Thursday, April 27, 2006

The boyfriend cooked this for me cos i was hungry and hadnt had breakfast yet :) (campbell clam chowder) Posted by Picasa

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And this is a little long overdue but yes, the reconcilitory bikini. :) Posted by Picasa

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Swordfish and a real life sucker fish attached! Plus half submerged/dying diver.. oops Posted by Picasa

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octopus! background: 2 real fishes checking him out Posted by Picasa

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Foreground in shiny halo: Shark!! Background: Camouflaged in sand - black manta ray Posted by Picasa

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Lego fish tank! In the centre - buaya with cool diver. Background: wheel of a secret sunken ship Posted by Picasa

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And the amount of hair lost! Posted by Picasa

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Haircut day! LHS: Before. RHS: After. Posted by Picasa

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I am drooling.

Just thinking about the chocolates that (i hope) kiatty's gonna bring back after his BSM!
Anyway for those who duno, kiatty has gone to germany land of THE chocs (for me at least) for his business study mission.

and since i helped him with his german SOMEWHAT (hey, lending books do count!), i really hope he buys the chocs i asked him to!

oh gosh.. thinking about ferrero giotto, ritter sport - qualitat im quadrat (the blue box of little munchies) ANDDDD the ultimate champion:

ERDBEER JOGURT!!! its the most delish thing EVERRRR. just thinking about it gets me drooling. And im not even a chocolate girl in the first place. just imagine:

but shit. my filling came out today. i hope i can still bite regulator. and eat food. i need my dentist!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

omg. i went to the website again and this time its even worse:

"Hi. My name is Raphael. The main reason why I joined Mr Singapore was - curiosity."

How cheesy!!! and he's not even shuai bleh pui

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I really quite enjoyed myself today. walked arnd with hongyi at bugis and simlim to get some comp stuff (i was SOOO tempted to get the xD card reader, only $18 and so tiny and slim!), played xbox burnout the racing game - i won!! bwahahaha and also, just chatted abt stuff. After tuition with basil, went to meet shiwei for dinner/supper at 85. oh gosh i havent seen him in the whole of 2006 man! haha.. things never change tho, glad that he's still the same :) and its really nice cos he's one of the few people i can feel really comfortable with. one of the few who, in all honesty, wont judge me at all. and im grateful for that :) Yah so as u can see, my social bar is FULL! (yesterday it was in the red zone). Teehee. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is about as cheesy as it gets...

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Was watching the news earlier on:

New York: 7 degrees, 15 degrees Celcius.

That's kind of cold. Do put on more warmies and hug to harder :)

Actually i think i might kinda miss sq. 4 months no s1e/smu kaki, i dont know whos gonna organize the outings! i dont know whos gonna gather everyone together. i dont know who i'll travel with.


okay dun chide me already :( but anyways hugs!! and have plenty of fun in US take careeee :)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Okay I'm only halfway through The Undercover Economist, but I'm dying to give a review! Well, a half review anyway.

Firstly, it's absolutely worth my $15 so far (since im halfway through - actual book costs $29) and it's been almost as interesting and mind-probing as Freakonomics. Am i in the wrong course? Haha.. maybe economics is just an interest, not a staple for me. i couldnt take it as a subject.

Anyways i recommend it for all JC students taking econs now, cos it really adds colour and life to the mundane stuff in microecons that JC1 students dont really grasp - perfect competition, elasticity, SCARCITY, marginal price etc etc. Also to students of Intro to Econs! I think it helps you see the big picture of what u study in econs plus, its a fabulous read. I'm reminded of my JC econs days when i read it hurhur :P

And im actually quite happy that tiny Singapore got a deserving mention in the book (about 2 paragraphs?). The author was talking about the pathetic healthcare system in the US (only 17% of the people are satisfied with the healthcare there!), and then compared it to Singapore's schemes - unlike the UK (fully governmental take over of market failure)'s cradle to grave approach, the Singapore system manages to balance private and public/government involvement in healthcare. (think CPF and medicare etc etc) I was actually proud to read that bit about SG! haha

All in all, yes a good read, but I found myself having to think from the British or American perspective many times. Maybe that is where it lacks compared to Freakonomics? But both books are tackling the same topic with a nice storylike approach, which i like. Do read it if you have the time!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New eyebrows!! Notice the cleanly plucked centre portion :) Posted by Picasa

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raise eyebrow? Posted by Picasa

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suuuper duuuper close up! Posted by Picasa

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To all S1E people!

