Tuesday, August 26, 2003

ok i couldnt help it. free period in school now so yeah i'll jus update as n when im free yah? i found chanks blog!! haha. im meaning to expose him. http://chanks.blogspot.com
check it out ppl! heh.. im so mean. anyway.. ive edited a certain post so that a certain leong zy cannot find my blog. but i think he found it anyway so yeah makes no diff..

ponned pe today.. went choir rm to do my chem. it was qt productive but bao n chloe were singing their hearts out over nomad jukebox.. haha.. theyre crazy lah. i love smashmouth! jus realised tt all their songs sound e same. anyway yeah thanks to their fooling arnd i did manage to get some work done.. somehow.. haha. not being sarcastic there.

going blading later!!! yayy. with ellen n tong. 1) i hope i dun fall 2) i hope i dun get left behind. starting to think my skills r abit short of left. oops. my english sucks too.

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Monday, August 25, 2003

ok let me make this official so i dont ever come online again. this is gonna be me last post because I WANNA MUG FOR PROMOS!! byebye world.
see you in 2 months time.

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yayy we just printed the written report 1st draft!! :) looking good. just now like 12 people turned up for cheng ming min's math class, then she still innocently asked: 'is the rest of e class absent?' haha.. sometimes i quite pity her lah. i heard tt she was frm rj!! omg cannot make it sia. like. the totally passive rj student i bet. ohno. what if she was fr rg? -cringe-

anyways.. hmm. i think this will b my last post in a long while cuz like yeah elizer jus told me promos is in..42 days. so i better start mugging. or else i'll just like fail. bleh. starbucks, here i come...

hmm ok besides mugging. went to the jap sch summer fest on saturday nite.. prev yrs my bro has been faithfully going but duno why this yr he nvr go. i think he lost touch w his kagoshima club frenz so tts why he nvr go.. then i bought 2 goldfishes! haha. supposed to scoop urself but there was this drunk jap guy selling 2 fish for 3 coupons so we jus bought lah.. lazy to play haha. there were ALOTTTTT of cute guys there! esp jap kids.. they speak in their highhh un-broken voice n their cute jap, so kawaii!! omg omg i was jus like totally swooning larh. totally can make it sia.. n i jus realised tt i like guys w long hair, haha. cuz all e jap guys there had considerably long un-vj length hair n i liked it alot! like some of the tp guys also have tt kind of hair, mus b fashioned aft e japs.. n i think it looks real nice.. heh.

ok im like swooning.

theres choir today.. note to liyana: DONT PON CHOIR!!!

then i gotta go down to sam's aquarium at parkway to get fish food. cant keep feeding them bread u know. hope they survive.

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

ok im doing pw now. must do biblio, and our group forgot all abt it... my whole class is handing up written report on monday larh. power.

anyway yest went for steelgrass.. theyre really not bad man. and shiwei really improved!! his singing totally rocks now. im so proud of him.. haha. and i was the only enthu pok down there cheering n screaming like xiao. at first i thought he din see me.

and the rest of the poser crowd was so. poser. and act cool. like u wanna go there n support them then show ur support right.. sit there n act cool. haiz. im too enthu larh.

glad for him :)

and then i helped them take photos.. i was telling ellen now i have the shuaiest 4 guys in vj in my camera in funny poses. haha... too bad i cant go down n support them today, got choir. shit. kucinta is damn hard lah.
thanks for going w me yogi! or else i kena pangseh like shit, then nobody to go w me.. thanks ah..

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

that day i posted sth.. but it didnt turn out. bleh.

pw sucks im up to my head in it.. went starbucks to mug alone, while waiting.. aimee went there w her pw group too.

then aft tt went to makan parade for dinner.. yum yum. haha :) ok not that yum lar. i had diarrhoea aft tt. shit.

saturdays chem prac exam. die.

tmr is steelgrass's performance!! 730-8pm. plaza sing. please go n support!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

im holed up in the school comp lab typing this. seems like alot of people r reading my blog.

anyway. sat with him today.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

BLODDY SHIT i was just trying 2 make a nice collage of all my frenz pix and stupid thing had to hang on me. im not gonna redo it anymore.

