Friday, December 29, 2006

hi all! yeah its like 4am in ur part of the world but here its only 930pm. bah.. i jus touched down at frankfurt not long ago, like at 6 or 7+ pm. like after travelling in the air for a grand total of 21 hours (incl transit and all that), damn shag can!

anyw, i witnessed the most beautiful sunset on the plane. it was flying over turkey at that time and the sun was setting and it was most awesome really. next few days if i get free internet access i'll try to upload some of the pics. it was really amazing!! u could almost see the full spectrum of rainbow colours there, from deep red near the horizon, graduating to blue, dark blue and finally the black of the night. chio.

oh qatar airways was alright - for some reason the doh-fra flight was so much better than the sin-doha flight. the flight to frankfurt even had tv screens for each person - i loved that!! watched shrek, monsters inc and friends. they even had futurama! rocks! haha.. and the food was not bad. there was like this norwegian smoked salmon starter, which i polished off, as well as some chicken with 'crushed potato', which turned out to b sth like mashed potato but a little baked and smooth. and it was yummy so i polished that off too :) flying is one of the easiest way to put on weight i tell u.

yeah kinda shagged now. will update more. tmr taking a 6-8hour train ride to prague! yayness. another long long LONG LONG ride.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

on another note, THANK YOU SO MUCH BUBU!!!!!! i love the ferreros, giant hot choc mug and moschino scent :) :) :) HUGZZZZ i'll see u in london okie! its a dead-set promise!

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Christmas - through the eyes of an outsider.

When we were young, christmas was one of those much sought after holidays in a kid's calendar (among a selection of CNY, new year, birthday and maybe children's day). it ranked pretty highly. when i was a kid i used to have a little tree near the balcony of the house (that seemed to be falling apart year after year and was finally disposed of when we moved), and we used to hang lots of little ornaments and angels, styrofoam presents and that big bright shiny silver star at the top of the tree. i remember climbing onto the side cupboards to plant that star :)

presents would line the bottom of the tree and would be opened on xmas day itself - stayed up for santa too, but always fell asleep by the time it hit 1230. Of course at the bottom of the tree there'd be only 2 presents, 1 each for me and my brother. and we'd open with glee and most of the time we'd know what it was, cos we probably dragged our mum to the department store to "choose" our xmas present for the year. On some lucky years, we'd spend christmas in a local hotel. when i was young my family never travelled overseas together; we only took short stays in many local hotels.

and so, it was probably in either the Hilton, Orchard Hotel, Otani, Rasa Sentosa Shangri-La or the Meritus Mandarin that i probably spent maybe 1 or 2 christmases. If it was hilton, then presents would come from the forum toysrus! i remember asking for polly pocket one year.

as we slowly grew older, christmas was more of a friends thing. hanging out with friends to do the countdown, thronging orchard road and catching that darned last train. strolling around admiring the lights, sounds and spirit in the air. And past that 18-year old boundary, christmas was celebrated with xmas eve parties in clubs, bars and so on.

And so, at 20 i've reached a kinda DMZ. the period of time between enjoying clubbing-countdowns and going for stay at home christmas parties organised by friends (or worse, self-organised!). So i end up spending the christmas eve at home, playing games on the computer, watching variety shows on TV. 12 came and went and it just wasnt particularly eventful at all.

Let me try predict the future christmases - perhaps nice homely christmas parties would follow. complete with cranberries, turkey n all that jazz. top it up with some bubbly, or white wine. Then after that would come the family family type of christmas; the one where its now your turn to bring your kid out to shop for his xmas present, and then u unknowingly allow yourself to splurge an exhorbitant amount on a christmas present (think giant railway/gundam/lego sets) which he chose.

Oh, the life cycle. the karma. :P well it certainly has been a silent night for me. not that im really complaining, im just procrastinating packing my bags cos we did hell lot of shopping today. merry xmas all!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

less than 6 days to go before i leave and still, a ton of stuff unpacked! rargh. my luggage is still kinda half full. the following still need to be dumped into the bag:

4 pairs of thick socks
scotch tape
fab (as in the washing detergent) plus a scrub brush
1 large towel
2 plastic 2 pins
1 small bag (to gai gai with)
1 pair of slippers
1 pair of sneakers
rafia string (to tie clothesline)
more panties
1 thermoflask (this was my mum's idea, dont look at me)

and MORE CLOTHESSSSSS. oh gosh. anyway i shall do a jasmine n post my tumtable for the next few days.

Tonight: Bellini room with phuong lily and jas! i think we'll hear plenty of xmas jazz songs. contrite but oh well, at least its jazzy.

Tmr: 815am - go for dental apptment!
After that - hang arnd, try to shop for any thing i need. buy more turtlenecks and long
sleeves cos all i've packed so far are tshirts
3pm - hope to catch the 3pm Death Note show.. I'll miss the premiere on the 28th! :(
730pm - my mum's singing in a concert in esplanade. and i cant rem where i left the tix..
hmm. lemme look arnd awhile.

Sunday: Morning - go temple n bai bai
After that - mum wants to buy more bras and jeans and turtlenecks and long sleeves
At night - going out with ginny and bubu!! xmas countdown! haha

Monday: Morning - supposedly heading out to sentosa UWW. Bf wants to try diving there for
3pm - maybe i can go watch caroling.. if im not still at UWW

Tuesday night: meeting lily and ph and jas again

Wed: last night to packpackpack

Thurs 630am flight: byebye!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Phromthep Cape! Its my favouritest place.

For more, click on the flickr on the rhs.

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back! i havent been updating, have been so bushed after work and all that. just got back from phuket - nice nice nice!!!!! i love the great street food and.. phromthep cape! its really the most gorgeous view of the sea i've had in a long long time. and im a diver ok! haha..
and yeah, plenty plenty PLENTY of things happened and im not gonna go into the details of them. but they generally include diving, sun sand and sea, a million and one ang mohs, riding on a bike for the very first time (and then subsequently getting into my very first bike accident, courtesy of GOH CHON MIN roar), climbing down to the southern most tip of phuket island aka phromthep cape with the awesome view of the sea and the cliff and oh, its just beautiful really. going trekking to a non-existent waterfall, trying out cable skiing to the tune of um kneeboarding (yeah i know thats totally novice but i got a hugeeee bruise to show for it), and getting a nice little thai massage.
oh and also getting frequently mistaken for a japanese (i wonder why...). and having the most fantastic butter lobster seafood dinner for only 30bucks per person :)
and of course this other little small tiny event. that kinda literally took my breath away. dont really wanna elaborate more but it was certainly a close call.
ok whos up for bed time! im bushed.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hi! havent come here in a longg longg while.. yeah been busy with work. sigh. oh yea im doing a 1 month internship now.. hmm.. i wont divulge the company's name here for reasons you will understand below, so ask me if u really wanna know ;)

anyways.. i thought it would be a good learning experience. well first few days have been more warming up than anything else la i have to say. printing christmas cards. hmm. anyways bcos its at bloody sembawang i end up too tired when i come home at night, to do anything at all! so yeah.. i just sit infront of the lappie n watch futurama on youtube. im such a couch potato...

the only thing im looking forward to now is phuket. and germany.


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Sunday, December 03, 2006

i bought my winter boots!! happy happy heh. and, dont laugh, they're from bata. not bad la, and the price was reasonable too. eh dont laugh! bata has this multi storey mega mall in germany ok! its damn branded over there n damn expensive!!

anyways, i liked flags of our fathers. even though the bf didnt like cos not enough fighting. but still, it was touching. i like movies that resonate into your heart and kinda pricks your conscience a little :) but it was a sad sad movie. sigh.

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