Monday, February 28, 2005


the first thing i (wanted to) told hongyi when i met him today was: 2 years ago, you found out on this day that you couldnt stay in rj anymore.

2 years ago, mingxian made a decision. and then changed it.

joyce and vanessa had set theirs already.

shiwei was just stupid.

eugene was hypocritical. and he left.

sufian entered my life.

wingyee flirted with the idea briefly.

i, was contemplative. And it didnt turn out too bad after all :)

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yay uncle lim ah hock raymond just called to ask me whether i was nervous about results, to wish me good luck and all the best in getting 5 As. :)

its moments like these, when your efforts are appreciated, that make me feel good about this job.

fleeting, but still moments nonetheless.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

i found out the name of my cute boy!!! :) beam beam. his name is shoi.

Ryuki and Shoi.

So so so cute. One day, i tell you, one day i will gather enough guts to go and tell his milf of a mother that her sons are 'kawaii' and i will speak to him myself! and tell him he is kawaii!!!


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Saturday, February 26, 2005

this is fucking surreal!! and it's also damn nice!!!

Imagine playing at 700 feet above sea level (thats 213 metres for the uninitiated)! On a bloody helipad!! *heart*

look at the view SIGHHHH

Copyrighted, MSNBC.

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cool candy complete with tire tracks.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I just rejected an IRAS job. and this is the second time already.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

To evelyn: i shall do a J.C.!!

"oh this is so exciting, i'm actually quitting my job next week!! *hyperventilates* and back-to-back with these are the German lessons, daily driving lessons, possible work at indochine on weekday nights, chorale on saturdays, the tuition job from mingxian and hopefully dance lessons as well, so i'll be getting needlessly stressed. need to do some serious damage to Hong Kong/Korea once my paychecks come in :P

i hope i dont get sued for plagiarism. :P!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


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Monday, February 21, 2005


"He's won a top-dollar Manhunt modelling contract, but Icelandic-Thai hunk Jon Jonsson says he'd rather have a meaningful relationship."

Yeah. MEANINGful. and it wouldnt hurt if it was with a hot model with gorgeous legs and boobs right.

taken from Life!, 21Feb2005.

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fugging pissed again.

my colleague asked me to take some room key. But the room key was in my supervisor's room and she was on the phone, so i didnt wanna disturb her and decided to wait till she got off the line before going in.

Then while waiting my doctor asked me to call this patient, so i went to call. in the middle of the phone call, then the colleague came back and she was like "'that was a bit rude ah yen han, i asked u to take the key and u didnt even come back."

Like HELLO what the fuck lah you're not even my bloddy supervisor im doing you a FAVOUR here! And you come and fuck me up like that? And like obviously i was busy with other stuff and my supervisor was also busy, and so when i told her she was like 'oh you couldve just told me i would go to jan's room myself' PLS you have legs YAH. And i just totally hated the condescending tone she used.

but never mind. calm down. as kenneth said, i'm outta here this week.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Smart women stay single, study finds
from straits times interactive

LONDON - A HIGH IQ is a hindrance for women wanting to get married but it is an asset for men, a study by four British universities has found.

The study, published in The Sunday Times, found that the likelihood of marriage increased by 35 per cent for boys for each 16-point rise in IQ.

But the same translated to a 40 per cent drop in the likelihood of marriage for girls.

The survey was done by the universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

For the study, based on 900 men and women, researchers measured their IQ at the age of 11 then revisited them 40 years later to find out whether they had ever married.

Researchers found that the schoolgirls with high IQs later witnessed a dramatic decline in their marriage prospects.

But the brighter schoolboys found it easier to find a bride.

'Women in their late 30s who have gone for careers after the first flush of university and who are among the brightest of their generation are finding that men are just not interesting enough,' psychologist and professor at Nottingham University Paul Brown said.

Writer Claire Rayner said intelligent men often preferred a less brainy partner.

