Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm back! Although i bet this blog swats flies now, since even the chatterbox has been deleted due to underuse.. Sad :( Any comments, leave it in my blog posts k. Haha.. Anyway, i've been inspired by gin, who gave a short reflection on "Life in 2008". So i shall attempt to do the same! Hehe.

Hmm. I think in 2008 a blessing in disguise, in the form of yq came into my life. And i'm very thankful for that :) It happened quite early into 2008, so the rest of the year was peppered with yq and more yq. i never previously knew how it felt like to be loved so much by one person with such a caring, loving, forgiving, pure and honest heart before, but now i do and i think i've never been happier being with one person :) thank you, and i love you so much! :)

Ok on top of the mush.. haha i shall start in chronological order. 2008 began with a sort-of bang i guess, i mean i celebrated the new year in Darjeeling, India! Where it was quite cold also.. Then term started, and it was strange not having ha thi around. Oh i also went to Hanoi, Vietnam haha and ha thi went around with me and my mum and we managed to tailor clothes. And we met a Vietnamese celebrity in the clubs! Cool shit haha.

Then summer came around and I started my internship - one that i had been prepping for since November 07. It was a great experience, i got to work with some fantastic people, and the internship confirmed what i knew all along - that this industry was where i wanted to be, it was where my interests lay and you know, this is what i want to do. Which is pretty cool :)

At the end of the 3 month internship i was supposed to head to China for another 1 month of internship... But that plan was eventually scuttled. Instead, 1 week of Shanghai (with my mum) where we tailored more clothes and i got a pleasant surprise from the LH office in Shanghai :) Brunch treat at a nice restaurant called Laris, at 3 on the Bund with unrivalled views of the Bund and Pudong area. That was tops :)

And, also 2 weeks of Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with yq. We floated in rubber tubes down the Namsong river drinking beer and flying foxes; saw thai girl shooting ping pong balls at patpong and got harassed into paying exorbitant amounts before we were allowed to leave; cycled around the angkor wat and felt the living horrors of the khmer rouge; shot AK47 rounds and squeezed into tight tunnels. In summary, it was amazing to feel the heartbeat of Indochina :)

Then it was back to school, and i had my last and final sem. 6 modules jam-packed into a 3 day week, plus Saturdays for a module that i'd been itching to take for almost a year now - World Travel and Tourism. However, the results spoke for itself, and clearly 6 was a bit too much to squeeze into one semester for me. The GPA took a heavy toll. But oh well, its all over and done with. And at least i got A+ for my favourite module :)

After school, it was time for some fun in the Philippines!! The 16 days was really amazing. Manila, where we were showered the best of Filipino hospitality by Alme and his mum; Lake Taal, where elizer finally came out of his hole and agreed to meet us! And we had a bunch of fun getting drunk on mc mountain; Boracay, where the partying never stops if you dont want it to; Bohol with huge booby mountains and the cutest animal - the tarsier; Cebu with its big city conveniences and Moalboal, something close to our hearts: with canyoning, ACTION!, kitties and lovely Naomi.

So we have come to the end of 2008! Phew, that was a long recap. Haha.. To be honest, even though so much has happened, I don't feel like anything new has taken place. Maybe yq's right; i need to stop travelling. Otherwise next time i'll be bored cos i got nothing to do, nowhere new to go. And because you travel so much, it makes you very "spoilt" and nothing can excite you anymore. That kind of feeling. So hmm.. Yeah. In another sense though, when i travel it doesnt seem like i'm "away" from home anymore. It just seems like im seeking out some action and adventure in another place that is not singapore.. i'm not thankful or homesick the way i used to be. Weird huh. Perhaps 2008 was dull compared to 2007, which was full of exciting discoveries about myself and the people around me - india, europe exchange etc. Well if that's the case, then 2009 will pale even more by comparison, it will look something like this:
  • Macau, 6-9 Jan!
  • 15 Jan - start work

And that's it. See you real soon 2009! Hahahahahahaha.. No i'm just kidding. of course i hope it wont be so straightforward! i need new hobbies, it would be great if anyone left some suggestions in the comments :) Then maybe that would sprinkle my 2009 with a little something different. Been toying with many different ideas but none has really sat well so far. Oh well, we shall see. Wishing everyone a happy new year!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Not really a bout of emo, but heard this song at acid bar last night with hongyi, sq and her friend and it strikes a chord within me. For those who have loved and lost:

But I'd rather you be mean than love and lie
I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I'd rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby dont you break my heart slow
Vonda Shepard, "Baby don't you break my heart slow"

in 2 days i will head to the philippines!!! please pray for me to be safe everybardy :) And also for us to have accommodation. haha.. will be heading to malapascua island after jas and ha thi leave on the 19th and the accommodation for that is still not booked. hope there will be some empty nipas on the island for us to stay in :) And i hope it'll be the island paradise that i imagine it to be! expectations abound. Maybe i'll get to squeeze in a dive or two after that too. yay! See ya'll on the 25th of December!

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