Hongyi's granddad has just passed away. My condolences to his family. We're going down to the wake on Thursday night so please do come if you can make it, I think he needs our support the most right now. Message me or rina or siqing so we can go down together, thanks.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What is first love?

Was it the first time you liked someone and that someone liked you back?
Was it the first time you held the hand of someone you fancied?
Was it the first time you cried over your break up?
Was it the first time your heart really shattered when you broke up?
Was it the first relationship that lasted longer than 1 month?
Was your first serious relationship, your first love?

First loves are meant to be sweet and, for that moment you were together, you thought things would last forever. Thereafter, the bittersweet memories of being together will remain more than just a mere memory. It will capture the essence of youth - the part of your life that has gone by. The times spent together, the sweet nothings whispered and written, only the good stuff will be remembered. Only the good stuff will be remembered.

Why am i writing this? Well, I've found it hard to decipher what actually constitutes first love. For myself, I cant place a finger as to when exactly i had my first love. Each relationship was different and meant different things to me. The easyness of the first, the heartbreak of the second with wounds that only time could heal, the duration of the third.

What is first love? I am sad that i dont have that one beautiful memory of first love. All images of it are mere shells of the original self, bits and pieces that fit together in a misfit jigsaw. I dont have that one defining memory of my first taste of love, that would bring back all these so called bittersweet memories.

Sadly, if i were to choose, then yes. It would be the second. Where I really stumbled and tripped head over heels - and where i fell really so damn hard it sapped almost 2 years of my life. I may not be able to recall what happened, and when it did, but I guess it was truly loved and lost, through and through.

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BIGGGGGG announcement!

i went to trim my eyebrows today! teehee! first time :P was quite fun but painful. ouch!! but according to ph net and yt i have a cleaner look now! yay. finally got down to doing it. lazy to post photos cos im using my bro's comp now but yeah i think i look slightly different.

anyway to prevent this from becoming a bimbo post, i went kino and spent $100 on books!! The Toyota Way ($51!!), The Undercover Economist and The Warren Buffet Way. Sadly i threw away the receipt by accident so i cant exchange the book. guess i have to read it after all :P

and yesh.. retail therapy via books works well too :)

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Monday, April 17, 2006

And so, with the last paper ACCT 103: Financial Accounting, Year 1 in SMU has come to an end.

As much as I had hoped and wanted it to end on an high, the last paper failed to bring me there.

rather disappointing given the countless balance sheets balanced, income statements prepared and cash flows flowed. that after so much practice, you trip at the final hurdle. and thats it - the entire race is over for you. I feel very much like an athletic hurdler (minus the hot agile bod) that has tripped over the final hurdle in his race and fallen. while the rest of the competitors race ahead towards the finish line.

And what tripped me? Stupid accounts receivables :( One of the earliest concepts we learnt - in Week 6 - yet the final exam proved to be so...

