Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Camera specs: Pentax. Optio. 3.2 megapixels. Taken with a variety of modes - b&w with coloured filters, p mode, macro shots, etc.

I LOVE CAMERA! give me one any day. I am so in the wrong creative thinking. azleen's class gets to take photos and take photos and take MORE PHOTOS, oh gawd. how i envy her.

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Together, my bowels and womb make a lethal combination that is fucking me upside down.


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The welcoming scent of lilies fill the room... It certainly warms my heart :) The weekend is just too far away!

A whole host of events lined up for the coming week, plus a biz law quiz tomorrow! being stretched can be taxing but fun, i must admit. need to pull myself back and focus,focus,FOCUS!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wah. i do proposal do until 3am. now feeling quite shagged but i think my sleeping period is over, feeling energetic but mentally very shagged. must be the coffee just now.

Anyway thanks to a reminder from situ today, i realised that i've been going about doing my creative thinking individual assignment wrongly. ugh. Need to redo. and i think i shall do it in hardcopy form, more impressive that way. And here's where my camera comes in handy!

Speaking of cameras, i fucking LOVE to take macro. take a look at this pic:

DAMN nice. oooh.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

After an 8 month sabbatical...

I'm back in action. :)

Now that concert is over, I feel like I can finally start concentrating on the stuff that i have set aside and neglected for a while.. Like school work (yes, it's piling on already! even though it's only been a week!), CCA (non-existent, but i keep wondering what my full time CCA should be.) and SATURDAYS!! haha all chorale members can attest to that. Nonetheless, good job everyone! I think we put up a spectacular performance, critics say they enjoyed themselves (more than they enjoyed previous SOVs!) and I'm glad! In celebration of friendship.. grows each day.. muahahaha. i am comitted!

Next deadline to look forward to: Dive Trip, Tioman! 9 Sept 2005 to 11 Sept 2005.

Oh and yes i borrowed beng's camera so i am trigger happy now!! whoopee! yenhan the photographer is back in action!!! Look out people cos you cant escape my lens :) even though its just 3.2 megapixel.. I think i'll make do. woohoo! I cant wait to just snap snap snap snap. i think im gonna go crazy in school tomorrow. heh heh.

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fucking did not get the bid. :(

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I'm sold. :)

Thanks everyone for coming!! I really really really appreciate it SOOO much! I have a long list so do bear with me:
1) Ginny and meisiang!
2) Shaoru and huilin!
3) Beng and chris!
4) My OG!! York Grace Weida Zhiwei Daniel Ryan Yingzhi :)
5) Smux Campers! Calvin! Audy!
6) Classmates! Lynnette! Phuong!
7) Old VJ Choir kakis! Bao Shili Evelyn Wenjie Enqi Adela Nicholas Zhenyan Gimsen Janice Daifeng!
8) VJ Choir Juniors! Jianhao Gracia Suelynn Lucas Michelle Sheena and their juniors!
9) S1E-ers! Azleen and Aliya!
10) Other SMU kias - Shaun To!
11) My dearest brother! Shiwei and Xavier!

Hope I didnt miss anyone out :) Thank you all SO much for being there! It wouldnt be a wonderful concert without u guys!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's time to act confidently and rise to the challenge!

Yes i think that piece of advice is very appropriate for the current situation that i'm in. Thank you Life! Horoscopes! Time to prep for the concert later, wish me luck and see you guys @ Esplanade :)

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Wah i wash underwear wash until 1am. damn shagged.

just got back from anna's house! waves!! i want peeektures! :) ahaha. yes it was plenty of fun and laughter; steamboat, drinks and silly games were the course of the night! Aside from that leeetle mishap, i think rest of the time (and of course the company) was great. muacks u guys!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

i cried like fuck. val, if you're reading this, i cried like fuck!! Like i said in my letter.. 6 years man. It was a good thing that you turned around before i started crying, or else i think it would've gotten everybody started. And it was so embarrassing, to cry in front of all her friends! I'm hoping they didnt see. had wei and rachel comfort me for awhile - they sent off glenda - then i hurry up zaoed to a faraway toilet so that nobody could see me in that sad pathetic state.

