was great to see her and hear her laughter again :)
went to check out iPod shuffle. Sad leh they ran out of the 512mb version and i dont know whether to get the 1GB version cos it's 60 bucks more ex (didnt plan on spending 189 in the first place!!!) and i dont think i need so many songs? So far i have 300++ songs in my iTunes but only 78 that i really wanna listen to. So... dilemma. Damn. was hoping to listen to some music while gymming tmr. Looks like i might change gymming to swimming instead since i got no music either ways :(

I'm developing triceps! woohoo. was flexing them in the marche toilet today, hope they dun have cameras inside there or else they'll submit it to like Gotcha and everyone will see me on nat tv and laugh at me. And the tan's going fine too. But so sad, today i walked into Cali fitness with ellen and she asked about the fitness plans and the guy was like, "Who is it for, her?" and he pointed to me. like THANKS! now im just gonna go work out more.

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I just realised that yiren takes beautiful pictures! Newfound respect for the man.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

what mingxian said today struck a chord with me: Do people see me as a Xiao Mei Mei? Hmm.

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1. Yenny, Yen, Cheam
2. Moley, Brusty
3. Mary

1. er.. what's a screen name? Let's see. I've been the sea before ala SOV2003
2. clam ala RGSchoir sec2 or sec3
3. Some japanese chef ala SOV 2004

1. My eyes
2. My eyelashes
3. My naturally ash-grey/blonde hair :P

1. Tummy fats
2. Height
3. Stub nose and no bridge

1. Chinese (being bilingual! yeah!)
2. being Singaporean
3. Music?

1. Spiders. F*cking a lot of legs sia!
2. Ghost movies ala The Ring, Dark Water and other Jap/Korean horror flicks
3. dying in a car accident

1. Handphone
2. Sleep
3. Music

1. RGS Shorts :)
2. My gold frame spectacles
3. This really old U2 white t-shirt i bought with vanessa in like sec1 or something.

1. Linkin Park
2. Coldplay
3. FIR

1. Faint (LKP)
2. Yellow (Coldplay)
3. Does your mother know? (ABBA: yes i know i'm such a retro chick oldie at heart :)

1. I want him to make me laugh/smile
2. Sweetness
3. Surprise

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
1. I love alcoholic cocktails
2. I love chocolates
3. I love driving

1. Hair
2. Eyes
3. Smile

1. Singing when no one else is looking
2. Tennis
3. Rollerblading or to be more correct, inline skating

1. Go for a spin in the car
2. Finally get down to reading The Lovely Bones
3. Eat ice cream

1. Accountant (duh.)
2. Astronaut or pilot also can. too bad i'm too short.
3. Cosmeceutical researcher

1. Korea (i wanna go again!)
2. USA
3. Europe
Cliched i know.

1. Nicole
2. Christian
3. ?? Can't think of any yet

1. See the world
2. Earn tonnes of money
3. And give it to charity

1. I like to peel the dried up skin at the sole of my feet
2. I don't like to accessorize (no necklace, watch, ring, earrings, bracelets for me)
3. I play comp games

1. I dream of having a cute sweet boyfriend
2. I always attempt to go on diets but flop spectacularly
3. I am never satisfied with my body

1. Steven Cheung
2. Edison Chen

1. Ginny Chua
2. Ching Bao Lin
3. Everyone else? heh.

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Struggled to wake up this morning.. ugh. 10am seems so bloddy early nowadays, given the TIME THAT IM SLEEPING LATELY! Then went for tennis + swim + tan with joyce and mingxian, the sun was scorching hot today! luckily i have my trusty tanning oil with 4 measly SPF to protect my skin from burning. I wanna be tan i wanna be tan! :)

My good friend --->

And after that i was so shagged so come home and sleep lor. "Nice" brother volunteered to heat up last night's spaghetti for me (and him) provided i wash the dishes.. so i did. ate and then slept, so piggy sia. Then wake up and decided that i will tidy my room! it is so clean now, finally got the old mattress off the floor (the red mattress that all clubbers sleep on when they come over, heh heh) and everything else is still in a mess but who cares. Need to do routine wheel rotation for my blades later..

