Thursday, July 31, 2003

Could you look me in the eye
And tell me that you're happy now ooooooooooooooooooh
Would you tell it to my face or have I been erased,
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?


well. im not.

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feeling kind of sian now. i think about my homework i feel damn sian. like im lagging in everything possible to lag in larh. the feeling sucks. bio, chem, econs! everything. like wow.

and THAT thought has really been bugging me since g** knows when.. cant get it out of my head. in fact. many thoughts have been bugging me. dont know what to do about it either. how?

to valerie if you read this: how? ive fallen.

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oh my gawd sum41 rocks my socks!!! hahahahaah. had a great time screaming n rocking to da music man. lovely :)

zaoed the stupid s-cube seminar to go home.. sleep.. cook myself some nice omelettes to eat, haha. watched SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!! v v v cute. i love it. shall try n make it home bef 6pm to watch it next time heh.

anyway. then left house. waited for shiwei for effing 45min. what a gentleman. anyway, then when we got there it was late and some band was playing, but the audience gave them a lukewarm reception n every1 was just standing there. like. huh. then aft tt me n sw chiong into the vip area.. they started to let ppl in heh. lucky we were 'early' n got quite in front. saw alot of funny stuff. topless women, bras thrown on stage, middle fingers and beers spilled around. kena hit by a water bottle, like not song. haha. i din realize that the band playing bef tt was puckjelly, so i was wondering like 'eh how come sum41 play 2 songs then zao liao' hahaha. oops, a boo-boo. anyway. rocked to the max. i shld go for more rock concerts:) was totally blown away. yay.

anyway. met up w gerald n lynette to play pool. wah lynette is DAMN chio sia...she's so so pretty. gerald's a lucky guy. heh. then like play awhile, bought a cup of sprite worth $5. then. i wanted to go home. shiwei was so gentlemanly loh, din bother 2 see me home. like thanks its alr freakin 11pm. was qt scared to walk home alone, luckily last min mum came to fetch me.

i dont know what im doing with my day today. ponned gp? yeah. n sth interesting happened in the morning, heeeeheeee. im SORRY. :)) the rest nvr pon lah. guai1 guai1 go for lesson. sch end at 215, then slacccccked in e choir rm until bao came at 4. then we just havoc-ed around choir rm, dancing n singing silly songs, pigging out on skittles. feels silly but fun, heh.

heard alot of funny stories abt steamboat which i missed yest. well. she's quite getting on my nerves as well. hmm. whatever lah.

tmr got math buddy corner, haha. what a joke. duno who kena me sure die sia.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

ok i shouldnt b laughing abt it cos ya. i still have tix on my hand. bleh.

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shit la gerald pangseh us last min, duno if can find replacement to go sum41 not. or in zy's words PSALM41. hahahahaahhha.

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Do you see a brighter day for me
another day?
a day?
do you wonder what's in store for me?
the cure for me?
the way?

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Monday, July 28, 2003

yay we'll prob do xmas carols for choir when it starts. love them!
Here we come a carolling..

i just absolutely love christmas.

Put your head on my shoulder
Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight
Show me that you love me too

Put your lips next to mine, dear
Won't you kiss me once, baby
Just a kiss goodnight, may be
You and I will fall in love

such a touchy feely song. ooh. hahahaah.

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din blog for a long time - felt that it was quite inappropriate. anyway have sort of gotten over it, even though it'll prob b in my mind for a long long time.. realised that i dont have many memories of her. sigh.

anyway.. life goes on. this wed is the sum41 concert, pray like mad it doesnt rain!! i cant wait. going w shiwei n gerald. n its gonna rock my socks off, i can just feel it. fifty bucks shld be more than enough to rock my socks off. hmm. what to wear. will b in my white fila shoes. hmm hmm hmm. denim skirt? yeah i think tt'd do. wee cant wait:)

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Friday, July 25, 2003

In loving memory of Justina.