Actually, i don't quite understand. i guess its a matter of priorities. if there are other things more important than years of friendship, i dont know what is. Some are inevitable, yes, but others... merely an excuse? If you really wanted to do something, you would die die make time for it. I guess to some people.. it was just not as important. not at the top of their priorities list.


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It's raining outside. When it's cold outside, I think of you.

Nah those are not with reference to anyone. Just nice lyrics that I thought of. Hmm, maybe i should pen a song? Nah i dont have the talent.

BLEHH. I woke up at 930am this morning when i have an 830 MA lesson! was frickin shage and frickin late lah! so paiseh.. so decided to cab down and at least wait till the toilet break before entering the lesson. After missing half of the lesson, i came in looking a bit blur and disoriented, and i didnt understand a single shit of what's going on in the class :( bahh. But okay lah i guess, prof KS Leong is quite a nice guy!

Went for lunch with grace ryan ben & co, then went w them to play badminton @ Toa Payoh sports hall. Actually i didnt play lah. more like they did. was so shag, so went there to sleeeeeep zzz. Collected my biz camp refund today! yayee. thirty bucks richer :)

Weekend ahead is gonna be filled with choir, choir and more choir. Oh, oops sorry i meant chorale, chorale and more chorale. Exciting sunday ahead! everybody please come and support In Song 2005: Perfect Fourths! I'm singing! Please do come down!! :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I came to school for nothing today! MGMT 214 was cancelled and the prof didnt even tell us. ok i have writers block.

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Mambo last night was.. woot! haha first time i club without being under the influence of alcohol. Okay lah you see things more clearly? But alcohol is definitely necessary to make your club experience a happier one cos sometimes inebriety does wonderful things to your mind.

So anyways, spent most of my time with shaun to (waves!) and SIQING! (waves doubletime!) Henceforth known as the SMU clubbing kaki :) same old story though - met many people, saw Fiona Xie in the heart of Phuture (to which bao happily pushed and shouted 'EH CHIOBU!' at her, heh heh) with Paul Tan, whom me and siqing agree looks like an elongated version of mike (rina you should see this). I think if you put paul tan and mike side by side, they'd look like mini me and uh his big friend, kinda thing. SERIOUSLY.

Um then, oh we met marcus. according to his drunk friend jerris (did i get the name right?) whom i think looks a little like zhiwei, is not attached but we keep seeing him with girls. ANYWAYS they were with this buncha really desp NUS girls who're like 5 years older and asked him for his number, even called him while we were having our dinosaurs! wow. nus must have real shortage of cute guys.

Other highlights: I MET CHUI LING!! omg i really miss her like f*** leh. and she's in SMU!!! gosh!! i wanna see her and talk to her again.. she was dancing right next to me and i was wondering, for a little while if it was her. and it was! and a buncha angmohs were surrounding her like vultures trying to pick her up. i miss her!!!

I miss bao too dancing with her is like wahh, just different from anyone else lah. but she's a naughty girl she got thursday 830 lesson! heh heh. i hope she doesnt pon it any more man. nice meeting ben too, and uh his drunk friend who was touching me all over more than he should, yes.

Actually I'm kinda sick of the idea of being touched by some strange guy while dancing. It disturbs me a little. I only want you.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cold crummy feeling inside :(

"Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long." - my fave phrase from Tuesdays with Morrie, a really touching book! The ending was so sad. I hope I can find my teacher in life. :)

you want me to be perfect, but what have you done to deserve this perfection?

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

SMU is ingenious! Never before, since primary school, have I seen a class size this big (40 people!!). They save on huge lecture theatres and since they operate in such big class sizes, efficiency is maximized. What a smart idea. And to think that they champion a “new breed of pedagogy”; no more huge impersonalized lectures when now, instead of distant lectures, you have distant classes. Hurhur. 40 people to a class is primary school sizes lah!! Have they not done education in GP? It teaches that the standard of living in a country is co-related to the education level, which is in turn correlated to many things like literacy rate and classroom sizes. Smaller the classroom size, higher the education rate. Only the poor children in India sit on the floor without tables and chairs in their classrooms, in classes of FOURTY. big class room sizes are never good for learning.