1) continue cleaning room?
2) wheel rotation + cleaning for me inline skates
3) read lovely bones

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OMG! I can't believe i forgot!! From the earlier nickname post right, i forgot one of the nicknames i got in my JC LIFE! And that is.... *drumroll*

Ka Chua aka Xiao Qiang!! :)

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Monday, June 27, 2005

i should win nice-ty of the year award!!

Number one nice thing i did today: Went from home - Suntec city - home JUST to buy xiao long bao for my family + alex! like hi, give me an award already!

Number two: i actually drove bao + alex around in my car! fwah today is the first time im driving around alone without mum (3rd time on the roads!). And i mistook a slip road for a normal road and since all was red light then i just stop there. then kena horn!! so paiseh :/ and i went over a hump too fast so my whole car jerked and my hp flew to the back seat! hahaha... and i was a naughty girl, touch my phone n sms while driving :P ALmost got lost around the reservoir area.. wasnt very confident finding bao's house cos like, i've only been there in a cab from clubbing. but managed to find successfully and took her for a spin around reservoir hehe :P yuan lai reservoir is so small!

Went back to VJ today and i miss the canteen food SO much!! it's SO good i tell you. take a look...

My favourite Western stall! Mash potato, ham & cheese omelette, nuggets. Top it up with dou nai with pearl!! oooh. heaven i tell you. i loved dou nai with pearl so much i drank 2 cups! haha...

DOU NAI WITH PEARL! rocks totes.

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Death by a Rolls Royce

Saw one today while i was jay-walking in the little town of Parkway. FWAH i was pretty amused. whats a nice car like this doing in parkway??!! I almost stood in the middle of the road to gawk. And get knocked down. hmm i wonder how it would be like to get killed by a rolls royce. I mean, of all cars to be killed by, I'd prefer to get it done by an RR of course. NO toyotas, nissans or protons for me PLEASE! Imagine: The insurance cover paid for the RR would probably cover your funeral or something.


Anyway photos from the dinner turned out to be sucky so i shall not post them here. SMU guide also, i think only like 2 shots turned out satisfying my criteria for posting. Am i becoming lousier? :(

Some teocheow temple in the CBD area. Can anyone tell me its name? I wasn't paying attention heh heh.

The pagoda incense hanging outside the temple.

The cemetery in Armenian Church. Looks very creepy hor.

2 guys from the SMU Ambassadors programme. I think they were eating some leaves in the Armenian Church garden cos Geraldine Loewe say can eat one, but turns out it was bitter (though u really cant tell from their faces :P). Tim (left) and Felix.

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sad. just read ginny's blog and she said she cant go KL with me. damn it. i was so looking forward lor.

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MmmmMmMm i love sex on the beach! The act, not the drink of course. Haha just kidding lah :) Celebrated fel's bday at the tapas tree today with a couple of cmi drinks (haha what can i say. just experience different alcoholic drinks and know what to avoid next time loh!), great bread with some spanish olive oil/basil spread plus a surprise birthday cake and birthday song from the tapas tree ah pek band (they're good!).

Before that was 40 laps in the good ol' condo pool! trusty. i was sad cos there was no sun but still i think it was a gd workout. in preparation for TOTAL PIG OUT at blk 85!!!!!! fwah ate effing a lot. okay considering i didnt eat lunch, but stillllllll bak chor mee, bbq chicken wings, poh pia, sugarcane juice and (ingredient-less) chendol just adds up to fats galore. I am fatter than most of the girls i know (read: heavier! UGH so irritating) and they're like all taller than me so it means im bloddy fat. this cannot go on. i have an image to uphold.

And today was the first time i painted nails! wahahahahah. now i'm quite addicted im thinking of doing mine at what, 2am??! i am crazy. maybe i like the smell of the varnish, it's kind of like glue sniffin ya know. Should i do it this colour or this colour?

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I feel like a maid!!! Post tuition time today was spent WASHING and washing and washing... All my clothes. ugh.

