Wednesday, February 28, 2007

lo and behold!

At ginny's request, who confided that my blog is her source of entertainment (awww. so sweet! hehe thanks!), i will post more!

Today, i ponned my first class at WHU. Haha.. it felt good ;) bloody 8am class lor.. i woke up at 6am and mulled around. loll about. diddle daddle. linger. Chatted with lily on msn and then decided it was not worth dragging my fat and cold ass all the way to school, at freaking 7+ am in the morning. i mean the feeling is really different lor in singapore at least its not cold. here its just cold and u just wanna snuggle up and sleep some more.

and it didnt help that i had a mini hangover. i went to the toilet at 6 in the morning.. washed my hands with funny handsoap and when i smelt the strong smell of the funny handsoap i really felt like puking. so hurry up go back to my room n drink water, so that i wont puke. Maybe bcos i had 3 beers last night.. and no dinner. luckily i left korova early and sit eve's car.. dont think i would have made it back successfully if i didnt take the car. the hill is too much for me.

oh but korova was nice! everyone was there.. shared some beers with alexander, and stupid conversation about me being the stupid terrorist in this exchange student skit that they're going to put up. bloody hell.. whos heard of a chinese FEMALE terrorist??? guess i'll be the first to hijack the TGV airplane in the skit. hohoho. and apparently get blown into smithereens after that. like thanks.. haha. kena sabo one lor, cos i pontang the exchange students meeting. then since im not there to stand up for myself and state my preferences, hence i kena. rarrr.

Also, this seems to be a post about firsts. I had my first WHU exam yesterday! It was ok lah, case study. and the case was given to us 2 weeks before so, no complaints about insufficient preparation. Just hope that i did enough to pass! 4 essay questions, i dont know how to do 1. oops. hopefully the marking is not so strict lah.

oh i also watched movie in the campus krautkramer tv room. nice big wall-mounted flat screen, with comfy sofas to boot :) watched babel. unfortunately, i didnt feel as much for the movie as rina did... in fact, other than the main storyline involving the moroccons/brad pitt & cate blanchett/the mexican mama, i felt that the whole japanese side story was just irrelevant and basically snippets of japanese porn. like seriously every time the story turns to tokyo it will be about her wanting sex or doing something porn or some disgusting shit like that. damn low grade lah. portray japanese girl until like that. its like totally almost no link to the japanese side at all. you could take away the whole japanese portion and the story would still remain the same. pfffff.

looking forward to watching my bro's other shows.. and i want to re-watch death note! by far the last good movie i've watched. definitely wanna share it with the other exchange students cos i think its so darn good. hehe.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

From High Olympus flows to us the glory
On us the sacred fire descends.
Rise, sisters, rise, the world is all before ye
Fear not to grasp what fortune sends.

Sisters in learning and sisters at heart
Life lies before us,
Here's luck to the start.

A little while the sun shines high above us
And youth's elixir fills our veins.
The magic fire, that moves the gods to love us
The fire by which the will attains.

Sisters in learning and sisters at heart
Life lies before us,
Here's luck to the start.

From heart to heart we'll scale the heights of learning
No mean desires our days shall shame.
Whole-hearted, true, with pride and ardour burning
On sisters, on to life and fame.

Sisters in learning and sisters at heart
Life lies before us,
Here's luck to the start.

I cant believe i actually forgot how to sing it! But dont worry i still know how to sing victorian anthem.. heehee

nostalgia sia.. damn long ago. memories flow back. :)

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Friday, February 23, 2007

hmm.. i dont really have much to say leh. cos nothing much has happened, after leaving koln... and i didnt want people to think that the blog is dead or anything so yah, i will just update for the sake of updating. haha!

anyways its SPRING here now! i can walk around in a tshirt, a light jacket and my coat and with just my jeans (no tights) without feeling cold. i love that feeling.. haha.. spring is indeed beautiful. got chio flowers some more.