Okay enough lamenting about my school. Actually it’s been an O.K. 2 days because I’ve pretty much thrown myself into lessons and I think it’s kinda cool, I still feel like a holidaying mood (maybe it’s cos I haven’t had biz law, MA and AS lessons yet) and waking up at 9am everyday for a little swim just before heading to town to meet friends, drink coffee or study just sounds like a nice and cushy idea. My classmates have kinda been repetitive – I think Phuong and Lynette are in almost all my classes. Wait, I think Phuong is in ALL my classes! I love her lah. So far, 1 Greek prof and 1 Caroline Yeoh who looks really intelligent but I have no idea why she places all those hello kitties and whatnots on the desk before teaching. Maybe its her method of making the class “a creative environment”. Haha.

Classmates have been of MANY nationalities. Indians, PRCs, Vietnamese, Burmese etc etc etc. There were PRCs and I was kind of shocked actually, I thought they would be in NTU! My creative thinking groupmate is a PRC. His name is Jincheng – I like to think of it as Jin Cheng Wu, but anyway – he gave himself an English name. (don’t like calling it a Christian name cos some English names aint Christian, you know): Cristiano. Or Cris for short. WOW I was impressed heh heh heh. There’s the chao chiobu from my BGS class who’s in my group for CT! Vanessa! She really is very pretty :) and this other girl, denise who was from VJ S42 but I have never seen her around before blehhh :P I have bad memory yes.

And when me and my group sat down and were happily discussing what to do for our group project and all that stuff, this strange girl came over to ask us if we minded if she swapped places with Mr. Jincheng because she’s in a group with 3 guys and she feels uncomfortable working with an all guy group and would we mind if we swapped. My first thought?

What the fuck. Seriously girl. Did u go to NAJC or something? Nuns Association Junior College. Uncomfortable working with guys? I haven’t heard something so lame before lor. Even if you go out there, you can’t choose who you’re gonna work with. You can choose your employer but you will never know you boss. Get with it and move on! Learn to work with new people! Stupid. I did not object (she didn’t take him in the end; said she was just asking for opinions) but I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t take him! I mean he’s the only guy in our group! I love working with girls but I think guys provide that fresh, different perspective and even though he’s a PRC I must admit that he has some pretty interesting ideas that provide for more food for thought.

His English really CMI leh. Everything we say, he also don’t understand, especially if we talk really fast. Then he got this “I’m really trying to follow, don’t let me slow you down” face but I know he really doesn’t get what we’re saying. So I asked him “ni yao wo men jiang hua yu ma??”and he happily and eagerly replied: “Ke yi ma??”, and started rambling on and on his many ideas in Chinese. There was some communication breakdown at first but I think we’ll do fine, heh heh.

Siqing is stressing me out she just told me we have biz law readings to do. Sian. Gotta wake up early and go school library to mug mug mug tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have yet to step inside! I hope the aircon is not too cold.

Oh and I totally dig the idea of doing your homework on the go, where ever you are. Gives me a sense of busyness and efficiency, like I’m making full use of all my time, typing at the laptop whether I’m on a taxi, in a coffee house or in school or in the car. Something like that. Work on the go. Like this whole post was typed in a word document in the car! :)

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I am such a bimbo!! last night already set a time (10.30am) and place (bugis coffeebean) to meet beng liao, then ended up bcos we toyed with the idea of going to suntec for sometime, i turned up at suntec, partially drenched from the morning rain, and ended up being in the wrong place!! argh. so silly.

Anyway i have just uncovered a new gem: the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf breakfast! it really tastes very good. and it's reasonable too, at 4.50 - 6.50. i'd pick this when i don't feel like having macs breakfast ($5!) or yakun ($4++?)

Okay it's time to mug. i'm doing my "let's mug at a coffee joint with my laptop" thing. hurhur:P

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I have whiled my night away chatting, bidding, printing, surfing.

I have NOT done any work! shit. i suck. i need to start mugging.


being awake at 2am does you absolutely no good at all.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

don't ask me why. cute guys have a lethal weapon.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The first day of school...

omg shiqin is really damn bimbo! here i am fretting about what modules to bid for, how to read up for my bgs lesson tomorrow, whether to go for my FA primer non compulsory lesson and all that and she's asking me WHAT TO WEAR TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!
5 words.

b. i. m. b. o.

Okay after much deliberating, i have narrowed down the courses i wish to take!
1) ACCT203: Accounting Information Systems.
2) ACCT201: Corporate Reporting and Analysis of Financial Statements.
3) ACCT204: Income Tax and GST.