Dinner sucked. Don't even talk about it. It's not the food that sucked though. The company (2 of u, u know who u are) was not bad at all, but i cant say the same for the rest. Can't believe i missed chorale photo shoot for that. Photos up soon.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

SHOPPING SPREEEEEEEEE TODAY!! ahha no wait. first in the afternoon i went tanning and swimming successfully!! yayayayayayay the weather did not disappoint. So, got quite a gd tan i think. SQ WW FEL SAM AND TRYPX were there too! :) then it was machaim mass swimming lesson like that, with ww trying to learn freestyle and sq trying out the breast stroke hehe.

And after that i think i really went mad with shopping. bought shit a lot with VANESSA my darling!

1) A disposable camera! it will come in handy for tomorrow's SMU city tour. I cant believe im actually visiting places like Armenian Street and Hajjah Fatimah Mosque (so primary school Social Studies/Secondary school NE Tour!) but i think i will take great shots with my trusty disposy. Rhymes eh.

2) Black Nail Polish! To you-know-who.. heh heh heh.. You are SO gonna die on Sunday! I will splash this nail polish all over you! muahahahaha

3) Esprit Black Bikini! Okay lah mayb not black. it was navy blue. but TOTALLY TO DIE FOR! and a steal at 38 bucks :) Yay no more dropping string bikini bottoms (aka spongebob squarepants ahahahaha yes i know no link)

4) And the best buy of the day.......... Sexy C&K wedges! they're pink!! ooh i love them. i'm gonna wear them the next time i club! really very nice. also another steal at 32 bucks!

But there was 1 very jialat encounter. when i was at sasa buying the nail polish i wanted to go and 'try' out the eye liner but neither me nor vanessa knew how to do it (we are make up suakus!) SOOO i asked the aunty there to help me draw. then WAH. make my eye look like F*CK like that! i look like i kena punch!! then i tried to remove the eyeliner. CANNOT!! UGH panic sia!! luckily there was some cleansing cream sample in the shop and it managed to get rid of the eyeliner.. or else i walk around wisma looking like a monster! so paiseh!

Before that.. my nice, romantic (aka ji lang man) dinner with nessa at coffee club express was unpleasantly disturbed by screams of TAUFIK!! TAUFIK!!! in the great cavities of Wisma Atria. Yes, da man was in da house. All he did was come in, take a lift down to first floor, sit there, sign autographs and then take the lift back up to 3rd floor, walk out. Plenty of commotion and hype and screaming!! Please people, it's just taufik yah!! Totally ruin my nice baked spaghetti bolognese, rambutan freeze and subsequently, the triple ala mode shared by us. Okay lah but the triple ala mode (what an glammed up, classy name for brownies with ice cream) was nice, and so was the freeze. Didnt like the spag, felt it was too cheesy even though it was given the EXCELLENT FOOD AWARD 2004.

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Ahhhhhh. Satisfaction. (Kiat and Jimmy please DO NOT break into acapella techno now!) I hope it can be seen. it says "You can drive while awaiting the delivery of your photocard driving license."

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New day! Ahh. i still cant get over how stupid i was to buy 4 triangles. never mind. can past at every corner of my car ahahah my mum must be feeling quite paiseh driving around a triangle car. :)

stupid rain spoiled my swim-and-tan plans.. darn. i hope it clears up. I'm in a big dilemma now shit lah. Lomo just came up with a new fish lens camera and it looks REALLY COOL and i feel like buying, mayb i'll get it when i go HK cos i think the shop there is like LOMO ASIA HQ or something. so it may be cheaper. but it'll still set me back like, 100 bucks or something. My lousy pok FUJI digicam has spoiled (finally!) so its time to look at a new camera...