oh! i just realised i have pictures that i can upload wahahaha.. i went hiking with erik the other day, to see the vast pastures of Vallendar and it was amazing. feel like making it a weekly event, with whoever wants to come.

pretty flowers, bloom for you and me...
view from the top of Berg Sion
Meh meh and baa baas :D
Lonesome trees.. i think they will start sprouting leaves soon. so exciting!
and finally sunset over vallendar. i like green pastures :) has a very awe inspiring, and very soothing effect over me.. hehe.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Costumed Germans celebrating Karneval

In Aachen, next to the famous Aachener Dom:)
And the both of us :) yay my dearie is here in Germany with me! ! ! hehe

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bubu and i! :) London bridge is falling down... Haha. See how unglam and ugly london bridge is.
Ngeesh and i! :)
Chinatown! woohoo i went crazy here.. it was damn shiok lah. all the asian food.. roast duck rice (but not here though).. pao pao cha. omg omg omg
bubu and ngeesh cooking for me hahaha :P i just sit and take photo and eat hee hee.

ok i got a presentation in about like 20min. scary scary. all the german students' ppt like damn professional and standard 1 format one. my presentation like damn childish with pictures everywhere, compared to theirs. hopefully will do at least ok for this.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

london was a BLAST! omg i love love love bubu and ngeeshin!

to bubu: i love you!! thanks for having us messy and smelly people in your room for the past 3 nights and days :) and also the big cookout today! omg.. i really really had such a great time with u in london. i heart unhealthy clotted cream (clotted sounds like gonna get heart attack u know) and ORH JIAN and DUCK RICE! i miss u already... heehee :)

to ngeeshin: i love you too!!! omg.. you came all the way down on the 7hr coach ride from manchester to london for me and it was just awesome being able to spend time together!!! :) and u also went with me to all the stupid tourist places hahahaha even though u go before liao. yayyy! omg.. after 2 yrs.. u better go back to singapore soon n make it for an s1e gathering ah!

the time spent in london itself was great. i loved all the good food that bubu brought us to eat; i loved all the nice places and colonial feel of britain and how its so enid blyton, so childhood dream; i loved the asian supermarket and all the great asian stuff there that i cant find in small town vallendar; and i simply loved being around singaporeans again! the language i find so endearing to the ears, so unique. the quirks, the lame things that only we will have a chuckle about (like - found in the London lonely planet guidebook that ginny n me gave to bubu, as the caption of a pic of the tower bridge: "The towering Tower Bridge"); last and most of all, great company all round with darlings ngeesh and bubu :)

but alas, i have painted too perfect a picture of the trip. It was also marred by flight delays - on the way there, and back. i was so miserable that i cried a bit on the train back cos the flight delay of almost 2 hours cost me 18euro of train tickets, cos i missed the stupid train. and when i reached koblenz got to take cab - another 12 euro. damn waste money. i hate easyjet. dont take again ok. go there delay for about 1hr. come back delay for 2. only take easy jet if u got alot of time to spare ok.

worst thing is they dont even explain why delay. its like. i duno.. airport fault? plane fault? traffic congestion? no explanation at all. which pisses me off even more.

tired.. i have morning class tmr. goodnight.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I havent yet given a tour of my dorm and the surrounding areas so, here we go! View of my dorm from the foot of the hill! It used to be a home for pilgrims (there r still pilgrims in the other part of the building) and plenty of nuns and priests converge here for their meditation.
The long frickin flight of stairs i have to climb EVERYDAY. u can imagine how fit i'll be when i get back. grin. Oh and that little sign there says no winter services. I guess thats a sign that no winter services will be held at the church ba.

and more steep slopes. pant pant. i always sweat and pant by the time i reach the top lor.
the dorm... with the grilled windows it kinda looks like a prison but oh well, its home :) for 4 months at least. hehe