Sigh. i dont have much words to describe this feeling now. only that i had a rather short nap earlier on, and it was probably the best sleep i had in about 2 weeks. Maybe i am really tired.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Presenting... Posted by Picasa

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The graduate student! Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

2.5 hour tuition session later!!

hope i dun fall asleep

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Out of boredom, i decided to rummage the stuff that i brought back from HK last April. Actually, i had the purpose of finding this piece of paper :P Went to see this fortune teller at Temple St together with sq, wannie and tryph. I've been staring at this piece of paper cos i remember the fortune teller telling me some important stuff. Like for eg, highlighted in red: i will get married when i'm 25! And in yellow: I will chuang ye when im 32. But what i cant remember is the stuff in green and in pink/fuschia. Green is obviously pig, rabbit, horse and snake in that order. He listed these animals either as animals that i am very 'pei' with or animals that i should avoid! So i cant remember which it is. Same goes for the pink words, if those are animals in any case. I can only vaguely see the first pink word as "Ji" and the third one as "Hu" but thats all. Can anybody help me decifer this? Posted by Picasa

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 Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

watched kang xi lai le..
and Da S gave the worst make up tips!!

1) Don't wash your hair every day.
2) Don't wash your face in the morning
3) Bathe in cold water
4) Drink hot water

I mean, granted, she's a beautiful woman and it'd be nice to look like her. but not wash your face in the morning!!! i'll look grossssssssss :/

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Saturday, April 08, 2006


When you open a can of campbell soup, is it supposed to be solid (like jelly) or liquid (like it will flow out of the can when the lid is off and u turn it upside down)?

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just some excerpts from weilie's blog, thought those were pretty interesting esp from a guy's point of view. he understands the female psyche ;)

"i think guys are quite hard to please rite?? the moment they feel ya r 2 naggy n possessive.... then they feel a sense of insecurity when u dun bother..."

"but aniwae her fren is like anytime will ged blown away by the wind man.. still say she fat... realli dun geddit... wanna eat juz eat rite?? but on e other hand guys dun realli go for fat gals... so... well, men r creatures tat r hard to please 2 bah :)"

been watching a bit of artscentral lately and its always been the male species being more colourful and attractive and, should i say, desperate in finding female partners to mate. so why is it that in humans this entire thing is reversed?

why do females have to dress up and look attractive and 'colourful' so that we can 'attract' the right mate? yeah 'mating' in humans is also essentially different - character, personality etc and all that comes in as well. but face it, world is harsh. looks count. sometimes a lot. actually, A LOT especially for visually hungry men.

So yes back to my question. why in humans is the trend reversed? Why are we women suffering to look good, dieting, being vain just so that a male will cast his eyes on us eventually? Why not the other way around - men worrying about getting fat, worrying about not having a partner, fighting over the females as the situation is in the animal kingdom. i prefer it that way.

Okay i realise that this argument could go on like, forever. so i shall attempt to conclude with my ending statement.

i wish i was a black widow

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Mood: calm

a few more days to the exams and i'm starting to get that mugging drive on. Need to bring this engine to the highest gear!

anyway hugs for bao :) luv you dear.

Plan for next few days:
Continue stats for tonight.
Tomorrow: revise FA and QM
Saturday: hopefully my other tuition lobang falls through! then do FA and QM in the day before tuition at 4. Stats at night.
Sunday: statssssss

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It is with deep regret that i stand here today to announce this to everyone.

Doris, my dearest nudi of 10 days, has passed on.

She will be remembered fondly.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Peekaboo! Meet Doris, a nudibranch. Well, her full name is Glossodoris Atromarginata and i bet nobody can remember her full name, so just call her Doris :) She's so cute! To the uninitiated, those are not eyes, they're her horns. Posted by Picasa

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Haha. sorry cant help it - my 5 minutes of fame :) honourary mention to calvin! cos of him i recognised that it was my smux camp group and i recognised that THAT was me!! woohoo. yay. ok bored Posted by Picasa

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 Posted by Picasa

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Mum, ginny and york say that zm look like this guy.

NOOOOO!! HE'S so freaking old! and ugly! nonononono

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Feeling seriously undermined now. left out.


everyone went sch to study without asking me :(

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ok, really late movie review BUT...

i just watched harry potter - goblet of fire!

The latest of the whole franchise. I m starting to realise that all the harry potter movies are basically photocopies of one another. Why? Because at the start it's all happy and cheery in Hogwarts, the 3 kids having fun, doing their normal everyday stuff. Then something big/dangerous comes along and scares the hell out of everyone. Something bad happens in Hogwarts - "the students must be protected!" blah blah blah.