4 options.

a) A new digicam (Canon has been highly recommended), probably priced around 400 - 500 bucks, bought by and shared between the family. But if i buy a Canon, what am i to do with my 32mb and 16mb XD card? Sell it to bao??

b) If the new digicam is anything less than 4.0 or 5.0 megapixels, i might considering getting myself a normal non-digital old school film camera. Just for the sole purpose of taking 'artistic' shots. Those are way better especially when it comes to blowing up pictures to 8R of course. So my course of action will be determined somewhat by (a). However... Each roll of film will take 9 bucks to develop. And an additional 5 bucks to put on CD. that will come at a cost!! gulp gulp.

c) Get a lomo camera. Okay this is totally out of pure fun, and i quite gian the Fish Lens, but it'll be only to take 'fun' shots which i feel is... er... quite overrated? i dont know. And it'll be another 9 bucks to develop every roll of film, and +5 to put it onto a CD.

d) Disposable camera. Maybe this will go well with (a). However, each disposable camera will cost me 17 bucks. plus 9 bucks developing cost. plus 5 bucks transfer onto CD. 17 + 9 + 5 = 31 bucks for every camera! EW!

So the best to do is pray that (a) works out soon, and that Mummy will get a 4.0 or 5.0 mp model!! :) Pretty pretty please mummy? heh heh.

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Oh and 1 more paiseh thing. When i went for the warm up run, the instructor was like : eh do you need a cushion or something? Like, NO! THANKS LAH. i fucked my warm up real bad. roll back on slope, road hogging (failure to keep left) and all sorts of shits. i think my warm up instructor was like.. "er. keep up your driving ah." or something to that effect. luckily i proved him wrong! wahahahaha think warm up calmed my nerves lah thankfully. got 12 pts! 8 for this taxi who braked to allow me to change lane. nice of him, but it cost me 8 pts man. but its okay! its okay. cos i passed. yea. and my e-brake sucked cos i have super slow reaction time :P

Treated bu, ginny and bryan to sake.. fwah.. think i m effing broke now. but nvm. im too happy to care.


i think i'm truly happy now.

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After the life changing LICENSE day, met bu and ginny and bryan for initial d the movie! WOW i am really really very impressed by Jay Chou's acting skills. I think he's really good and he really has the charisma! Of course eye candy was definitely not lacking in this movie, what with Shawn Yue (swoon!) and Edison Chen (double triple swoon!!) making up the cast. It was just SO cool watching a racing flick like this after passing your driving, muahahhaa.

After that I went to meet mummy to buy my triangle (which i stupidly forgot to buy at Ubi for $9.60!), and ended up paying 12 bucks and buying 2 triangles (12 x 2 = $24) cos i thought one pack only got 1 triangle. Actually got 2. haha shit lah. think i'll just give the other triangle to the next person who passes and needs it or something. then we went for a spin along the deserted expo/changi business park side!! Woohoo so shiok. the feeling of driving on normal, non-circuit and non-eunos/ubi roads is just SHIOK AHHHH. My mum was super kan cheong and kept telling me not to speed when i barely hit 50 man, heh. But when we came back into the condo, wahh. jialat sia. i still cannot park for nuts. then super paiseh must change drivers in the middle of the road cos i couldnt park, and there was a car behind us!! I need to acclimatize.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


so titled, because today is the day that I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

3 hours of driving today!!! fwah. and then mahjong at siqing's house now heeheehee... luckily not playing money or else i will go broke, kept losing. I realise I have this tendency to win the first game and then lose alllll the other games. Oh well.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

They say that when you take your first puff, be it cigs or pot or crack, the high that you get is so delirious, rapturous and frenzied and thrilling that you want it more. and MORE AND MORE. And then you take your next puff. Okay, a so-so experience. You try your third. You're beginning to feel that elusive high slowly slipping out of your grasp. And so you continue, in search of that fleeting moment, taking in more and more each time. You want it so badly, but everytime you think you've hit the g-spot? Wham. You fall back to reality.

So it deludes you time and time again. For smokers everywhere, they are always searching for the high of their virgin kiss, but never quite getting it right.

I think this applies to me and alcohol. My first taste of Long Island Tea, shared in 2 jugs with the Humji Gang, was absolutely exhilarating. I went high, and could even dance to house music without even knowing it myself. Fast-forward to now, June 2005, where there was the puke fest at Zouk last Wednesday. I think I've come a long way in terms of alcohol consumption.

