Thursday, April 29, 2004


there's one up for grabs :)

she's fair.
she's busty. [4 times bustier than me!]
she's short. [for all the short guys out there. tall also can.]

and... BEST OF ALL...
SHE'S FREE!!! meaning, even when you 2 are dating, you need not spend A SINGLE CENT on her! serious! she, like, totally doesnt need her guy to spend any money on her. now isnt that refreshing, guys out there? NO MORE BROKE DAYS!!!

ANY INTERESTED GUYS PLS TAG!! i'll hook u 2 up :P -wink-

disclaimer: to those who thinks she's like fat or ugly or anything, she's none of those! this is not a hoax. it's a girl that i really know who thinks her guy should not spend any money on her! so yeah, contact me if you want to get to know her!

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thank god for friends :)
and you.

when they're arnd, im smiley and alright and i feel great, laugh abt things and have a really fun time. when i'm at home, things are more than different.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

sigh why is she so freakin petty man. i dont get it. like, quarrel over some stupid tv show? like hello, i didnt even overshoot into the program lah. if my band of brothers had run into her show and she missed some impt part, then fine my fault. but it didnt! and i switched channels during advertisements la!!
wah kao.
and she's not talking to me - already like 3rd or 4th day already.. jus totally ignoring me. and she also didnt wash my clothes as usual. stupid. if she's not gonna talk, then so am i.

anyways.. besides that. finished band of brothers.. i love bill guarnere aka gonorrhea heh.. e whole show rocks. really sad to see all e pow in concentration camps.. sigh. war is terrible. just like the cold war at home

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

YAYAYAYAY!!! SOV is finally over. phew. im so proud tt i never cry!! heh. even though its qt sad.. last time performing w ngeesh and all e non-germany ppl :( sigh.. time flies. but im still glad sov is over man. -wipes sweat off brow- YAY!

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

glad i skipped musicfest to patch things up w him.. feels much better :))

and omg i cant believe e mu fest hello not steelgrass? e judges muz b blinded by entertainment factor. in tt case gim sen shouldve won rite.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

word racer rocks!! tho im qt lousy at it:( ok this sounds really sad but theres no s paper for 2 wks!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

haha ok i just realized how stupid and toot i sound. oh nvm :P sigh i hope the love cal thingy aint true.. :( sad.

anyways.. everyone reading this shhh k. on sat im going down to rj for softball match.. to support yogi.. but nobody leak a word or else he'll b stressed! yah.. :) hope to see val and co there too!! cant wait, i miss her lots alr.. hee..

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

hahahhaha check this out

"Altos get a deep,secret pleasure out of conspiring together to tune the sopranos flat. "

"It is a little-known fact that tenors move their eyebrows more than anyone else while singing. " --> so true!!! look at sas@a!! ( n his thick beautiful eyebrows) heehee...

"When a bass makes a mistake, the other three parts will cover him, and he can continue on his merry way, knowing that sometime, somehow, he will end. "


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Monday, April 05, 2004

chipping in my 2 cents worth..

i think everybody should just relax.. sov coming up, just work hard together loh.. any reprimanding is done for the good of the choir, should just take it in our stride.. not personal attacks or anything mah..yeah..

speakin of taking in stride stuff. i hate gp project/presentation!! argh, driving me mad.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

.i feel friendless.

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

think e choir is more or less improving lah.. :) -heartfelt- dont think i used e word correctly but ah heck.

anyways.. chunky chicken roll is not as nice as cheesy turkey roll at the wild bean cafe! just a warning to bp fans out there.. heh.

wah.. just saw old photos of steelgrass. thought abt not being able to get mu fest tix.. sigh.. hopefully some kind soul will SPARE me one!! .dribbles. haha

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Friday, April 02, 2004

ok im back and logged on!! hee. prob not for long though. coming to do my gp project + certain blogs that i wanna kpoh and go n read.. hahahahaha.

sad rainy day today though. just kept raining.. and raining.. luckily it stopped. i said hi today! haha but bf was dao. tsktsk. they were right man.

long time since ive just in case: HI s going out to ginny, val.. bc hope 2 c u soon.. and yeah. tts abt it. haha.. :)

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