Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And so...

Euro trip is coming to an end! Just got from paris today and, i was so sad to leave everyone :( paris is fantastic. its really the romantic city that everyone talks about. but it was more of the company that i was there for - with the french exchange students, laurent, eve, nouk, rachid and millie. they were so sweet! brought us around.. treated us to dinner :) explained french history to us.. showed us the chic and the cheap of paris. it was soooo great, i was so touched by french hospitality. makes me motivated to learn another language! but of course first, german. haha :)

yeah kinda stupid but i just realised that i have more french friends than german friends la! cos there were so many french exchange students.. yeah but it was really nice and if i could, i would go back again, really :)

now, in madrid! with a spanish exchange student, amaia. it's cool too, and i must say that spain has been the most surprising country for me. i mean like before going to europe ok, i know UK, I know france, italy, greece etc cos there r so many famous monuments and going-ons in these countries. but spain to me was like hmm.. another country in europe. but i have been amazed by the beautiful gaudi in barcelona, and here in madrid the architecture is really pretty as well. But spain also makes me feel like a tourist, maybe there is some kind of subtle cultural difference that i cant explain. Like in germany it felt like, just right. i liked it! in UK it felt like home.. haha. In france it also felt very close to the heart (maybe cos all the exchange students were there, showing us around, pampering us :).. but spain made me feel like a tourist. an outsider looking at things going on in the lives of the spanish through a looking-glass. maybe i'm just analysing this too much. bouuhh.

will be going home so very soon! omg.. time fliesss man. but i cant wait. im ready to go home. I WANT TO GO HOME! and see everyone!!!! deng wo hui laiiiiiiiii

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Monday, May 14, 2007

boo! sorry for the absence.. after i tapped the wireless in milan, they cleverly decided to lock it with network key :(:( so i couldnt access it at all for the 4 days in milan. damn.

anyways, quick update! we did a short day trip to venice - very romantic, very expensive!! 80 euros for the famous gondola ride, pfff. where to find that kind of money.

then, athens! i love the acropolis and the ruins - absolutely beautiful... then we took a weekend in santorini, a greek Cyclades island about 6 hours ferry (can die...) away from athens. the most beautiful island!!! its DAMN chio and romantic and its damn nice to ride on a bike or something, hugging your SO and looking at the magnificent view. I promised myself (and barbara) that i will definitely go back, and i will! 3 of us - me, barbara and shayna (all exchange students from WHU) rented 4 wheel ATVs and vroom-vroomed around the island. it was beautiful!!! and it was so damn fun hahaha almost got killed. the bike shop owner even chased after us in his bike and he was like "DO U HAVE A DRIVING LICENSE?!?!" and i was like yes i do! haha.. damn paiseh lah. but riding on the right side of the road wasnt as hard as i thought, got used to it after a while. the traffic rules are essentially the same, so thats nice. hehe..

tomorrow, warsaw, poland to see Basia!! cant wait, we're gonna stay at her place. yayee :D and im gonna get my long awaited haircut!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blogger is quite cool, it's localised! So now, i have my whole blogger dashboard in Italian which of course i dont understand. But its more or less obvious i guess - "Pubblica" is publish, haha.

Anyways, pictures from rome!!!! I did not disappoint. :P

Roma Day 1

Roma Day 2

In milan now!! Managed to tap some unsuspecting household's free internet (hopefully dont get caught, like in SG urk i dont speak Italian and i dont wanna deal with the burly Italian police) so thats why i can put pictures up and everything!!! yayyy. im in internet heaven. Free some more :) makes me even happier. wahahahah..

I havent slept in 24 hours, had to catch a 4am bus to the airport so yeah i'm on hyperdrive now, i think later when we actually get a bed (we havent checked in yet bcos the previous people havent checked out) i might actually chui and not wake up until tomorrow. but obviously i hope that doesnt happen! Milan apparently doesnt hold much for us tourists so we're hoping we have enough $$ to take a train down to venice!! pray hard hard.

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ok first of all sorry ginny, and everyone else, sorry for the absence!

in rome now and i have to pay 2 euro per hour for internet use so obviously cant do anything, 1 hour passes by so damn quickly when u have to check WHU email, SMU email, hotmail (god i have a million email accounts) and facebook and also webmessenger! So no time to come to blogger. Except now i have 4 minutes and i will try to make this as quick as possible.,

rome is lovely! love the ICE CREAM, the people sind nett (=are nice) and the old Roman forums are the coolest ancient ruins i've ever seen. However, the weather is bad (rainy) and the drivers miss you by a few centimetres. And there are also PLENTY of tourists crawling everywhere (me included) which is quite irritating, especially when u have to queue 1 hour to get into the Vatican Museum (with the sistine chapel) and end up spending only 1.5 hours inside bcos there r just too many tourists. but anyways.. no pictures because theres no way to put it here.

will put them when i actually have wireless access with my laptop! ok.. nur 2 minutes left. so im off to Milan in about half an hour (flight leaves at 6.50am but gotta take a 1hour bus to airport, blah blah) so see yallllll in milano!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


ok enough of the emo-nemo shit talk about being sad, leaving, blah blah blah. its time to wake up and smell the flowers! hello enqi (muacks) and val (i love you too!) and ginny (muacks!) It's time to prepare for EURO TRIP!!!! :)

but first, i havent put pictures here in a long time. so here goes: the last tauschie pictures :(

On the cruise down the river rhine!
I'm taking the photo! But this here is all my darlings in Vallendar :)
The last Konigswerk!
Cooking in the dorm, last massive dinner!
In Boppard with the tauschies! And the little stroller there had baby Katterina :) It's cool cos the mummy came here for exchange with her husband last year and gave birth like last month. So the kid is eligible for german citizenship! Haha..

Good times, good times. Best days of my life!

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