Monday, June 25, 2007

ok to cut a long story short, i fell down a pretty long flight of steps the other day and my butt went bump bump bump all the way down.

so now it hurts just to sit down, and there is a huge orh-ba-kar on my asshole. wunderbar. :/

plus this 2 days i have to sit through 8-6pm conferences held by my company. cant sit still with my ass hurting so badly! rrrrr damn irritated!

Anyways, was at a company conference the whole day today from 8am to 6pm! damn damn shag! i turned down free dinner at jumbo seafood (clarke quay), where the menu of the night was chili crab, cereal prawn and my fave see bass, to go home n rest earlier cos i was so tired. hahaha. everyone must b scolding me now "why why why nv go n eat free seafood!"

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Serene's birthday present! i wont tell u where its from, later everyone go and buy then not exclusive le. but its damn pretty!!! ahhh! i want a clutch too

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

my new cupboards are here!

look forward to a clean tidy neat room in the next coupla days! :P

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Compare and contrast these two articles:


On one hand, we are looking to expand our medical tourism sector catering to foreigners who seek affordable yet reliable treatment in Singapore.

On the other hand, normal everyday Singaporeans are faced with insufficient hospital beds, poorly put-together measures such as means testing, and the like. Maybe I am wrong in juxtaposing the two because perhaps for med tourism, the patients are willing to pay more to use private hospitals such as Raffles, Gleneagles and East Shore.

But from a moral standpoint, it just doesn't feel right...

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Monday, June 18, 2007

erm, my blogger is in chinese. and the html is a little hard to navigate because there is NONE so to speak of. but i shall attempt anyway.

the reason why my blogger is in chinese is because the IT dept of my company configured my internet settings such that i'm surfing on the shanghai server. so sites like blogspot (but not blogger, strangely. can publish but cannot view?) and wikipedia are banned.

anyhow.. the weekend was a good time to repay much-owed sleep debt - 11hours from 1am to 12noon on sunday, followed by brief breakfast and another 1-2hours of nap hehe.

it was also ktv overdose weekend; on fri and on sunday, at the same kbox outlet at cineleisure. i recognise the staff already. but ok lah i got to sing songs that i didnt get to on friday.. i really like sun yan zi's version of sometimes love just ain't enough. and tori amos signed her album cover! the song just grows on you. shall sing it everytime i go kbox :P but didnt get to fight for ginny.. so sad.. :/ hahaha

ohhh i went to cafe del mar on saturday night! nice chillout concept. But zm is right - sentosa has lost some of its "natural" charm with all these shops and attractions and bars everywhere. it doesnt feel like a beach resort ala Perhentian or even Redang anymore. More like overcommercialized hoohaa. and to be honest, sentosa cant even begin to fight with Asian beach paradises like Phuket and the group of Kohs, Bali, even Malaysian islands! but anyway, back to the cafe by the sea. i was pretty impressed by the place, layout and decor. They had beds you could occupy (with minimum spending $100) and even small huts ($200!) but of course since 2 people are not going to drink $200 worth of alcohol we chose to sit somewhere indoors. wise choice too, cos 5min after we sat down it started pouring.

they had a wading pool too (where kids were lounging around trying to look cool - fully clothed) and the lighting made the place quite cool as well. one thing i was really impressed by was the waiters. all pretty good looking and with the "cool" factor, dressed in tshirts, berms and slippers. and i was also impressed by the level of maturity they had (no other word to describe other than maturity?) and they seemed like they had received at least some form of training/or had past experience (unlike a certain ex-employer of mine, where no training was provided for a waitress-noob like me). even though they were all young/youthful, they were very confident servers. i like!

Program this week - meeting mingxian and vk for dinner! yay finally. friday bbq@ my house hee hee :) saturday lunch w bao, followed by fel's botanical gardens picnic. i want to cook something for the picnic but i scared by the time go there cold lah. and hopefully i can make some time for much needed sports in between.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pleased, contented and satisfied with guilt-free retail therapy!

This, i have to thank mummy for :) We went to vivocity today - it was her first time there! so sua ku, hahaha. and bought a top from forever 21, workpants and another top from mango, a dress and top from my favourite nichii - affordable and pretty malaysian fashion! As well as plenty of yummy treats from our usual haunt marks and spencer. Haha. I'm a very happy (but tired) girl.

Got back at 5am this morning, from kbox with shiwei and some of his friends. it was ok lah. first time i heard him sing chinese songs after knowing him for almost 10 years now, hehehe. and i guess same for him (choir doesnt really apply). and i had to get up at 730am this morning for my dental appointment so i was SO bushed that when me and mummy got to vivocity at 10am, we just parked the car in b1 and sat in the car and napped for half an hour. hurhurhur :P

heading to ikea later to hunt for some cabinets. just like tim go, its not that my room is messy! its cos i dont have enough storage space, thats why so much of my stuff is lying around exposed to the naked eye, outside of the cabinet space, leading to the perception of me having a messy room! Thus, i need new cabinets. big ones that can store a lot a lot. I never had any of those - its time i got them. Dont know if i should pay ikea to assemble and ship it for me, or should i (or rather zm) DIY. Later DIY not stable, hahaha. and should i get cabinets with doors or not? Hmm. i've considered this for a long time. like if got doors then the size of things u put into the cabinet is seriously limited by the breadth of the cabinet cos you have to close the door. So... I dont know. see how lah.