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"Even if there's a goalkeeper doesn't mean you cant score a goal." - Sufian

haha. nice analogy there. its well meaning advice to all those.. um.. single and looking for love people out there. yeah.

feeling a bit drained, dont feel like recalling whats been going on.. just did a few hrs worth of all the backload of work that ive failed to do previously. still have lots more to do but i'll chuck them for tonight. meanwhile i shall go blading downstairs, will be a first with my new blades!! :)

argh. stupid blogspot cant accept chinese html. nvm.

I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard
I am a little bit insecure, a little unconfident

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
- Linkin Park [faint]. my favourite parts of the song!

If I could change I would
Take back the pain I would
Retrace every wrong move that I made I would
If I could stand up and take the blame I would
If I could take all the shame to the grave I would

It's easier to run replacing this pain with something wrong
It’s so much easier to go
Then face all this pain here all alone

its easier to run.

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my mood reflects my choice of music.

take today, for example. i want to listen to something rockier, hardier. something with more beat, more ooomph, more bang. rhythm. something loud in that sense. sappy love songs somehow irk me nowadays - im already tired of listening to david tao's new album ultrasound. i mean its a good album but im just not cut out to listen to slow moving sappy love songs lately. they make me cry and thats not how i wanna feel. maybe its because some slowy songs put me in this melancholic mood that makes me sad, and i dont wanna be sad. i wanna feel.. motivated. i guess so. hmm.

perfect english there :)

had a nice chat with val on the phone just now.. talking about our lives. -cough- yeah :) heh. dont take things too fast girl. i wont either.

finally! tomorrow we'll be doing xmas carols for choir!!!!!

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Friday, August 15, 2003

just read some stuff.. about a friend of mine. with an unappreciative gf. seems like all the taken guys i know face that problem. girls who take them for granted? i dont know. but. poor thing.. even though i duno anything abt relationshipy stuffs, but i do know that girls like these need some spanking and waking up. like stop thinking ur some bloody pearl on his palm, you're not lah. its when their egos r boosted way up by guys who place them in high regard, that they think theyre too good for anyone.

that attitude just SUCKS.

see it everywhere n i think its disgusting.

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i robbed the posb siglap bank today. of 150bucks. haha.. went with evelyn. that blur cock-eyed girl!! she saw bus 12 and thought it was 13 so we had 2 walk back 2 sch frm stpats. haha but nvm it was good workout n i got the dog poo bag again, i love it!

ok ive dropped out of math r. i told cheng ming min today cuz im qt sian lar i guess. its qt boring.. and out of 3 times i only turned up once? haha. sian lah. went canteen w shy + sufi n sat arnd with the class.. then somehow arranged with e ri guys 2 go keith ho's hse to play pool. me, k.chin, shy, yogi and this other guy i tink his name is qing yao. all went keith's hse. tt guy's like a virgin sch ponner or sth, 1st time pon sch haha. chin told me sth abt keith's teeth, duno what he won best teeth award in ri or sth. then they started calling him teeth ho.. haha damn amusing lar!! chao funny.

i din know keith + siqing lived so near vj.. ultimate walking dist! so lucky loh. n he has like this pool table in his hse basement.. like not pro.. then i played a few games, lost all. haiz. im off form man. terribly. havent played in ages lar.

aft tt had 2 zao off first, went 2 meet sw.. return him his money. ate abit n talked over long john's.. had this long chat abt stuff. realised alot of shity stuff abt um a certain someone.. sigh. bro dun do this to yourself lah, sometimes i just dont see the point. i know u're tryin 2 change her but i guess im a very passive person - just accept it when ppl change n dont bother trying 2 change them.

feeling suddenly hollow now, like what kind of a friend have i been to my friends? hmm. i dont know. but u cant change people right. i mean ive seen it with my eyes that obvious kind of change and i tried to stop it but she was just speeding ahead not giving a hoot about us. what was i to do, stop and beg her? even so she wouldnt see it. ah nvm shldnt worry myself sick abt this, its killing so many of my braincells n draining me. bleeding me dry.

n then that got me started thinking abt other things again... it always happens. 1 thing leads to another. talk abt a and then my mind will drift off and suddenly end up at z. which leads me to z.. mx gave her go ahead today. so did bro, haha.. v amused by that :) thanks guys i kind of need the support now.