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yeah the verdict is out. we lost. cried my balls out immediately aft that, couldnt help it. was alr sobbing on stage once they announced the 2 words i hate most at the moment - 'anglo-chinese...' then every1 arnd me just sparked. it was at this moment that the fire in our hearts just died man. extinguished. i lost faith.

anyway. shall not talk about this liao. lets move on to an even more morbid subject.

woke up at 10+ this morning to valerie's call. she gave me the worst news. justina committed suicide last nite. at first i thought it was a joke, some sort of morbid prank. then i realised tt it wasnt fake, that she really took her own life. everything just fell apart loh. still havent gotten over the loss last nite, like a persistent hangover, then im suddenly dealt w a 2nd blow. kept thinking abt her the whole day.

decided 2 go school to get my mind off things, seeing e choir peeps made me happier. slacked arnd choir rm frm 1+ until 7+. ok lah not all the time. walked arnd w hongyi aft sch to check out piano ens rehearsal, sufian's maiden soccer match against yr2 soccer guys [sufian's team was down 0-2] and basically walking arnd. eating twisties n drinking snapple.

went back to choir rm some more. slacked arnd. then at 6+, weiliat n elaine came.. he started singing an jing. then shi jie mo ri. that was when i went outside to call val.. n i started crying, tearing. couldnt stop. kept thinking about justina's death, how it hit so close to my heart. went toilet to wipe my tears, didnt want the choir peeps to see me crying n also din wanna spoil jiahui's bday surprise. came back ok n celebrated her bday in the grandest way.. wenjie's really sweet.

feels as though the whole world's an illusion, that death is only so surreal. feels distraught.

bro is going to army on monday.. cant believe it, he'll be back in 5 days for good cuz he's a lousy pes e, and he wont lose his hair. and his fats. wow.seeing him cry..just broke my heart.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

And it's always little things
That to the surface brings
The comfort in the pain
The fear behind the smile
We lose along the way
The things we leave behind
Along the precipice
Of things we should not climb
And I'm the first in line

There's an anchor around my heart
Dragging me down
Behind the waves in silence I fall
There's a halo above my head
Spinning me 'round
'Cause I don't know if I'm alive or dead
A dagger in my hand
Bleeding me dry

And it's always little things
That to the surface brings
The space you need to breathe
Before the curtain call
The light that leads the way
Before you hit the wall
The mountain that you climb
Just to take a fall
For blind among the blind

There's an anchor around my heart
Dragging me down
Beneath the waves in silence I fall
There's a halo above my head
Spinning me 'round
'Cause I don't know if I'm alive or dead

There's a dagger in my hand
Bleeding me dry

And all we have to lose is time
And what we lose we leave behind

Stay around and we will shine

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at least im okay with myself now. yeah. so many what-ifs and maybes floating around in my mind now. its all turbulent up there. even last night i kept falling in and out of sleep, tossing n turning w stuff flashing thru my head. i really dont know.

and this war of words btw the 2 scs is scary..but no matter what they say, my own opinion is tt e seniors r really quite impt lah. i mean theyve showed their support all along, n this time they're going to support us as well. so yeah, hope things wont turn out ugly man.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003

yes. at least i wont hurt myself anymore.

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Im really quite pissed with keith now. Okay, so he wanted syf finals tix n he looked to me for help. I had no qualms abt helping him, even asked my mum for tix.. then when they gave the yr1 exco n music co tix, I willingly gave up my tic n made joel part with his, so tt I could hav 2 tix in hand for him. I mean, just helping out a friend since I have no use for the tickets. N he comes n tells me tt ‘ohno im not free to take e tix frm u’, and even ropes in junyi to take e tix from me. Like, its YOU who wants the tickets lah, and u expect someone u dun even talk to often to go get the tix for u? pls la, like have u ever given a thought to junyi or even to me. These r tickets that you want, not him loh. Its stuff tt u want, n u cant even part w some time to get it sincerely. If dun haf time dun get lah. Even junyi agrees tt im bein made use of. Like totally lah. I mean I don’t even wanna think along those lines of ‘bein made use of’, but this time I cant help it cuz its like so blatantly in my face. Wtf. Like how selfish can you get.

