Saturday, July 31, 2004

The race of life.

i fell down in the race of life
it caused excruciating pain
my dreams were shattered my goals were knifed
but what's to stop me try again?
i'll pick myself up and start to run
and never rest until im done
i need to rush, i need to hurry
i've got a long way to close the gap
till sweat makes my eyes all blurry
i'll not stop nor ease my step
now i'm way behind i've lost my lead
but i'm still in line and won't lose my head
what did u expect me to do, to sit and cry?
to bawl my eyes out until i die?
no sir no, i ain't doing that
where i'm going i'm already late
where does it all end u might wonder
it's where i fall still and move no further
to let the younger stronger pass as i fade to death upon the grass
but it's not now, it's not, my time is yet to come
my journey is yet over, barely has it begun
you're running this race too, you know, this race of human life
stop and enjoy the scenery or you'll be past in a blink of an eye
yeah there are rocks and stones along the way
but don't we all face them every day?
choose your steps wisely or you might just stumble and fall
one wrong move and you might just lose it all
this race ain't about who comes out top
but how we run it until we stop
take heed my friends, run like the wind
i hope we're all in the same place right at the end

He really epitomized the whole meaning of his poem, living his life to the fullest. - in loving memory of xianliang

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

u know the world is screwed when good people die and the rest decide that sleeping is good for them.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

 drinking meiji milk now :)

im so touched everyone missed me!! hahaha

cheonging math sucks.. 1 whole day and all i completed was 1.25 tutorials, ugh. got much more to go..


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Saturday, July 24, 2004

had  A GREAT TIME today :)

ohh ohh.. yeah. back frm germany FINALLY! it was fun fun really. lots of chocs and food and sweets *yum plus hot german hunks esp. at hilton hotel!! heehee.

yeah besides e point..

im really really happy at e choir olympics results. really very sastified, a testament to all the hard work that we have put in all this while.. thanks to nelson, ms choo, mdm goh, ms yu and mr kan (..) and all the dear SOPS!! for being good girls sometimes and yeah, being there :) of course all my close frenz.. i-like-to-shake-my-leg-even-in-my-sleep bao.. foxy-and-i-like-to-deny-my-relationship-with-jeth serene.. and of course i-can-dance-ballet-xiao-cong aka euge :) lots of other ppl too.. like fake-beauty-mole shili :) and my fave junior minghui haha. and jolene. and the fanjians + special mention for yingtee. andd oven etc etc etc..........

and of course jiayun! hehh.. sectionals were more fun with someone 2 diao abt eye size heh.

maybe i wont miss taking sectionals.. but i'll miss koking arnd choir lah definitely.


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Friday, July 09, 2004

arh.. bored day. went to mos burger and ate ichigo bliss!! -bliss-

everyone arnd me is starting to mug again.. and to think im gonna miss out 7days of school! normally shouldnt b too worried abt this but.. yeah. everyones turning into a kancheong spider!! and sq asked me if should bring stuff to mug over there. hmm.. now that everyone's so freaky, mayb i should do tt too. but cannot lah. im supposed 2 write personal essay + testimonial there :)

take this as a break before intense mugging starts i guess.. promise myself i will start to SUPER DUPER CHEONG after coming back frm germany!!!

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Monday, July 05, 2004

jurong east swimming pool ROCKS! its just like wild wild wet, or wah wah wet as siqing likes to call it, and only like, 100% cheaper?! hahahahahaha :) had a really great time there today..

everyone please go there! jus drop off at chinese gardens and me, its SO worth it. entrance fee only 1.50! compared to wwwet, 12bucks! haha. u do the math :)

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Friday, July 02, 2004

ahh. exams finally over! :) but the subsequent 3days straight choir abit sian.. sigh. i know its important, but still, sian. no time to shop for gown already.. sigh. hope i can actually find one in time for sunday's wedding..

germany is only like 9 days away!! freaky shit lah. but then again, qt fun... even though i have this bad gut feeling that we're not gonna do well there? i dont know.. being without nelson can b kind of scary..

and we're wearing funny sari costumes!! i forgot for which category but yeah. then still must fasten the pleats and iron out everything.. feels abit mah fun leh. and im practically swimming in that long strange smelling cloth of mine. overheard nelson saying that e purple one look like ahma!!! :((

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