tmr gotta go for dental.. ack. like suddenly every1 wants to go east coast. mx//shy//yogi asked me to go eastcoast to blade lar.. i want to! but cannot. bleh. -prayyy- i hope my braces will come off in 1 mth's time!!!!!!!! and then theres choir with nelson, haha i actually kind of miss him cuz havent seen him for like v v long alr. cant wait 2 do some serious working on the songs actually. so that i actually feel a bit more prepared for sectionals, yes. and not ending a tad earlier than e other sections all e time cuz yeah it makes me feel slack.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

happy birthday kiat.

ok finished with the birthday wishes. mx i hope u like the prez, heh its really v thoughtful rite! :) anyw.. todays a boring day. i din fall asleep for any of my lessons except the crappy part during econs lect when b.low was doing the irritating tys part.. like. just get it over n go straight to the notes lah! okay im being stupid. did pw aft sch, stupid camy duno zao until where, left 3 of us to do pw lar. like can have some sense of responsibility pls. irritating the shit out of me lah.

oops. hope she doesnt read this.

well um. i guess i can look on the brighter side of things. better than getting a slack pw group member? oh but she is slack. so yeah. many complaints.

sigh.. then i zao home v early. like. reached home at 430, 1st time in ages.. so amused at myself. gonna watch spongebob lateR!!

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
if nautical nonsense be something you wish!
then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!

hmm okok enuf of the crap. lemme do a mini calendar here.
fri: go for math r, return shiwei his money.
sat: dental + choir prac
sun: stay home. mug. :p
mon: choir prac
tues: blade?
wed: choir prac
thurs:i think got make up lecture.
fri: steelgrass performance@suntec + vc concert + vanessakoh's bday + chiuloo's bday.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

i think theres sth wrong w my site meter n the comments thingy. nvm la i think i can do without the comments.. but site meter?!? :( i kind of liked it. bleh. anyway...

went parkway to buy mx's prezzie today, with knee-shin and yogi. haha.. damn farny lah, yogi v sly. was walking at the zebra crossing there then he suddenly called me n said im at the zebra. like i cannot even see him lar! anyway yeah we went parkway.. i bought sth! shit cant say it here cuz mx will read. hahah. nvm u can c tmr. the cake idea was cancelled cuz some1 else is alr getting it for her liao.. nvm i think my prez qt original. hongyi's prob sharing it w me too, so yay. then aft tt we jus walk arnd parkway.. tt yogi ah, pon his softball phototaking n instead walked arnd parkway with us. like, huh? haha. he's a slacker.

aft tt lammie came..n we walked arnd sumore. it was really qt boliao, i was jus trying 2 find fbts.. then shili called so gotta go back 2 sch 2 discuss schedule. so im not taking altos for sectionals, PHEW.. haha. but still taking combined sectionals so.. um.. nvm lah the girls will cooperate. rite? :)

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

im being daoed by a billion people today. urgh.

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im still quite amused by this pic. haha. ice-cream pigging.

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spent my whole entire day at east coast park today. frm 10am to 5pm. like not xiong. was mostly in my blades all e time.. 1st was with nessa koh, bladed w her frm 10 to arnd 1230 then she had to go home. stoned at macs for half n hr [dun ask how.] was waiting for somebody to reply my sms but nothing came in, so i just strapped on my blades n went for a few strides.. until now i still dont have a reply. then stopped at pit18, for sammie's surprise bday party. like everyone there was frm rj lah! thanks la val.

zy, yq and zx were all there but they didnt say hi. like not dao. whatEVER lah. anyway i ate abit, slacked arnd n talked to michelle, long time nvr catch up w her liao!! heh. had fun today girl :) haha sam was so surprised, she started screaming.. she's cute lah. happy 17th samantha! love ya -hug-. love bc.

then i bladed to bedok jetty n walked hme frm there.. the walking got me thinking abt bc, sort of. i thought abt the 4 yrs we've had together.. the stuff me n mich talked abt reminded me of e sad fact tt we'll nvr perform again together. like, rgs choir concert was the last chance. n we're slowly growing apart.. i still keep in contact w val, clara, sam, mich n sometimes huilin/stace, but its like v hard to keep trying. like, it took some warming up bef me + mich cld actually talk properly n engage in full conversation? i duno, i guess tts how i feel.

mayb its cuz ive been meeting up w alot of rj ppl lately, and i always end up w nth 2 say. its just this lost kind of feeling, like ive totally lost touch in everything. dont understand what they talk abt either. its like, theyre speaking in some foreign language n im shut out of their little glass sphere world, peering inside n leaving oily nose imprints on the glass wondering whats going on inside.

really tired. both mentally and physically. still have to worry abt work, promos in 2wks for chem prac. and i dont know a single shit.

countdown to mx's bday: 3days!
feeling: lost. is there anything or not?