Xianliang was right lor. He was so right.

I should just give the tickets to the seniors.

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Friday, July 18, 2003

actually im alr offline, but then i decided to come back on n talk about it. i duno, but im feeling sad aft reading his past smses. i mean, we used 2 b v close. we were contemplating why we couldnt talk like we used to before, cant seem to find any reasons. then its like, the stuff he said a while back, was it about me? the part abt being sad? i donno. maybe. i mean, okay. to be real honest with myself, i know why we were so close last time. but slowly slowly.. as we talked less.. i feel like we're drifting apart. i mean, we are drifting. i dono lah. confusion hits me like a stray voice. okay that did not make sense. im not making sense. i dont make sense anymore. that was one of the reasons why he doesnt understand anything now.

i just dont make sense. incoherence is the key.

dont think anybody knows, except for the usual handful few.. and most of them think tt e whole thing has blown off liao. it has, sort of. wish we could jus b really gd normal frenz n not have to deal with this kinda invisible barrier tt im placing between myself n him.

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6 days to finals.

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No man is an island
No man stands alone
Each man's joy is joy to me
Each man's grief is my own

We need one another
So i will defend
Each man as my brother
Each man as my friend

I saw the people gather
I heard the music start
The song that they were singing
Is ringing in my heart

No man is an island
No man stands alone
Each man's joy is joy to me
Each man's grief is my own

We need one one another
So i will defend
Each man as my brother
Each man as my friend

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im starting to wonder why evelyn, the seniors, the comm, and even the yr1s put such a temperamental student as sop sl. maybe its just me. hope i dun lose my head next year.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

omg im jus drooooling over this pair of skates!! its beautiful!!!!! omg they're like, lovely. just look at the colours..the closure, the cuff, the frame, the wheels, the abec... omg omg omg.dream dream.

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imitating, august-style. hope we rise to the occasion. good luck to us :)

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sianz, i jus realized tt i havent spoken 2 mx for a damn long time. feels like a week. then we promised tt we'd sit together during the 2 lectures today, but turns out tt she pang seh me during econs [half of which i ponned] and chem lect i was jus sitting w the class.. so yeah. nvm. congrats on being vice chair girl, heh i always knew u cld do it :))

anyhows.. i only ponned 1 period today. aint u proud of me. spent break and after school periods in choir rm, like zy was there ALLL the time.. he's really pon master loh, he jus doesnt go for lessons. somebody mentioned tt hes like kiat, haha.. i wonder how he passes.

anyhow, since i was dismissed at 215 and stayed in choir rm till 5, i like practically spent 3 hrs with him, evelyn, sometimes owen and tim and.. alot of other ppl. they just came and went. at 4+ bao n valmond came in too, haha stupid bao like wanna eat waffles. im like trying 2 diet lah

supposed to go blading with ellen. but the stupid clouds in the sky just totally deterred us:( so in e end she went 2 eat rojak so we cannot blade..sigh.. i was so looking forward to it!! havent bladed in ages. bladed. what a word. wonder if it exists.

jus realized tt weiming left for aus yest.. forgot to msg him goodbye. din go out w him when he was back, sorry ah. tt stupid guy, he always calls me out of the blue n all he says is 'hello' n expects me to know who e hell it is. australia also call. siao. like my phone bill not ex. haha but nice of him lar, help him 2 relieve his boredom anyway.oh he jus smsed. goodbye. yes boy, goodbye. seeya in 6mths.