And tmr, going with ginny and glen to FIGHT WITH THE MANAGEMENT OF CINELEISURE!! hurhur. and then ktv-ing is secondary, see if we got mood not. haha. will post the details if things turn out smoothly.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Damien Rice, 9 Crimes. It's a song from the Shrek 3 soundtrack. And I realised why I really don't like Damien Rice, even though I have The Blowers' Daughter (2 versions, normal and acoustic!), or James Blunt or any other singer of moody emo sad love songs. It's just because simply LISTENING to those songs makes you sad and moody and emo. Those kind of song which you listen to and it brings back shang xin wang shi u know what i mean? Yeah so better not listen to those kind of depressing songs.

think james blunt's "you're beautiful", "goodbye my lover". Think the blowers' daughter. think daniel powter's "had a bad day". All super emo and depressing! My moods are easily affected by the music i listen to so i try as much as i can to not listen to such songs. Even if you're sad and emo, DONT listen cos it's just gonna make u feel much more worse. i highly recommend Mika's relax, take it easy for a nice pick-me-up song to get you out of the blues ;)

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

had a wonderful evening at hongyi's 21st birthday party.. Happy Birthday SHY!!! plenty of people there - us, his ri gang, his family, platoon people, people from work.. everyone's turning older now, haha.

but i must say i had a really enjoyable day too. had a dental appointment at 9am and my dentist moved to Faber House (UOB along orchard road) so it's really quite convenient! Went to coffeebean to sip a nice caramel latte and read my book after that, followed by a short walk around kino and orchard library. After which, took a bus down to national library to look up some stuff for reference, then met my mummy for lunch at purvis street beef noodles! shiok ah the beef noodles there. but today was a really hot day, sweating everyyyywhere.

after that bf request for lunch leh.. so bo pian have to go shop and save, buy groceries and lug them home to make lunch. but i think i did a good job lah my 2 dishes were quite yummy hehe :) and i cooked and cleaned and finished everything in 1 hour! zai or what! I think i had plenty of practice in germany, which is a good thing.

i was telling fel on the way back that i probably learnt more life skills than anything seriously academic at WHU. i guess to a certain extent it has taught me how to handle cultural differences and intricacies much better, and im also less afraid to meet new people given the chance to do so so often back in germany. also learnt a lot about other things, even small things like dining etiquette (hahaha), conversation, learning about the world and the economy and things like that. meeting zai people who you aspire to be as zai as one day. meeting global people - which is really cool.

i want to be global too!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

its 130am and im supposed to go to sleep! to get up at 730am for work tomorrow but my hair wet wet lah... in a while ok, in a while.

was just looking at some old pics and... i miss my exchange already! not so much the place but the friends i made there. aww :/

anyhows, caught up with BAOBAO today!!! it was damn fun lah haha talking about everything and anything. i want to see nicc lah. hurry up drag him out after his exams ok :) and we watched hors de prix (priceless) with audrey tautou. i think shes the only french actress most singaporean movie goers recognise, from emilie to da vinci code to now this. she kinda aged over the years since emilie i think. i think i was 14 or 15 when that movie came out, now shes still very skinny but looks kinda old.

the movie was funny! hahaha.. i like french rom coms, after watching this one and another one on the flight home, essaye moi which means try me. its very funny!! if you spot it in video ezy or what go rent, its a nice french rom com where the guy is super romantic and the girl, at first indignant falls for him (same plot for hors de prix actually). painting the perfect picture of the french romeo. ahhhhhhh...

ok now my eyes are really closing. off to bed!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

im BACKKKKK!! and my blogger is finally in english again! :D:D:D

sorry for the absence - had to hide so that bf doesnt know that im home. but anyway, been trying to meet up with everyone (so if you read this and i jio you out, go out with me lah!) anddd its been great. its also been shocking that 7 of my friends have new partners! rrrr. how come everyone got attached while i was gone. hehe.

started on my internship just today and well... im still rather confused about my job scope and what physical output i'm supposed to produce. shall clarify things tomorrow then maybe i can have a clearer picture of what my internship is about. i know i know.. my own doing, who ask me to reject GE. But its my choice! and i'm gonna stick by it and make sure it sticks too. :)

bf is back! you should have seen the look on his face when i went to pick him at the airport... "ehhh!! what are u doing here?? i thought you're supposed to come back on the 7th!?!?!" hahahahaha pricelessssss :P damn funny. the look of shock and ?!?! was totally hilarious!

oh and i didnt know u cant buy cigarettes from duty free anymore leh. i thought can.. haha. didnt know it was illegal, oops!

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