View from the top: ok i know the res is very poor cos its my hp cam but can u see that tiny peaky chapel far far away?? yah thats where my school is. freaking far right! takes me 20min to walk.. hhaha

ok end of tour!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Nice little day trip to the nice little city with a very large group of tauschies - 13 of us! but it was really great. I mean compared to amsterdam this was like heaven in terms of i dont know, the stuff i got to see and buy and also like.. how everything was so relaxed. no tensed atmosphere, no strained relations. it was all nice and good :) and u know luxembourg is SO posh and atas, like everywhere we go everythings so expensive and all the window displays are really pretty. And there was this foodshop that sold these pretty looking cookie thingies for like 56euro PER KILO. wtf! damn ex and people were buying them by the boxes la. duno why so ex. the french ppl tried to tell us the name, but in french so we didnt get it at all. maybe someone can enlighten me as to why this tiny thing is 56euro (thats 112 sgd) per kilo:


I mean is it that delicious? Hmm. Anyways other than that it was pretty fun, especially when we tried to take a group pic with self-timing cameras (at least 4 cameras placed on some wall just to take pics of us as a whole big group) and that was really funny.. haha :P

good day! tmr.. just gonna laze arnd in bed. supposed to do laundry + do german work + plan for london but i think.. i will only be able to do either 1 or 2 things hhhaha too lazy! At night this taiwanese MBA invited the chinese students for dinner so i'll be there.. free food, why not :P hahaha.. no la jus kidding. Its nice to have our own little tuan yuan fan also right :)

sigh..i miss tuan yuan fan with my ahma's cooking. her abalone soup.. chicken rice (we hainanese make great chicken rice! haha).. stir fried cabbage with black fungus.. shior ba.. and lu3 ya1 or lu3 (i duno what lu3 is in chinese) duck haha. love love it. i wanna eat her love letters too! sadsad.. and BAKKWA OMG im so making zhongming bring some bakkwa over hahahaha let me enjoy the cny atmosphere too also la :)

so sad.. after talking about all this food im feeling so hungry now. shit. i want ahma's food :(

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

With love from Singapore... I have taken to reading cna for my intake of news from Singapore and around the region. Must be up to date ma, otherwise how to fight with all these well-read and knowledgeable angmohs with worldview of things and who know everything.

So, i read about this new detection system that Singapore is putting in place. Can detect anything from financial problems, social matters and even SARS etc by putting the ministries working on them, closer together. Then i read this paragraph on the website:

Patrick Nathan, National Security Coordination Centre, Prime Minister's Office, said: "We're not just talking about terrorist events. We're talking about pandemics, worrying social trends, even major financial turning points. If it's picked up early enough, we would be able to pre-empt, prevent it. If it's picked up a little later, at least we could put in place the right mitigation consequence management recovery processes to reduce the impact of that strategic surprise."

Thats the longest process i've ever heard! haha.. tickled me pink.
Anyway, i've decided to put up some other pics as well. Nothing to do, ma. Today no class

German states' flags hanging at Deutsches Eckes (or German Corner)
Artists' impression!
Sugoyi! Haha.. giant thumb sculpture by a Japanese artist apparently
Church in Koblenz. Dont ask me what church. im sick of european churches already.
Buffet dinner at a German restaurant. extreme left: Ross, ??, ??, Laura, Viktoria (from International office) and ?? from international office. haha

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Posting more pics! Cos pictures always speak louder than words :)
Ok these are from the dorm party. which rocked. With beer pong, sangria for 2 euro (and it was really good!), shots for 1 euro. woohoo!

Barbara, amaia and me!! Me, angie and zhonghua whos from Bei Da..
The tauschies! L-R from girl in black stripeys: Barbara (Poland), Barbara (Chile), Reda (France/Morocco), Me, Eve (France), Lukasz (Poland), Aditi (Texas Austin). Bottom row: ken (USA bumpkin), Dmitry (Russian in an England tshirt (??), Erik (Mexico/Canada).
Alexandre and me. Hmm i look pretty good here! Seemingly smooth skin hahahahaha
And aditi and me :) she kept telling me to dance but it was weird cos we were dancing in the boys kitchen. like next morning wake up and start cooking breakfast in the dance floor. haha..

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