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Monday, June 20, 2005


Actually it wasn't a nightmare, more like daymare or something. Was woken up by a phone call, then ate my brekkie of nutella before falling asleep on the couch again.

Then i dreamt that i was back at indochine working for some function. Hurried around, served people and all that when i met this angmoh guy who ordered 3 papaya salads (1 mild, 1 hot and 1 very hot) and 2 thai curries. And for some reason i kept getting the orders wrong! Like 4 salads and 3 curries. or 2 salads and 2 curries. and i just KEPT getting the orders wrong. it was damn screwed up. i didnt have the proper order chit to write on, plus the paper was wet so i was v scared that i would forget the order and screw up! so i went into this room to write properly (the room looked STRANGELY like my living room) when this other new staff came in and said she was so bloddy fed up she didnt wanna work here anymore cos everyone's just been ignoring her and it wasnt like her old workplace. So i decided to be nice (while trying to get my order right) and asked her: "So whats your name?" Then she said: "Yen Han." And i was like fuck that's my name! Ahahahahahaha. then Ikha came in and i took her order chit which was like, multicoloured fulscap from her secondary school (??!!) and tried to write out the order. but everytime i wrote '3 papaya salad' it would turn out looking like 4 or 2, it was really very screwed up. Then i woke up. phew.

So lazy and lethargic now, it's totally the life man. Eating nutella, ice cream and sitting here watching my fave housewives.. heh heh.

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And so it is, just like you said it should be.

no love, no glory.

Life goes easy on me, most of the time.

Sorry i know posting song lyrics is a very lazy way but i'm just expressing myself yah! Will get in a proper post tomorrow.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I like working with siqing. She's efficient. :)

Ok needa bathe and call and WOULDNT IT BE NICE if the world was cadbury!

no wait. i dont really like cadbury. i like.. hd or hersheys or b&j.

kit kat anyone?

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Got pangsehed by da bro again.. kinda expected it but oh wells. supper date again tonight, i do have plenty to tell him!

and VALERIE WONG. i need to meet up with u this week!

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now i know why i was in such a lousy state of mind! it's the coming of the red tide baby!

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somehow, blogs have become a place where even my most innermost thoughts cannot be showcased.

[Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
it was hard to find
Don't matter what I say only what I do
I never mean to do bad things to you
so quiet but i finally woke up
if you're sad then it's time you spoke up too]

Heard this on siqing's car radio on the way back (thanks for the ride home! You're a dearie MUACKS!!) and I thought it was really nice. I love songs with sentiment that suit the moment. Chalet was fun but nah didnt wanna sleep over or else i'll be totally bushed - i only had 3 hours of sleep this morning! need to catch some shut-eye so that i can be ADEQUATELY PREPARED for tomorrow's marathon tuition sessions at 11am and 2pm respectively. Yes. I will not let Faiqah and Sharmaine down.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Had a nice dinner with mum and bro at Bedok Corner and WAH what a spread! Sliced fish soup was good as usual, downed with rice. They ordered 2 Cheng Tengs, 1 Soursop Ice, 1 Fried Hokkien Mee, 1 Cuttlefish with Kang Kong and 1 Dumpling soup. I think they ate damn a lot. Must be my brother's fault.

googling funny questions for bao at her OCS social night.. Questions like: Do penguins have knees?

I just realised that i know NOBODY from OCS. haha i guess that's a good thing? :P

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[I got soul but i'm not a soldier]

Love that song! Am gonna miss out the first night of chalet today. Oh damn. but it's okay, can get to spend time with my favourite lao laos on saturday. I hope i can wake up in time to meet siqing and yingtee to make the fruits and jelly for the chalet pot luck!

And I'm not so broke today! Mum returned me some money. Can everybody who owes me money pls return me! Ginny and Mingxian! Qian qian huan qian!

haha. i have turned this blog into a loan shark's corner, complete with pig's head and splashed paint:

Haha :)

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Why do people fall down?

So that they can learn to pick themselves up.

At 12 noon today, i had no recollection whatsoever of anything that happened for the previous 12 hours.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Everybody has secrets is a deliciously scandalous movie! I say delicious cos of the hot leads in the show.. Haha. But My Tutor Friend totally sucks. NO plot. NO storyline. Just ONE hot lead. Not worth watching.

