Thursday, August 23, 2007

some last words before i pop over to hongkong for a short holiday this weekend (as you can see i'm so excited i cant sleep!):

i could cry reading this. Have we really become a police state? The Orwellian nightmare of 1984? Why can't they just leave ordinary everyday citizens alone? What has become of, or rather, has all along been, this form of democracy for which we know of all our lives? Where has the right to express oneself, the right to live as private citizens gone?

i'm getting increasingly disillusioned by this place which i call home for 20 years. without such simple civil liberties, we're living in a place which is not much better than the oppresive regimes.

doubts have been surfacing for a long time now - doubts mainly involving the keywords transparency, corruption, and pay-rise. And now even civil liberties are at stake. i'm not so sure i still want to call this place home for the next 20 years of my life.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

yes i know... bloggers diarrhoea!

What type of sleeping position do you take?

For me, I'm the starfish (last one). In fact, i'm more like jam. I love to spread myself allllll over the bed, no matter how small i am and how sprawling the bed is. Barbara, my Europareise-mate, once shared a queen-sized bed with me and commented that although i'm so small, i took up so much space on the bed that she felt she was being inched out and had no space to sleep. hehe. ditto for my mum, who shared my pathetic single dorm bed for coupla nights in germany. oops, plus she had to endure constant teeth grinding (hey, i inherited it from her! which means i also had to endure the same noise ok). and also the bf who once fell off the bed onto the floor, at 4am. hahahahhaa :P

Oh and sometimes i also like to sleep cross-legged. In fact, i like to cross-legged everywhere: in class, in front of my laptop, at work. haha. im a devout 24/7 yoga practitioner.

Related thought about sleep: i think bolsters are a singaporean phenomenon. cos i never see other country beds using bolsters. also, when u go to hotels, also no bolsters one. so that my explain why there are so many foetals around.. cos they all like to hug bolsters? Which is the cause and which is the effect? hmm.

from L-R: The foetal position; The Log; The Warmer; The Soldier; The Freefaller; The Starfish.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I couldn't agree more.

Something that really hit it home for me and seems to make a lot of sense.

In response to this mrbrown post, about expats complaining because the cost of living here is very high. various replies and comments were given, and the one by nanashee way down the list (probably the last at time of publishing) really struck a chord with me.

Beyond just losing the expat community, this is causing an overgrown adolescent generation; the 30 year-olds who still stay with their parents and act as though they're in secondary school. I believe this is causing the nation as a whole to become quite mentally immature, because they haven't been shoved out of the nest to fend for themselves. It's hard to know what true hardship is when Mommy and Daddy are always there for you. It's hard to develop maturity when you've never had to take care of yourself completely, from doing your own housework to living your life independently. It's hard to have any kind of an adult life when you have to sneak around your parents and your siblings (so romantic, hor?).

Maybe that's part of the plan after all. If we become an island of infants, then maybe we will be good little children who can be pacified with silly little things, our easily molded minds tweaked as and when needed for the greater good.

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Back from Bali!


Didnt see any molas, or big fish for that matter. but doesnt matter, cos i'll be back to climb mt agung, get lost in the enclaves of ubud, ride the waves of kuta, swim with the molas and the mantas, eat fresh fruit at Bedugul and watch the sunset on tanah lot and uluwatu. mark my words! i will be back!

For now, back to skool.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Apparently, there is this condition called Alexithymia, which literally means "absence of words to describe emotional states". It describes people who appeared to have deficiencies in understanding, processing, or describing their emotions. Alexithymia is thought to affect 10% of the overall population. (from wiki)

When alexithymics are asked what they are feeling, they usually say "nothing." and when they are asked how they are feeling, they usually say "i dont know."

Hmm. this sounds all too familiar to me...

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Seen on the back of a furniture truck this morning:

"Please do not tailgate. Driver suffering from mental disorder"

and then next to it:

"Blood type: Ali B+
Jali A+"


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i love russell peters!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

High: revelling in the joys of Buena vista social club and their very catchy and i-wanna-shake-my-ass-and-get-up-and-dance song, El Cuardo de Tula. It is very addictive indeed!

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low: finding out wang lee hom's english name (you can wiki it to find out for yourself). a rude (but personal) shock!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

High: having lunch with ginny at caffe beviamo, paragon shopping centre. nice little place outside (or was it above) of the project blood bros cafe, featuring a rather simple and fuss free menu. especially love the side dish menus - a wide sampling of staples, and at affordable prices of $1-$2 per dish! i had an egg salad side, hehe.

Low: watching jay chou's the secret, going in thinking it was a romantic show only to find out that its actually a HORROR GHOST story in disguise!!! *screams

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High: reading this. It is ABSOLUTELY hilarious!!!!! hahaha ;)
Low: mum came home late so i was late in taking the car! ok something else was lower than this but it isnt fit to be put here.

off to shower and sleep now!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

oops. this has been blank for a while cos nothing has been going on in my life thats even worth documenting. pffff.

anyways, i decided to start (and hopefully continue) a habit: to document the high point and low point of my every day life.

High: "talking" to ngeeshin through LJ haha ;) about müller reis, of all things
Low: the one hour commute from boon lay to home, and falling asleep on the train.

bah. thats it. tmr my supervisor has given me a day off since he has absolutely nothing for me to do. NOW i have to find something to fill my friday. hmm....

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