'A chap with a high IQ is going to get a demanding job... In many ways he wants a woman who is an old-fashioned wife and looks after the home.' --- AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

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Thursday, February 17, 2005


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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

ok la i will post here once in awhile. especially if that while means being BORED AT WORK! there's like 1 patient left today. and its for liuxing. and zhou yan has no patients AT ALL today cuz her last one just called to postpone. i really love her but its so sad that she has no patients :(

anyway i spent lunch time lambasting spore wellness and their lousy operations. i mean which clinic is open everyday but has doctors coming in as and when they like, and patients only like once a week? it'll b considered lucky if they have ANY patients at all in a week. what kind of business organisation is this? it's still a clinic that pays rent and utilities every month, for a non-existent business? Dr Lee should really wake up her ideas. All the doctors here have external developments and involvements, yet they still signed a contract with a new doctor that does the exact same job as Dr lim kk. And i havent seen him come in for a patient yet. The clinic should really shut down.

Okay I hope nobody reads this.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

hi friends out there who read this.

i think this might just be the last few posts. or, i'll just end up updating once in like a few months. because, i have found an alternative to blogging. i'm just so uninspired by blogging that i have turned to other avenues of release.

so yeah. treasure these last few posts :]

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Monday, February 14, 2005

"I smile when I see a new toothbrush sitting in the tumbler that used to hold my sad, old one with its cobalt blue bristles faded to the colour of the sky and spread out like a starburst.

If he's sensitive enough to spot such small needs, I figure he will never miss the big ones.

I luxuriate in the unspoken arrangement where I simply sit pretty and wait for my food while he navigates the sweaty crowds whenever we step into a hawker centre.

He never grumbles about how it should be my turn, for he doesn't keep count of who does more.

I'm touched when he makes an effort to dress up for outrageous theme parties thrown by my friends, even though I know he would very much prefer to curl up with a book at home.

I'm grateful when he automatically reaches out to massage the small of my back when I get home after a long day to relieve my chronic back ache.

I'm ashamed when I snap at him, accusing him of 'always doing this' after he forgets to bring in the laundry twice in a row, only to hear him say gently: 'Not always lah.'

Anyone else would have blasted my inability to count, for by what stretch of imagination could 'twice' be equated with 'always'? But he rarely loses his cool and inspires me to follow suit, although I must admit this is an uphill task for me."

- Tee Hun Ching, ST Life!, 14 Feb 2005

so sweet!! nasty singlehood reminder on valentines day of the upsides of being with someone :(

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

it is so bloddy hot. so damn bloddy hot.

what shall i do now? i think my psc essay is OUT OF POINT.
shit shit shit shit

i do not want to leave my house but i have no choice i should not procrastinate NOT PROCRASTINATE YENHAN DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

it is so hot.

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damn fugging pissed now. thanks to a chronic gastric problem, i am / was stuck with a sick stomache that gnawed me at the intestinal walls and threatened to explode in spurts of flatulence/nauseatic shows/diarrhoea/remain the gnawing pain that renders me generally immobile.

all thanks to a certain someone whom i do not wish to mention. i hate getting this pissed, especially at people i dont even know well. but i cant help it i've just never seen someone so irritating, and so mei you feng du you know.
then they say, you just need to get used to it. OH MY thank god i dont have to.

i fucking dont care if you read this and think i'm petty or whatever not.
you're entitled.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

last night was great! cheers to sufi, ngeesh, rina, veon, mike, mingrui! :]

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEE!! so shy and SO cute! :) when i smiled at him he looked down and um chio-ed, SOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!! :))) so cute so cute

gush gush!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i am top to toe mango! my cousin commented that i looked extremely ah lian. i dont know man. any comments?

and new blonde hair.. with lots of stray strands and split ends though.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my baby cousin's SO cute!! when i saw her i felt like all my motherly instincts were unleashed and i just wanted to play with her all night... she actually hugged and kissed me after the dinner! :)))) zhen ke ai.

1 problem though. i really for the love of god cannot remember her name. i know its some american idol season2 finalist's name. i remember that because the week my cousin was born, the finalist got kicked out hahahaha

and my mum is SUCH a bitch! she's all cool and nonchalant at the dinner table. i know she hates being with my dad's side, but its so freaking obvious! and she just disses everyone and turns down every invitation with a haughty shake of the head and ice-cool, plain and painful replies. ouch. i wouldnt want to be on that side of the table.