anyway today all e ppl hanging out in choir rm jus spent alot of time figuring out who was tenor a,x,y,z and what was so-la energy and so-ya bean and laughing at wa-cool! and sorreh-la. and triumph. hahahaahaha. quite funny sia. i think ive been irritating the shit out of every1 in e choir rm these days, kp strumming e guitar n e only song i attempt to strum is d.b.'s gotta get thru this. hahah. and nobody's heard of e song except jo n zy. so ohwells. yayy yayy guitar. next song i wanna learn is coldplay's yellow. and im gonna b good at it. hahahaahahah.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

went to school for 4 hrs today.. then damn sway, pian pian kena caught by tan on my way to school sia. hope my name hard 2 rem, n he forgets it or sth. was supposed 2 meet shiwei in e morning 4 bfast but yeah tt stupid guy couldnt wake up so i changed my mind n went to sch instead. stupid can, i din know camy not in sch, if i knew i wouldve jus not gone to school jus for pw. sigh.

pangseh-ed the class to go home.. had a deep afternoon nap. dreamt abt a cat with a furled tail, mini chocolate muffins, vanilla scones, exploding nuclear generators, tim, daniel wong [dont ask me why!] and i think kneeshin was in my dream too. duno la alot of choir ppl appeared. then i only rem the cat kept following me and daniel wong took the nice vanilla scones tt i wanted so badly. i think we were trying 2 salvage all the food bef the nuclear reactors exploded. and bcuz i din get e vanilla scones i got pissed off.haha.

ohwells i shall go n do my pw. bbye.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

i knew it. i just knew it. i just just knew it. i just just just knew it.
ben leong. help!

as my world comes crashing down...

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had syf rehearsals today.. damn beached now, like whoa man. super tiring. i thought we were okay, but the seniors were not too happy w the performance.. i know today is definitely not vj choir's peak but i was qt satisfied. i duno, mayb im easily pacified. rj was good. so paiseh, val clara sam and candice all simultaneously shouted 'furb furb!' when they saw me, had to hide my face sia.. haha. but nvm, i still love them:) then they sly lar, hug me liao go n paste the im cool! sticker on my back..luckily weiliat told me sia.

you're always on my mind.val, clara, sam. love u!

then went to fish&co to eat dinner. more like high tea lah. ok im not gonna list out allll the yr1s who were there, not like baolin or chloe who have professed to having similar blog patterns n r prob gonna do so aniwae. about 22 ppl lar, damn significant for a year1 outing haha. ate until i almost puked, was so full sia.. then was really tired, just lazed around n diam diam. went shopping at ps later, saw eugene n el..heeh n we gave them a warm welcome, heh. :)

and the lingering presence of tenor X was like. lingering. haiz. lucky he din make too much noise today.
well as for tenor A, din see him today. actually i couldve, but i din want to. somehow i din dare. siqing saw him, as we crossed paths with their choir at the stall seats there..ok lor. hmm. nth 2 say abt it la, really.

i think i'll not go for bio lect or pe tmr morning, my body jus cannot take it sia. shall try n convince my mum tt yes, it is necessary to sleep in. then i'll go 4 math lect, chem tut and pw. whoopee end of tuesday.

shall check in to hotel yenhan's-bedroom. good night.

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The stairways up to la butte
Can make the wretched sigh
While windmill wings
Of the moulin
Shelter you and I

La lune trop blême
The too pale moon
Pose un diadème
Pose a diadem
Sur tes cheveux roux
On your russet-red hair
La lune trop rousse
The too russet-red moon
De gloire éclabousse
With glory splashes
Ton jupon plein trous
Your full underskirt holes
La lune trop pâle
The too pale moon
Caresse l'opale
Cherish the opal
De tes yeux blasés
Of your blasés eyes
Princesse de la rue
Princess of the street
Soit la bienvenue
That is to say welcome
Dans mon coeur blessé
In my wounded heart

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

just tagged benleong.. was just wondering.. abt how im in the same boat as him. but unlike him, im NOT as sure as myself. and yeah i think i just fell off the boat and drowned instead of beaching and anchoring to land. why am i drowning. why cant i make up my mind and not be so lost about it. well. no decision has been made on my part, but theres this naggy feeling in my heart.


i shld go write lyrics for norah jones.

my heart is drenched in wine but you'll be on my mind forever

Out across the endless sea
I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road along

