Friday, May 30, 2008

To anybody who has ever watched Mythbusters on Discovery channel:



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Monday, May 26, 2008

New shoes from Club Marc!

And everyone should go there to shop! They're having a storewide 50% discount, all day, every day! from 2.2.2008 to 2.2.2009 in the world's longest 365 day 50% discount marathon. Sounds too good to be true but it is! (or maybe its a marketing ploy; maybe they usually sell stuff at $40 a piece anyway and now just put the price to $80 and then tell you there's storewide 50% so that you think you got a good deal. So maybe High-Low pricing does work very well here indeed.)

Here for more details:

Club Marc stores in Parkway Parade, Central Mall Clarke Quay, Vivocity, etc.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

omg im having some serious kafka freaking out right now. i just found not one but TWO giant cockroaches in my bathroom! just when i was about to brush my teeth and take out my contact lenses and sleep! One was sitting right on top of my contact lens box!!! After spraying copious amounts of shieldtox it finally died. but not before contaminiating my contact lens box and my toothbrushes. Damn it.

And then, just when i was about to wash off the cockroach shit/eggs, i spotted another one on the ceiling!! wah kaoz! as if one big one wasn't enough! Freaky. now everywhere i look i think i see a cockroach. getting very very very freaked out now :/

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hello! long absence, finally had the chance to sit down and think and write my blog.

Before I start, i must first say that batam with rina wannie fel sq shaun yq and hongyi was THE BEST!!! haha :) and i'm really thankful for this bunch of crazy wacky people, our friendship stemming all the way from when we were 17.. It's more than 4 years already! I'm glad we're still close and enjoy each others company :) may we have more trips to come! i have suggestion: lets go to sydney for rina the valedictorian's graduation ceremony! and this time we make sure we're on time and will be there to take pics together hehehe :P Suggestion 2 - go to beijing in 2010 to visit wannie and for her graduation also! haha..

On to other things before i head off for a shower. Well, some not so good news at work today... :/ not gonna dwell on it but it made me think of my goals, which i should have set before the internship. What do i want to achieve out of this 3 months? 1 month is already over so I don't have much time left. I shall write it here to remind myself:

1) Gain an insight into the aviation industry
2) Work on a consulting project
3) Gain aviation-OM related knowledge, for example in network planning, scheduling, load balance optimization. As well as other specific aviation knowledge, such as fuel management

There you go. Got that thing off my chest now. (1) is more or less a "check"; (2) is a decision that is not entirely up to me, but I guess being proactive about it shouldn't hurt. (3) is a tough one, but I think this is an area where I can take more initiative - ask more questions, look for the right people and ask the exact question of "How is it done?" or something along those lines.

That said, its shower time. Toodles~

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Of all things, I am addicted to Xi You Ji, the Channel U show where host Belinda Lee goes to 10 countries in search of Singaporeans in far flung places. So addicted, that I actually bought a mobtv 1 month subscription just to watch the show and the previous season. (yes now you know who to go to for your monthly dose of local drama serials, all available online)

The Tango Fanatic

I watched the first episode of Season 2, about this Singaporean named Isaac. He gave up university studies halfway, and went to work in the Armed Forces. After 6 years in the SAF, he decided to head for Argentina to pursue his dreams - Argentine Tango. And there, his life is nothing but that -tango, tango, tango; day and night, every hour and every minute almost; for work, and for play. He pursues a degree in Philosophy at Universidad de Salvador in Buenos Aires, and when he's not studying, for example during the holidays, he takes tango lessons, practises tango at friends' or his appartment, works in a social tango club as a dance partner for tourists. Pursuing his dream, passion and his talent for tango. Now that really gives you something to think about, and he really deserves all my respect.

The Bear Hugger

Meet Darren, 33 year old Singaporean and ex-architect with an established architect firm in Singapore. He was previously working in Singapore and China on various projects; for example, a condominium project in the Western city of Chengdu. He married a Sichuan native, also an architect, and they have a 2 month old baby (who happens to be really really cute!). His career change was to a bear conservation and rescue centre, where he designs the bears' playpens and living areas, and also does work at the centre.

The Sentimental Samba

Stella married a Chinese Brazillian and now lives in Brazil with her husband and her 4 children. They speak English and Portuguese, however Stella tries to teach them Mandarin at home. They speak it with a really cute accent though :) And her daughters are so pretty! Not surprising though, cos she used to be an air stewardess. So, she showed Belinda around Sao Paolo, where the streets are not safe and after 20 years of living there she never once took the public bus. Brazil is also the place with the 4th highest number of murders in the world.

They also celebrated Chinese New Year during the TV crew's visit, and it was cool and strange seeing these ang mohs doing lion dance, dragon dance and wushu on the streets in celebration of CNY. Then after, they invited close friends for a round of hotpot at Stella's house, consisting of Singaporeans and Brazillians who have lived in Singapore before. And one of the guests, a Singaporean woman who married a German and are currently living in Brazil, had this comment: "Marry a chicken, follow him; Marry a dog; follow the dog; Marry a monkey, travel all around the world." It was quite cute la! Hahaha.

But the most touching moment was when Belinda brought out some Chinese New Year goodies for Stella. She only gets to go back to Singapore every 5 years or so because of the huge distances, so she really missed local food. Furthermore, throughout the whole show, she had always mentioned that she missed home - when drinking sugar cane, when walking by the beach looking at the sea - she never failed to mention how much she missed home. So when Belinda brought out the goodies made for Stella by her mum, she started to cry and it was really a very touching scene. Homemade pineapple tarts, sambal chilli sauce, hay bee hiam. All made by Stella's ageing mother; it was really very heartwarming.

And after watching all these episodes, I feel a touch inspired. It gives me hope, like the world is out there for me to see, gei wo qu chuang yi chuang shi jie. Giving me the inspiration that I can do anything, go anywhere and lead that fulfilling life that we all crave for. Maybe someday then ;)

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I try not to touch work stuff on weekends, cos it'll be a bit of an overkill and theres time to relax and let my mind off stuff. To recharge and be back, up and running for the work week on Monday :)

It's been ok so far, I really learnt a lot from all the sources of information available. More importantly, I think I'll have to learn even more from the colleagues there, who come with a wealth of experience, know what they are talking about (and not smoking ok!) and got plenty to share. 11 more weeks to go, and I want to make full use of the opportunities.

On a different note... I came across this sentence a while ago (in fact i think a long while ago) and it really does ring true. History is about the winners. Take your time to think of examples - wars are a pretty straightforward example. WWII for example. What if the Allies didn't win? They could have been portrayed as the evil-doers and colonialists, whereas the Japanese and Germans were here to liberate us. Well we'll never know for sure though. History works in its own mysterious ways.

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