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

look!! http://www.londonskaters.com/main_videos.htm damn cool lar!!!! oh my gosh.. heehee.
borrowed meteora frm darren jus now.. wah i cant wait to listen to it!! hope its good. so now i have both meteora and hybrid theory on my hands. original sumore. yeah man. rock on.

basically i did nothing today. like. how slack. been online since gawd knows how long. bleh.

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yay, the new pix r up!! check out the pix sections for more pix.. i spent helluva lot of time uploading them can! theyre really cool, esp the v21 and national day eve pics. check them out :)

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is a
Fire-Eating Magic Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 8.8

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat mole, enter your name:

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i have a confession to make here. mainly cuz i know he wont see it so.. i shall confess here.

sorry but.. yeah i couldnt help it. i read your inbox. sorry...

but what i read make me smile. :) i know its supposed to b private n all.. but.. really felt qt happy aft reading it. was like smiling at myself the whole day yest. haha.. oops.

happy happy. :)

and yeah..i know u really tried alot of things yesterday. all ur funny shits up ur sleeve. but ur efforts r appreciated, really.. im quite thankful for the opportunity, frankly. thanks! u were like going out of the way n doing all sorts of funny things, sort of like creating chances for him. haha. dont think i cannot see lah. like they were really obvious. but it was nice of you, and i had a great time.. thanks yeah.

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Friday, August 08, 2003

hmm wah got alot of things abt my life to update myself on. hmm. shall start with..tuesday. what did i do. think. i think i went to parkway to buy ellen's prez.. yeah. bought her the lips :) *mua* -kiss me-! hee.

wed.. hmm. had choir.took my 1st sectionals. LIKE NOT SCARY LAR!!! did dayung sampan, abit of dravidian and xiao ren wu de xing sheng. then like how stupid lar, all e rest of e sections did now every tree except me. so e poor sops had to sing n.e.t. n cen + jol had to sight read.. i felt so bad loh :( aft tt continued teaching n.e.t plus dravidian. i like dravidian. nice song. then chloe kept bouncing her head naturally to e song. heeehee.. nanananana.

thursday. wah. i love thursday. bought my blades!!!!! :))) went off at 215 w mx to huixiang's hse to borrow bikes.. then we biked to skateline east coast. the stupid kok managing the shop was like such an idiot + buaya. then he sold me size 6.5, a tad tight but manageable lar. so i buy. then im really really really sorry mingxian, made u carry e blades on ur neck n cycle back 2 xiang's hse.. sorry!! :(

but anyway. the blades were 269.10. we bought straps to carry e blades, n threw away the box on e spot. oh well. i miss the box. its nice. grey n orange. testimont of my hardwork n desire to own blades. oh well. then went back 2 sch for bio rem.. took the dog poo bag n gave it to hongyi, haha. suits him. tong wad. then aft tt went to east coast.. biked n bladed. we all had our fair share of injuries, mine namely knee and butt. but it was ok in general, e feeling of owning ur own blades is.. shiok!!! :) aniwae. crashed rjc 3b class bbq awhile. felt like they were damn hostile so i din really go near or anything.. aft tt the 03s1e peeps jio me to go airport n see azy off, so i did. saw her off to her cork sailing competition, she'll b gone for 2 wks. hor seh!! hahahah.

then today. hmm. nice day today. really :) went sch.. wah did mass dance, first time i felt so shiook!!! like all e sweat n all. did friendship dance w kapala, haha damn funny sia cuz he like had nobody n he really really wanted to dance so i gave in. nv ever do tt dance one. then aft tt..waited for ellen frm 10am to like 1pm for her scrabble competition. like not long n sian lar. but actually mayb not that sian lar.. like.. i went to fly kite qt alot, w vanessakoh!! [she came back!!] and at the v-block with the class peeps.. qt fun sia. haha. then went swensons to celebrate ellen's bday. yay. hope she's had alot of fun w us today :) happy 18th ellen!!