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wow im getting really excited about syf.. i mean like rehearsals at esplanade are tmr! haha somebody told me [i think its bao] we'll feel like stars, performing at esplanade.. i think tts so true!! hee.. i think its my one n only chance, unless i go on to join chorale. but for now its like whoa, damn big shot man. haha. yayy yayy yayy. i hope to hear ac there too, hope they do allll their songs.. but highly unlikely. cuz all the jcs r like damn kiasu n theyre not gonna sing much, scared tt we spy on them mah haha. at least tts for rj anyway. rj chorale and their hilarious costumes :p teehee. val dun kill me, haha. im being mean :)

and we get let off fr sch at like, 1030am!! hahahaha. song bo. then can jus slack arnd, v fun sia..and e best part is, no CHEM PRAC!! wahhh. i hate practicals, yay. haha.

hmm after much consideration [actually not much] i decided to take up the math buddy tutoring thingy. like volunteer to tutor somebody else. actually i think my math is really lan4, like i took 3h jus to do trigo1 tutorial loh. duno why also. duno how it will turn out man.. but i tink mentoring will b qt fun lar, its a new experience. and a good one.. haha highly unlikely tt my dream will come true, tt i'll get to mentor some chao shuai guy / mr m. haha. oh pls i hope i dont get mr cdf loh.. wah.. i'll jus puke blood. i heard tt the mentees choose their mentors, hope he doesnt know im mentoring -pray-


then again rite, i mus get selected first. my first math common test results so chao lan, how 2 get in sia. dun care man. muz try for it. i cant fail at everything right.

wah still dont believe tmr is rehearsals liao. damn scary. freaaak! i hope we sing well. please sing well. vj choir. yeah. a toast! -clink-

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Saturday, July 12, 2003

[PapJorgio] many fish in the sea.. i can lend you my fishing rod..
[PapJorgio] okie i better keep quiet before i make you feel worse..
[PapJorgio] but dont be sad k yh...

thanks pung bibi! for making me feel better:) will always rem that. haha. ur fishing rod. and guanzheng too haha i think ur advice makes alot of sense. ive got nth 2 lose anyway. nth except for my own dignity and self preserve. but yeah. everythings been going downhill, im starting to lose faith in me.. whether its subtle hinting, or if he's just busy or tired, or jus whatever. he speaks in this aloof manner. like, its totally killing me and whatever esteem i have left lah. which is not much. 56815128661595284938812255859375.

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kiat came to vj today to bathe..had a long chat with him today sia, wah damn long nvr talk 2 him liao.. damn long in terms of me anyway. haha. still talking to him now.. catching up i guess.. returned his money too, wah finally man! clear of debt! debt-free!

anyway.. as i was walking home jus now.. the whole night was so still and silent.. the leaves werent even rustling. there was no wind at all. so i just walked and slowly sang to myself.. its so nice and quiet.

Out across the endless sea
I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road along

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind

Something has to make you run
I don't know why I didn't come
I feel as empty as a drum
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come

love the song! :)

i just realized that i spent the whole day with baolin n chloe!!! hahaha.. the choir cocks.. frm morning to night sia.. morning clean choir rm. then go eat n talk cock. then had choir with them.. then at night go out 4 dinner, then ice cream. haha.. guys came and went, but they were all there through out with me!! :)) yu really make my choir life whole again:) heh.. love yu guys to bits!

