Sunday, January 18, 2004

been thinking abt it the whole weekend.. sigh. nevermind. it'll all go away on monday :)

class outing yest was quite fun! haha it wasnt a class, more like girls' night out or sth. the minah-sans, siqing, booby girl, ellen, ngeesh and me went swensens.. oh how boring. as in, the food at swensons is boring. and the omelette got smaller, i think they're trying to save money aft e gst increase. damn. we had quite a fun time flirting with the cute mat waiter, haha especially siqing.. that girl ah...

but on e whole not bad lar :)

cant wait for monday!

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

on 2nd thoughts i think i better post some less boring stuff. i think my junior class is really not bad, quite enthu esp that daryl guy.. he came over to talk to us in the canteen, cant believe it man. so friendly + nice! haha. unusual cuz juniors r usually shy. and i was so amused by the ripping sandwich casing, haha. scared me, really..

the chinese high boys looked very sweaty though, they look like they're still going thru puberty. ok maybe they ARE but do they need to sweat so much? wear singlet or sth, like zhenyan does, haha.

oops im being mean. hope i pass through this ordeal relatively unharmed, im fill to the top man.

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I CAN MAKE IT!!! urgh totally stressed out now. squeezed to the last bit. so much to do but everyone took away my homework :( ok maybe not everyone. just one. worklist:

1. Study for SAT

2. Do Chem S tutorial

3. Do Math S tutorial

4. Look through choir scores, learn up

5. Do Perm & Com tutorial

to bao: pls pls return my SAT book! i NEED it!

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Monday, January 05, 2004

ok i think im more calmed down now... sitting in v33 for like 2 hrs in a row and stoning. the new gp teachers speaks like mr 1 decibel.. her words put me to sleep. she's too soft lar.

anyway... today got choir comm meeting. hope it ends soon.. i wanna go out!!! but its stupid and raining. and sufian is reading my blog. hongyi and siqing also. hahahahaha

ok bye.

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