Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm planning a trip!

Singapore-kuala lumpur-vientiane (Laos)-Luang Prabang (Laos)-Bangkok-Siem Reap (Cambodia)-Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh-Singapore!!! :D :D from 30 july to 15 august hehehe. anybody want to join!!! :D

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

As a request from fels last week, here it is! Lifestyle's recommendation of the coolest ulu chillout places around.

In the east
Mid Summer Nite Breeze, 133 Pasir Ris Road (tel: 6584 6515)
Beach bar located at the far end of pasir ris beach park, carpark E.

Bech Culture @ Watercross, 131 Pasir Ris Road (tel: 6584 0080)
Located next to Mid Summer Nite Breeze above, I guess

Bark Cafe, 1000 Upper Changi Road North (tel: 6545 4118)
Near the Changi Chapel and Museum, around the Changi Prison area

Sunset Bay @ Bougainvillea Garden, 1300 East Coast Park (tel: 6448 9060)
Its the one near the bougainvillea garden at east coast park, carpark F2. A reincarnation of the former Sentosa beach pub.

In the west
Bar Bar Blacksheep, 879 Bukit Timah Road (Cherry Avenue) (tel: 6468 9382)
Bar housed in a kopitiam? Strange concept to me...

In central
Canopy - Garden Dining, Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (tel: 6556 1533)
A bistro opened by the Aramsa Spa at Bishan Park. Very resort style with plenty of lush scenery around.

In the north
Beaulieu House, 117 Beaulieu Road (tel: 6257 9234)
Near sembawang park, carpark no. 1. facing the straits of johor and housed in an 8000 sq ft pre-war building, used to be home to the most senior british naval officer in Singapore, Vice-Admiral geoffrey layton from 1940-1942!!! Must be cool colonial architecture :)

Sunset grill and pub, 140B picadilly road, seletar airbase (tel: 6482 0244)
Wah so cool, inside seletar airbase.

In the south - by far the location with the most ulu hangouts!
Prive, no. 2 keppel bay vista (6776 0777)
Much talked about among friends, this atas place is touted by all our atas friends, sq and sammie!

Turquoise room, 7 lock road (tel: 6473 3655)
located in the up and coming gillman village. and the description says "mediterranean restaurant". hmm..sounds like sth i might be interested in.

Moon Ladder Bar and Bistro, 30 Labrador Villa Road, Labrador Nature Reserve (tel: 6377 0352)
New bar located near carpark A of labrador park. other eateries nearby include villa seafood and olive ristorante just in the same building i think.

Kha, 33 hyderabad road, 02-02 (tel: 6476 9000)
near alexandra road; serves thai food and is open by the same people of graze at one rochester.

Cicada, 7 Portsdown road (tel: 6472 2100)
Off north buona vista road into portsdown road. located in a black and white bungalow. serves french-californian fare (Is there such a thing??). Another bar along the same road - Colbar.

Klee @ Portsdown road, 5B Portsdown Road (tel: 6479 6911)
i think this is also on sammie's hitlist, so no further explanation needed..haha..

I'd also like to add in my own addition in the form of 1 twentysix at east coast park, big splash. atas, upmarket, by the same people of one rochester. prices range towards the beginning of 30, and up.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

congratulations ginny!!! :) you owe us lunch treat! wahaha :D :D :D

anyway, i just finished reading inner economist today. rushed through it on my sick day off at home, but i didnt particularly fancy it. either my ambitions of being an armchair economist have died, or the book did not particularly reveal things that "shock" or, for that matter, the book didnt answer the questions it claimed to set out to answer: "Use incentives to fall in love, survive your next meeting and motivate your dentist". The central message is, monetary incentives don't always work. Okay, I get that one... But it still doesn't tell me what specific incentives i can use to fall in love or motivate my dentist (hint: it probably isnt monetary).

although i must say, the book was very good at propping tyler cowen. you wonder in awe at his general knowledge (maybe part of the research done for the book) and his esoteric music and reading tastes, as well as his knack for "mexican outsider art", whatever that is. im a fan of, but this book kinda showed off a lot more about his esoteric and "high class" tastes than i'd liked it to. last point? i like the part on Singapore hawker food, certainly did it justice :)

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

In How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read, French literature professor talks about how you should not read books and ways to hide it if you encounter awkward situations regarding books you have not read. In my own screen book terms, this book teaches you a few good points:

1) Reading a book is equivalent to non-reading. Every moment that you are reading, you forget what you have just read. At the end of the book, the memory you retain of it is not of the book itself, but of your thoughts, feelings and associations with it. Reading = Non-reading.

2) To talk about a book you haven't read, simply base your judgment on key things that tell you more about the book than the book itself. The author, his peers, his previous style, which genre or collective library the book falls into, and even the reviews of other people can be used as a judgment tool.

Actually this book is really cheem. (pardon the pun) Maybe because some of the text was probably lost in translation, but I felt that I can understand, but only barely the tip of the iceberg. Like i grasped some smoke in my hands. Oh well, philosophizing sometimes can be cool too.

On other notes, I'm hmm...... restless. Came back from dinner with Ginny and I realised that today I spent $30! Ho ho. Gonna go broke soon. This spending really has to stop. Wanted to go running at about 11.30 but hmm.. not too safe eh. I mean i really had the urge to run. but i guess i'll meet into a lot of traffic lights and thats not good for running. trying to fit running into my schedule is seriously a pain in the ass. unless i want to give up my morning sleep hours, its just impossible to find a time to go running. i have classes twice a week. and in between, theres meetings, dinners, friends, yq etc etc etc. So how the heck do i fit running into my schedule if i cant schedule it at 11.30 at night? Its just so frustrating that when finally i've gotten off my balls to want to do something about that horrendous physique then i have to face so many obstacles. im already trying to make time. i hate this, it seems like i have less time than during the school term.

Ok, rant over. now i need to do my exercice de francais.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

A couple of blog-worthy things have happened, but being not really in the mood or having the time (or setting aside the time) for individual blog entries, i shall just lump it all into this one:

1) Cut my hair. Am never going back to the same salon/stylist again. Bad service, wishy washy, the stylist charged me maximum dollar (given the bad service) and was dao, indifferent and unfriendly. Also, the haircut sucks

2) There is a cat cafe in Tokyo! Pay $10 to play with cats for 30 minutes. hahaha.. if i ever go to japan (no jasmine, now's not the time to convince me to do so..) i will definitely go there and stay there for 3 hours. then i can imagine people go like, u can pet cats on the street why pay $10 to do so? Well, these are clean cute safe cats... :) Read more here and here.

3) I bought a really really absolutely adorable braun büffel bag. And for a steal! More than half shaved off its original price. Cheap and pwetty!!! :) Thank u mummy! hehe.

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