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

im feeling like shit now. just read a number of blogs and realized that hell of a lot of ppl r going overseas to study.. or are already there.. or want to go there after jc and their parents can afford it. like all over the place ppl r heading to australia, usa, blahblahblah, some of them even my own friends. and these ppl talk abt how much they dont wanna go n stuff, how much they'd miss everybody. okay its true, you'll miss everybody but going overseas is like a chance of a lifetime! i wont give up anything for that. some of the rich asses out there, all they need to do is just fork out some of their parents money and poof theyre in some classy overseas u. like we poor shits down here hafta slog like mad, work damn hard to even have a shot at a scholarship to go overseas to study lar. i mean think about it man. do u think i really wanna work that hard? do u think i really can do things without consequence, just go out n have my fun everyday and not study? i want to. get this right, i really want to. but can i afford to? i cant just throw my future away cuz i dont have no rich kao shan behind me yeah. why do you think i work so hard? just so i can leave this place once im done with it. im not saying that i wont miss my friends or anything, just saying that i'd rather have an overseas education anywhere in the world, except here. knowing that i'll prob not get my wish just drags me down. i mean how low can one get.

it just sucks thinking about it.

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quick note: went to interview mr edward neubronner of rias today for pw.. surprise, he's not ang moh. he's a nice chap, but he treats us like kids and jus dronnnneeees on n on n on n on n on............................................

btw. congrats shiwei!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

its kind of windy outside now, e cool night breeze is blowing my hair all over the place.. its real nice. melancholy, jus makes me feel solemn. some more im listening to zhou jie lun's hui dao guo qu, jus makes me feel so sad. sigh. if i look a little past the tip of my nose i can see my skin all peeling off.. pung bibi said tt peeling is gd, means the old skin goes away n the new skin comes out. but its ugly lar.

okay i think the breeze just turned into a mightyl gale, its starting to get quite cold. brrr.

the melancholy is really setting in. the song is real sad. sometimes i just wish... i wish for a lot of things. wish some things came true, wish some things didnt have to end, wish things didnt have to change, wish what was mine would remain mine.


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hmm do u know that haagen dazs ice cream comes in 65 different lovely flavours? doesnt it make your mouth water like crazy. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm:)

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yum yum.
macadamia brittle.

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yay. my font is ok size now. is everyone happy?

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yayy im so so so happy today!! evelyn said tt ive grown thinner since tea party last yr.. yayyy im actually experiencing some success with my jian fei-ing!! hahahah im so happy.. she said i look thinner n my face not so fat liao YAYYY!! she said i used 2 have alot of baby fats hahahahaha so happyyyy :)))))

however on a sadder note. i think i stick out among e sops. nelson said tt me n lydea stick out. bleh. so its me lar. i think my voice is abit too bright at times, esp for ave.. sighh.. how to correct that..

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

blogging in school now, quite stupid actually. im doing it bcuz i dun wanna fight with dad at home for the comp. he's such a shithead. always fighting w me over e comp. then when he wants my help w the camera he cant ask properly.

please dun get me misunderstood. im not showing my dad any respect not because im not filial, its bcuz i dont think he's worthy of it.

sigh. anyway. gone was the resolution me and mingxian made aft the midyears..we came to e conclusion tt if we had paid alot more attention in class n lectures during the 1st 6 mths here..we wouldnt have suffered or had to put in so much effort for the midyrs. so we promised each other tt we'll pay attention in lectures (especially) when sch reopened. first lecture - bio. we failed miserably. by 830 mx was snoring on e table, soon i cannot tahan i also went to sleep and was oblivious to any sound in e lt.. couldnt even hear ms lui's voice.. this sux. slept during math lecture too, now damn refreshed sia. like. sigh. what happened to the resolutions man?!?

there was this prc sitting next to me in the library computers n he was furioursly typing out an email. in chinese!! and his typing speed is as fast as my typing speed in english loh..wahh.. cannot underestimate them man.

shall go now. i think im having fruits for lunch. bye.

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Monday, July 07, 2003

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hmm. lemme recall more abt e class bbq. lingying's cousin came along too, some joel guy who's 1yr younger and has been to all the hotspots in clubbing n stuff. he was like having intellectual conversations with chanks abt john hopkins universities, aeronautics, u.s. education and centro. wow. anyway he like ate for free. haha. but he helped 2 cook too lah so, yeah. luah, lingying, puay leng came down. luah after much persuasion though.

kinda missed seeing all of them arnd.. was glad the class was there. as a class in that sense. and then we played truth or dare -cringe- since i din wanna b flung into the pool i had no choice but to tell the truth. now the class knows. ok they dont really know cuz they duno who he is but, 1 of them knows. eeps. -cringe- -prays doubly hard-

on a sad note here. i think my phone is spoilt. that sucks.

oh shit tmr there's pe and i jus realized i havent physically exerted myself in anyway in 1 whole month except to open my mouth n work the gastric juices! shit. im gonna die for pe tmr helppp.