I bought a new Triumph bra today! its a nice colour. And I also bought The Lovely Bones.. I know, it's an old story but it was going cheap (10bucks) and I kinda felt like reading anyway.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

my dad just shouted damn loudly : "You mei you teng tiao!!!"

Fwahhh. i cant believe hearing that sent shivers down my spine. brought back chilling childhood 'memories' man. i was seriously scared for a while... Until I realised that the washing machine pipe was choked and he needed something thin and flexible to get the crap out. phew. I almost thought, for a moment, that it was something wrong that i did man.

ANYWAY, taking a leaf out of the My Boyfriend is Type B book, I want my boyfriend to suddenly call me one day and say "eh, i'm downstairs/outside, come out now! we go on date!" or something to that effect. SOOOOOOOOOOO nice i totally embrace the idea.

Oh it's raining outside! i shall go take a nice stroll in the drizzle, so nice especially when it rains at night...

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I just realised that birds of the same feather flock together. So, I will end up with a toot geek of a boyfriend. So there.

And as you can tell it's my fourth post of the day already, i must be REALLY bored and REALLY free to keep posting and posting and posting and posting...

and posting...

and posting...

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it is SO hard to pee in a bottle! guys have it easy.
anyway med check up was fine, nothing majorly wrong with me. Everything in the old machine is running smoothly, thank you very much for your concern.

Except for one.

When i came back and went to the loo, my shit was oh my fucking god orange! like THIS ORANGE!! WTF!! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME THE DOCTOR DIDNT DETECT!!

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Closer is a weirded out movie. Maybe I just cant appreciate film art? Well it didnt help that I was watching a pirated version and I couldnt hear anything spewing out of the actors' mouths, just the background sounds like 'car whizzing past' or 'people on the streets' or 'bus horning' that kinda sounds. And of course the Damien Rice soundtrack. And so reading the subtitles through out was not very fun.

i think this is a hauntingly nice picture.

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[You don't know it, but I already worship you
Even roses have thorns
But you're just perfect

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Monday, June 13, 2005

It was Sentosa with the class today :)

happy. im just glad cos being out with them is a very comfortable feeling. no pretenses and no stress or whatever, just feel comfy in my own skin. No need to act chio/skinny/cute/happening/funky/cool or whatever just being yourself. Haha. that's the best part about being with them :D

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I have penned a poem! Ah artistically inclined me.

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart...
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.

whether in love i am, tell i cannot. hahahhahaahah

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

wah my brother steam nonya zhang for me! he rarely does nice stuff for me lor. must go and buy 4d already, today's date is 1206.

punters out there go and buy this number okay. then win liao must share with me.

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0hhhh my legs want to duan diao already. not to mention my gross sole. one day i should take a photo of my sole and post it here. then everyone will be disgusted, yay!

he was cute but he had a weird dance. hrm.

groovy song!:
Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Learn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Let’s turn forever you and me

And another!:
Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it,
charge it, point it, zoom it, press it,
snap it, work it, quick - erase it,

Yeah i know they're all apple ipod advertisement songs. but nice what. i am considering getting an ipod shuffle even though i know 120 songs is NOT ENOUGH!!! but good enough to bring on the road since its so small.. Kena influence by Jimmy liao lah.

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i've been a naughty girl: i havent been taking my ear decongestion pills. that explains why i couldnt hear anything sufi or anyone said at indochine - apologies!

miss sufi sia! haha and i also love him so much for what he did. secretly love him for helping me but of course im not gonna admit that openly :)

i am due at paya lebar airbase in 2 hours! i am going mad cheonging blading blading cheonging. oh and thanks jimmy for letting me dump stuff there! i will get from you later today okay!