aft tt.. went w shy to meet bao n yogi at orchard. at 1st v funny, like, what a funny mix of ppl. aft tt not bad lar, had alot of fun!! like go n shop arnd, eat, walk, talk kok, watched wrong turn [what a gross n stupid show. waste money. n then tt stupid yogi was like giving me a live commentary on e show, like oh what cliche-y thing is gonna happen next. he say until i also not hum any more lah!!]. then we really jus slack arnd orchard until its time to go home. yeah.

oh and 1 more thing. i saw keith AGAIN!! we were goin up e escalators of lido, he was going down with who else but jinli, haha. shouted his name n waved. aft tt shy saw keith at topshop topman with jinli again.. like not qiao lar. damn coincidental. fate? haha i guess not anymore.

long entry today. gtg sleep. nites.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

omg im on a girl high now. check this out man: http://www.herstory.ws/butch_hunt2003/index.htm

claryce is really cute!!!
shit. m i turning lesbo.

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yay i like my new site meter. cute.

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can u believe it i didnt pon a single lesson today!! yeah yeah baby. haha. so proud of myself. stayed w my class most of the day..

hmm then had meeting w the music co. sorted out what we're gonna do, qt ok lar. basically preparing for sm's bday. plus a little bit of genting. im not so much thinking abt genting now, more worried for next yr's olympics? duno why. mayb its cuz olympics is like bigger. but shouldnt think abt it so much now, genting's more of the focus.

aft meeting celebrated mabel's bday.. then went parkway to get a gift for ellen. took 31 there w jess.. n she asked me how i study. then it got me thinking. how i study? hmm. im like online alot. then i slack arnd listening to music, playing minesweeper n solitaire on my comp. haha. dont ask me why. but i do my tuts and i sleep in lecture. uh? haha. i think tutorials qt impt lah. must do. so u understand loh.

compliments light up my day! urm i know its out of point. haha

anyway. i think i'll get my blades soon. but duno which skateline outlet carries k2 skye blades leh. :( mayb i'll call them to check or sth. i sense something. but anyway, think he's cute. haha.

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

feel inspired. got this frm val's blog:

Somethin' in your eyes makes me wanna lose myself
Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms
There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
And if you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

-chantel kreviazuk
describes my feelings word for word.

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In open fields of wild flowers,
she breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
in no simple language
Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all
He's more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens
As close a heartbeat or a song on her lips
Someday she'll trust Him and learn how to see Him
Someday He'll call her and she will come running
and fall in His arms and the tears will fall down and she'll pray,
"I want to fall in love with You"

even though im no christian, this song's still as beautiful :)

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im disappointed. nobody knows any famous jars of clay radio-hits. even zy who has the songs on his cd duno. oh wells.

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wow its really really really windy tonight. um. wonder why. looking out of e window, i think its gonna rain. lorts of lightning out there. thinking of him.

hmm anyway. went to school supposedly supposed to go for the robotics talk, but in the end i just ponned. hung around choir rm abit. actually, its more like alot. finished my sari & sins book, haha its such a happily-ever-after ending. i think the ending was badly written. hmm.

aniwae. then s.h.y n his ri kias (keith + yongsheng) came over, ask me whether wanna go blading. then us + mx, huixiang, nicole, kenneth n jong, ser n bao went to cycle n blade! actually only me n nicole bladed lah. but still v v fun!! wah i really had a great time. i think i got a good face tan too, haha. it was like this gigantic rafflesian outing. wee. except for bao n ser whom we met up w later la. haha.. then got joel n owen too. then shy said we shld form vra - victorian rafflesian association. haha. he and his stupid kok ideas.

then shy was being stupid.. we went 2 the 2nd jetty n nicole was at 1 end of the jetty, but yongsheng went to the other end of the jetty n he was like 'yongsheng wrong side la' haha i think mayb ys likes nicole :) qt farny la. then aft tt went to macs, bao n ser din even gimme time to eat! so just grabbed mcflurry on the go.

went queensway w them, saw lotsa rollerblades but not my dream one.. i think only skating shops sell loh. haiz. got convinced by darren that actually 269 is an okay price for a gd pair of blades, i shld jus go buy it cuz the cheaper pairs r like 100+ n not really worth it lah. wanna buy shld just buy the best rite? hmm i duno lah. then kiat suggested borrowing fr my bro. quite a good idea actually, haha can try can try.. hoping 2 get blades asap, im gettin sick of renting blades. expensive n stupid, yes.

but. oh how i love blading. hoping to improve my skill.

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