Friday, May 21, 2004

What has happened to everything? I mean, it didnt use to be like that. there were the good and better times. Now its just degrading, like downhill all the way. i seriously dunno whats wrong.

He didnt use to be like that.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

everything has changed.

where did the love go?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

trouble is brewing.

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if i had spoken to him, i would say...

so how was chem prac test? i had all e answers alr, so did qt fast.. v clumsy lah, broke all e test tubes -hahaha- c'mon man we were like discussing all e answers.. our own teacher ponned our lesson.. qt funny rite! -suppressed laughter-

.brief pause.

whats e name of your chem teacher? tt time she came over to scold us when we were screaming in the lab.. haha.. quite amusing lah.

.awkward silence.

so how is she? U know who i'm talking about.. yeah.. how long have you all been together already?

*imagines that he asks some qns about ys*

wah, very long never talk to you already. (what am i talking about? I've never talked to him properly in the first place!)

.reach e overhead bridge.

byebye, see you!

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Friday, May 14, 2004

i like guys with pink rosy cheeks!

so cute!! :))

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

wah scary, i almost couldnt log in just now, duno why.


Distance: 132.9 miles Approximate Travel Time: 2 hours 11 mins

thats e distance between u.chicago and u.i.u.c!!! yay :)

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haiz long time since i blogged.. much has happened i guess. germany is coming!! cant wait cant wait cant wait.. will b rooming w foxy and pussy [i dont care!!] haha.. yeah :)) but muz work hard for e fun there too. dont wanna sit in a pool of tears in bremen or sth..


went for rj concert last fri? sneaked in during halftime, almost got stopped by the mak cik who asked what my flowers were :| but heng she din ask to check my tix.. sat w yixin, damn long never c her already!! she still has her short hair.. but hmm, i think she should leave long hair though :) nicer.. yeah, think it was real sweet of her to ask her to sit w me when i was all alone..

i forgot candice's flower!! boohoo.. but nvm, she's pretty nice abt it and forgave me heh. saw lots of ppl there.. shant name names, but i was qt sad that they had time to come for rjchoir concert but not sov..

just when i wanted them to be there, and it mattered to me that they were there.



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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

think i was abit harsh there... but heck. she hasnt been nice to me anyway.

viesta soleil rocked!! we sold like a million pizzas, hahahaha.. but i lost my can opener :( it costs 20bucks lah. what if my bro is sick at home and cant open any of e canned campbell soups that he have to drink cuz he jus lost his wisdom teeth? oh no..

did anyone see my can opener? its black and grey. and its unlike ur conventional or lao pok can opener cuz got this funny mechanism which u can turn on top of it. and the reverse side (the blade side) got 2 wheel like things. its in this ripcurl/roxy/quiksilver plastic bag! did anyone see it!!! :(

and ellen lost her pizza cutter too but its much cheaper. only 4bucks. sighhh.

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