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

so sad i just got an email from illinois

just some survey thingy

but looking at that familiar email address just drives the pain home, u know?

i'm such a pok i can't believe im crying now, haha. maybe its an amalgamation of everything - happiness sadness regret pining

and i still have yet to bathe. i am such a procrastinator!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Number Two habit to kick:


Yes i'm sure this applies to not just me but many many MANY of you reading this out there! For example, reading this instead of updating your blog, cleaning your room, bathing, reading a book you just bought for 16.75, reading the books you borrowed from library, washing your underwear, cleaning your ears, replying to o-pa's e-mail, translating shit for people, watching beautiful life, learning german, planning for hk trip, and stuff like that.

so i sit here typing this and chatting when i'm supposed to do ALL of the above. Well i'm not superwoman you know. i think i'll start with the bathing and cleaning your ears bit.

and guess what! i've just taken a small step to kicking this habit. As they say, one small step for me, one giant leap for mankind!!! muahaha

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My No. 1 habit to kick 2005: VOYEURING

yes i think its addictive and its BAD. why read about other people's lives (especially strangers') in the first place! especially reading blogs about certain pretty, smart, rich girls and end up feeling miserable and sad for my own pathetic self.

i should learn to be contented! even though i dont have much.

Yes so that will be my number one habit to kick for 2005. oh but reading friends' blogs dont count cos i need to update myself with their lives too, ya know. :)

Coming up tomorrow: number TWO habit to kick 2005!

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i am really really really really really grateful.

thanks :)

8 years and 6 years and counting... it's good to know that there's someone you can always trust :)

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

shagggggg sia.

drank helluva lots last night. i think my whole body is full of alcohol toxins coursing through my veins and that is a very unhealthy thought.

that aside.. great night spent with bao! :):) cheers to hongyi siqing wan wen trypx az and valmond as well.. even met cat and andrew there. and shiwei! my gosh. so long never see him liao. miss him sia.

got home at like. 5am. slept at i think 630 or 7am. then woke up at 930am to rollerblade w mx.. wah.. effing tired man. my whole body aches.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You know the phrase about nice guys finishing last? Well, point to note: it applies to girls as well.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i really REALLY really like the cap plus a little fringe sticking out look on guys!!! melts. just totes cute and reeking boyish charm. ahhhh... help.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm back!

my ears are block so i'm deaf. i cant hear you. hello! are u there!

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Friday, June 03, 2005

im so sad, the period when i may be going hk is the off-peak season and there will be no races at Happy Valley or Sha Tin. bleh. cannot see the famous races in action :(

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i'm quite excited, but i'm also quite nervous and scared. wish me luck guys.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

breathe in...
breathe out...
clear mask!

haha. dived all the way until 11pm super shaggin sia, the tank is like effing heavy! ugh! i almost died under the weight. luckily got dive buddy. speaking of which i wonder who's gonna be my official dive buddy. hmm.

but surprisingly under water, the tank is not heavy at all! ta-daa! news of the day. in fact i think i need to put on more lead weights cuz i keep floating and was unable to kneel down properly in the pool.

this whole experience is getting very exciting and i really cant wait! interesting and fun. maybe if i can get to my camera tmr after strapping up in the suit then i'll post scuba photos heehee :)

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And what a way to go!

Last day at work ended with, well, you could call it a bang :) First up, was sent into the bar to help out at a Hewlett-Packard function involving BUFFETS and FREE FLOW DRINKS. The beginning sucked cuz we had to carry trayful of drinks and ask guests coming in if they wanted any. Any nobody wanted coke or sprite so my tray always remained full, damnit. But later on it got better.. just mingling among the crowd taking orders clearing food and all that.

Got to snack too! the to-die-for heavenly chocolate fudge cake ~mmmmmmmmmm~ twas really fantastic. kopped like two pieces. and the spring roll! not hot but still okay. and the fruit platter! muahha. and duck meat slices from the salad. then after the function went outside to c/d to help out and guess what! voila! even more food, this time from MB WOOHOO!!! :D some eggy fish thingy, plus jenny's fave soup, and our very own PEPPER BEEF muahahahah sooooooooo niceeee mmmmmmm. aiya it was just fantastic lah. so much food. eat until burst. what a way to go. then get let off early some more. 11pm go home liao. haha. really and easily the BEST day of my days at indochine.

: )

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