Monday, November 09, 2009


yes im back. Nepal was wonderful, and a great experience, but work has sapped all the freshness and energy out of im back to my usual self. Today i shall post about something useful, although I doubt google search will boost my page up front. Hehe.

How to remove unwanted or broken excel links

You know how irritating it is when you have an excel workbook that is littered with formulas all over, linked within and to external workbooks.

But you know the external workbooks either dont exist or the link is not important anymore.

Yet every time you open your excel file it will prompt you to update your links. So irritating right!

Well, this kink only applies in Microsoft Excel 2000 when there is no "Break Link" function. So I've found a manual way to do this. Quite tedious though, but might be worth a try.

1. Press ctrl + ` (the little button to the left of 1). This displays all the formulas in your worksheet.
2. Go to Edit --> Links and see the external workbooks that your file is linked to. For example, if it is c:\my documents\external file.xls.
3. Go back to your worksheet, press ctrl-f to reach the search function, and type in "my documents" for example. And voila! it should direct you to the exact cell with the link! :) Then it is just the simple task of pressing "delete".

Drop me a shout if you like or have used this method :)

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