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chu qu jiu chu qu la. wei shen me yao gui gui sui sui, tou tou mo mo, tou ji mo gou ne? nan dao wo bu shi peng you ma? hai pian wo shuo shen me qing zhu, shen me ma ma. ma ni de tou la, ma de. si dao ling tou le hai yao pian wo, ma de. bu yao lian shi ma.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

to all s1e-ians out there.. i know this is long overdue.. after humming and hawing and procrastinating (to myself of course) for so long, i have finally decided to put up pics of farewell and farewell assembly! enjoy.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

tarot love readings for today! (part 1)

This card basically means that one's love life will be subjected to disappointments, hesitations, and instability.
For those who live in couple, the relationships will be rather shaky. It's possible one of the mates will fail in his (her) conjugal obligations, or will have a strong desire to abandon the other one.
For those who are single, the new encounters will not bring about the expected joys as they will be unstable, conflictual, or fraught with insurmountable difficulties.

tarot love readings for today! (part 2)

This card basically means that one's love life will be subjected to emotional shocks and conflicts of all kinds.
For those who live in couple, disagreements, quarrels, and aggressivity will come to seriously disturb their relationships. Such ordeals might go so far as to provoke tumultuous separations or break-ups.
For those who are single, loneliness will undoubtedly become heavier and more difficult to bear. The sentiments will be confuse deep inside themselves, and nothing will come shortly to unblock this situation.

this is disturbing cuz some parts sound very true.
oh why do i have such a horrible fate :(

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

I LOVE NATIONAL PARK BOARD!! they have repaved the road behind the seafood centre, surrounding the lagoon, on the way to the east coast food centre. ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy godddddddddd it is like HEAVEN blading there now! smooth as silk man, seriously. i love it!! thanks npb you have done a FANTASTIC job it makes me wanna go blade EVERYDAY!!!! :]

went for choir bbq today.. crabsticks anybody? haha anyway ervin/irving/irvin/whatever is quite cute. dick-ish. as in not like a bad connotation or anything, but he looks like dick my xiao di. too bad bao got to him first:P

oh i also love lokitorrent now!!! :) my download is SO super darn fast. like, 72kB/s! i've never had that kind of speed before! wheee. only 7min 56sec more to ministry of sound - clubbers guide i hope i get it right this time! looking for my fave techno song and hoping to find it!

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

i love sze's eyes!! they're like nice almond shaped, BIG almonds too, framed with double eyelids. i could just eat them.

but then again i wouldnt want to eat human eyes cuz this is not an episode of fearfactor/extreme gourmet, and um, i dont really like almonds either. hmmm.

anyways... i really wanna try haagen dazs coffee! esp caffe dulce de leche. i walk past it everyday and night before and after work. giangiangiangian. the picture and caption look real good... "the perfect coffee blend." and then theres a picture of a tallll glass with coffee and a scoop of ice cream in it! and sprinkles of chocolate/coffee powder and some other nuts and sweet stuff dribbled on top! yummm. only 5.50! cheaper than starbucks or coffee bean. giangiangiangiangian.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Will someone please give me a yellow rose for valentine's day?

Thank you.

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"Waiting around for the person you're interested in to call or to make a move is a complete waste of time. Plus, it's lame. If you're into someone, go after him. If not, get on with your life. "

that sounds like really good advice. i think i should take it.

i will take it.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i am SO amused. to those who wanna listen, i'll tell you when you see me. just say "tay poh choon story" or "not enough money story" and i will blabber on about how amused i am. :)

AND i am ALSO very amused by terrence and huaizhi! what cocks.

liuxing was very nice today she gave us chocolates! from dove. yum yum. what kind of diet am i on man. i dont care! oh but she also just told me that there's NO cure for hair loss. oops. and that the other centres out there are scams. double oops. i hope nobody sues her/me for this.

meeting evelyn later. yay :] and i cant wait for choir bbq this sat! some how. heheh. can go blading again woohoo ITS NOT GONNA RAIN THIS SATURDAY! and if it is, it will rain men. :]

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