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sigh. today was sentosa day but i wasnt too enthu abt it, jus had class bbq on sunday nite and i was absolutely bushed. so went there, lay arnd in e sun, reading abt how pi got stranded on the boat n how the 450pound royal bengal tiger disappeared off the boat. it was rocking like mad.

then went swimming.. was shiok man, love the waves. im a beach lover. but i only love the beach when
a) theres sun, wind, clouds. not rainy clouds, jus clouds to hide the sun.
b) theres blades arnd n a nice road n nice bladers to blade with me.
c) when there're hunky guys arnd. but tts just an added bonus la.
d) all of the above

actually tanning in the sun is fine w me, but its not sth i wanna do 4 e whole day. e guys jus play soccer like e whole day. soccer, swim, swim, soccer. n mayb vball. but im not into it lar. girls went off halfway to eat lunch at bk.. din go back 2 e beach aft tt. went mainland, i shot off home, was too tired. dreamt abt boats, shipwrecks and shaky movements on e bus ride nap home..
wonder why.

slept. ate macadamia brittle (probably the best ice cream in the world) and read the book sumore. yum.

got a red tan. now my whole face is red n my back has this stinging pain. ouch ouch.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

i think the world has gone nuts. like so many weird things happened i jus cant say about them all.

1) i jus accidentally blogged abt something tt wasnt supposed to be. like. other ppl r not even talking abt me lar. then i go n reply until so enthu.

2) ive come to realize tt my juniors hate me.

3) i cant even remember their names anyway.

4) i cut my hair n look like some shitbob squarehead.

5) my site meter jumped from 30+ to 80+ within 1 day of not blogging.

6) weixuan and jiawei popped by.

7) my bro fixed up a tv in his room. he can watch porno now.

8) my phone went crazy. nobody can hear me talk now.

9) cuz of that i waited for my dad at e mrt station for like half an hr cuz yeah, nobody knew i was waiting

10) while waiting some guy fr bedok south sec sch asked for my no. 'er can i have ur no. my fren wants it'
then he pointed to this empty space behind him where i could see nobody but this smoker leaning there n a whole row of bicycles.
so i was like 'who's ur friend?'
he was like 'way way in front.'
i was ur fren ghost ah. like i can see like that.

11) and that guy turns out to be my age. cuz he's wearing a friend's shirt. like yeah whatever.

12) end of story.

13) all my friends' best friends have turned against them.

14) bingliang actually said hi to me. he knows me meh?

15) there're so many fake shiweis and fake chloes hanging arnd my blog posting funny msgs.

16) i miss my seniors alot alot. just love the way they hug me. luv chuiling and jasmine kok. and all the rest. wenshan. serbee. they all cant remember my name. only rem 'furb' but i still love them anyway.

17) the last one. here goes.

18) the guy i like is (suspected to be) gay.

19) sob. why me.


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Friday, July 04, 2003

i jus read something and i jus HAD to blog abt it. sorry guys i know its the 8th entry today, but yup. wonder if she's talking abt me? even if she's not.. here goes:

haha val if u're reading this..i duno if u blogged abt me. but anyways even if u didnt.. jus wanna say tt i dont feel any drift cuz i know you'll always be with me. okay? yar and u know i'll always be here for you.. just around. cant b prevented now tt we're literally miles apart, but as long as we put in the effort.. everything goes. yeah baby? yeah. :) commiting urself to a relationship is one thing.. but actually doing it is another. im sure we'll remain friends for the longest time k..even tho e closeness we shared cant b regained to a certain extent. nonetheless, thanks 4 everything:)

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Thursday, July 03, 2003

hmm someone just asked me that question again. but i can quite confidently say that i dont think i've made the wrong choice and even though theres no turning back, i dont wanna turn back anyway. yup. no regrets. they only hurt.

oh i suddenly feel inspirational. on a blogger-spree now. here's one of my few quotes: i hate anticipation. it kills faith.
and another one: a guy's most attractive when he's listening. (duno abt girls though, been tryin 2 figure that out without avail)

haha. hope my quotes make sense.