The audience, from the start of the movie, is left to ponder on who's the bad guys and the guessing game begins. In HP3, it was sirius black that was the initial bad guy. In another previous installments, it was Tom Riddle. Each episode, audiences (or at least me) try to guess the baddie, in the hope that at the end of the movie we can go "yes! i knew it was him all along!" (well at least for me, since i dont read the book)

And well needless to say, since the baddies are starting to get increasingly predictable, i guessed correctly that it was the prof with the glass eye. whoopee. prize for me please.

On the whole it was okay i guess. My movie experience was probably hampered by
1) watching the movie at 1am
2) watching the movie at 1am in my brightly lit bedroom
3) watching the movie at 1am in my brightly lit bedroom on my teeny weeny laptop screen
4) watching the movie at 1am in my brightly lit bedroom on my teeny weeny laptop screen and having to squint at certain parts cos i'm watching a pirated version and the dark parts are REALLY dark.

i should have gone to the movies! GINNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
To add on, this stupid girl GINNY CHUA, was supposed to watch HP with me. BUT, in the end, she went to watch with her then-lover instead. SO IRRITATING!!! zhong se qing you. BAD GIRL.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

UBER unproductive day today at doing stats. was just doing, then getting distracted, then trying to get back to doing, then getting distracted again.

the whole vicious cycle.

Hope QM will be better later :

and i hope zhiyang or teresa wins!!! :)

Plan for tonight:
Now till 11pm - do QM! And try to get everything done
11pm onwards - free and easy. Maybe i'll watch harry potter if there's time.

wish me luck!

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Acts of Service
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Acts of Service: 9
Quality Time: 7
Receiving Gifts: 7
Physical Touch: 4
Words of Affirmation: 3


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

i see that i have become a victim of korean dramas and hollywood-style romances. ACT OF SERVICES!!! yes i do admit that i really like my guy to do sweet things for me :) to me, actions speak louder than words (thats why words of affirmation rank last). also, physical action doesnt really do it for me (a lowly fourth). gifts, well they are kind of part of act of services innit? actions actions actions.

ZHONGMING please read this! :)

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i must say, i really really had tonnes of fun yesterday :) missing smux dinner was worth it!!!

met sq then we trooped down in the rain to taka - havent talked to her for so long! - where we met sammie fel veon and rina. wannie was supposed to come but she was LATEEEEE. grr

and when she came suddenly the group balloooned to like 10 people - wanwen, huson (finally get to see him in person), their friends emery and andrez the equadorian who looks kinda chinese.

we went pepper lunch and sadly, wannie cant cook. haha. i think she wasnt really enjoying her dinner cos her hotplate looked pretty disgusting and well, she also looked quite disgusted, picking at her food and furrowing her brow. hehe

and then we were all supposed to say bye at orchard mrt, but ended up standing there chatting and blocking one whole doorway. and everyone was just talking to each other i think for a good 15-20 min, haha super amusin :P

huson drove! so on the way back he sent me n fel n sq too. actually it's his car but his friend emery drove cos i think huson is prettybad at directions so yea. DAMN amusin to hear sq fake the american accent, hahahahaha

think i had the best fun in the longest time, havent been out cos of projects and everything. thanks girls!! :)

(bad note to end the day - drove out when i got home and when i was parking the car, got it scratched!!! ugh. long ugly obvious horrendous scratch at the side of the car, from the end of the back door to the boot. mum sms me this morning :( "u scratch my car" so i replied "sorry". and also last night on the TPE i met my best friend, the TP. he was standing by the road shoulder using his camera thingy and i was happily going at 110 in the 4th lane. win liao lor.)

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East and West by Christ Patten
Hong Kong by Jan Morris
Le Peau de chagrin by Honoré de Balzac
1984 by George Orwell


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