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on a separate note again. i think ive gotten the diarrhoea going. haha. anywaes..i din know tpboi is in track.. apparently he's a sprinter for tp and ya, din know that. and he loves v.ball. hahahahah my v.ball cannot make it sia.. tt day at sentosa.. me, tracy n chloe scream n runaway fr e ball only haha.. good times baby:)

Could you look me in the eye
and tell me that you're happy now

yeah i know u're happy. am i?

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a friend of mine, has found his happiness. im very glad for him, i mean, at least she's worthy of it. yeah.

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i think ellen's really sweet.. she's a v nice person. sweet. haha. toe/thigh/ankle knee shin is v nice too, haha.. we had qt a fun time today lar. looking at all e nice bimbo clothes...... -sigh- like i so cannot fit into them lar.

my figure sux.

i so wanna get a bikini. and a beach dress.

but i cant fit into them cuz i dunt haf a
good bod. sigh. cant charlie's angels bless me with theirs or sth.. cameron d. looked so good loh. and lucy l. and drew b. esp drew b, her dress is like so promy, i so wanna wear it for my prom!!

which draws me back to the black top i saw at warehouse tt day, when shopping w joyce.. 60bucks!! but its oh so nice, n im sure i wun regret it. sigh. but cannot lar. where m i supposed 2 get tt kinda money without starving.

I need a sign to let me know you’re here
All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere
I need to know that things are gonna look up
Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup
When there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head
When you can feel the world shake from the words that I said

And I’m calling all angels
And I’m calling all you angels

and that means YOU. yes you. reading my blog now. calling you.

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i wanna get blogger diarrhoea and blog everything out but sigh. think i haf constipation.
aniwaes. stupid mx not going blading anymore. looking for bladers to go blading tmr morning at east coast park. any takers?

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on an even brighter note. hmm:) feel good times are here again!
just happy that i did the right thing with my emotions, yeah.
tmr is rgs choir concert! going with val.. met her at cine today aft charlie's angels. whoa they were bare naked at 1 point of e movie! and theyre bods r like.. chaoji super good!! arrhh jealous.
anyways.. going blading tmr morning. yay. i hope i dun fall down and disfigure myself. or my legs.

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Feel good
Real good, it’s the same old same

Real good
Feel good, don’t got no more brains


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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

i think im getting lesbian tendencies. saw a girl today with a nice floppy butch haircut and totally fell in love with it! (the haircut not e girl.) i think i wanna get a floppy butch haircut too. but joel said it will look gross with the choir gown. hmm. point to consider. but. aiya. suddenly wonder how itd be like loh.. quite cool quite cool. mayb i can join tatu or sth.

shiwei. pls do not comment abt this.

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yay ive placed a site meter. woohoo. seems like im getting alot done today.
oh. anyway. keith boy finishes his papers today damnit. tt lucky guy.

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And you were like, woh!
and you were like, wohhh!
and you were like, wohhhhhh.

haha. sorry lah. no prizes for those who can guess man. aniwae. wohh! check out the new font. i think its nice but SOME ppl haf small eyes n cant see. oh wells too bad for them. hehe.

wanted to blog here. but forgot. again. darn it.
oh. check out the last line of this song. i think it makes alot of sense.

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whoopee im online during the exams. and yay. math tmr and im done. cant wait.

I cant read you
I wish i knew whats going thru your mind
Cant touch you
Your heart's protected
I get left behind -d.b.

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