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The 2 things about Convocation.

2 facts unvealed to me at convocation:
1) Mandy, this SMU scholar guy (don't even ask me WHY he's a scholar! he doesnt need it.) who's Elizer's friend, his dad SIGNS the money on the Filipino notes. wow.
2) Lim Wei Kiat is a LKC Scholar!

2 stupid things i did during/after convocation:
1) I didn't stand and smile for the camera on stage. take already and zao. so paiseh.
2) When I took a bus to siglap, i took out my nets card to tap the ezlink card reader.

More to come when i get back from tuition and choir. sian my whole sundays are gone just like that.

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SHagged. but my room is fucking clean, i cleared out 6 years plus worth of TRASH. when i brought out the garbage i think i filled 6 or 7 black trash bag sized bags man. phewwww. but now my room is damn clean :) yayyy!

and i couldn't have done it without BENG!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! :) he owed me one so he came over at 11pm since chorale ended at 9plus and i reached home at around 10. then.. tidy tidy.. sweat sweat. clean all the way until 4am! wahhh damn shag but i just die die have to blog cos it was damn nice of him, really. thanks! thanks to you my room is fucking clean and it actually looks like a ROOM and not a pigsty and now i can start school with peace of mind :)

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't you.
Don't you.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me
Don't you.
Don't you.

Ahha i love this song! the beat is SO strong. goooood.

SO. Damn. tired. just got back from yishun to grab the white long sleeve blouse from ginny.. lucky it fit. or else i die. duno where or how to get a white long sleeve blouse at 230 am in the morning, in time for tomorrow's convocation. too bad beng wasnt in yishun. oh no, wait. LUCKILY beng not in yishun or else i go home at duno what, 3 or 4 am already man.

i loved supper today! (almost) all my fave s1e peeps were there, plus peijun and keith ho :) love my class. and i miss ngeeshin lots! and muggerina was super funny with her cute sweeping action, hohoho i shall continue suaning her about it as long as i can remember.

okay really gone now. 930am tomorrow. think i need to grab a cuppa from starbucks bef heading up for rehearsals.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

high on Nasonex

in an attempt to sound like a certain ang ming li, yes, i got high on drugs.
only that it was given by my dive doctor in the form of 140 metered sprays up my nose, hehe. Anyway i am proud to declare that i no longer read daphne's or amy's blog. bao are you proud of me! i have ended this voyeuring escapade! moving on now.

i want my camera! maybe its a question of too many choices, too little money. my requirements:

1) at least 5 megapixel
2) comes with underwater housing which will be purchased at a later date.

So simple! yet so hard to find. thinking of getting a sony cybershot W series that costs $599 for a 5.1megapixel camera. and they do have accompanying underwater housing too! i think 599 is reasonable considering all canon's 5 megapixel cameras go for 650 and above. maybe i'm under the consumer spell. the '5' as the hundreds number has given me the false impression that it lies in the 500 buck range when it's actually just 1 buck shy of 600. hmm. maybe i'm gay as ben likes to call me.

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i am desperate.

i am thirsty.

my hands are itching.

my throat is dry.

i crave.

i fantasize.

i wish, hope and pray.

i hallucinate.

i need it.

and i need it NOW.

I. Want.

I cannot live without it. i am dying. please COMEX come soon. this torture is eating out my insides. I. DESPERATELY. NEED. A. CAMERA. god help me.

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don't you think sporty photos are so sexy? sporty photos as in like.. photos of people in action doing sports. you can just see that expression on their faces. if you bring your face closer to the screen, you could almost smell their sweat and wipe their brow. and then that expression on their faces - of pure determination, grit and willpower. Imagine what was running through their minds when the photo was taken. I can almost hear them panting, splashing, biking and thumping down the roads. Ooh. damn hot.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Trotted around orchard road and Ikea the whole of today in my 7cm high heels. Oh, my poor feet, when will they get any rest. all in the quest to look taller and walk with confidence, yes :) went to meet bubu and ginny for a little while, sat in on their little korean lunch at crystal jade ginseng bbq (it's really good! i shall go and try it some time.) and koped their ban fan and fried kimchi.

Then went off to watch The Maid with yingzhi weida york and zhiwei ---> i was coerced to watch! i was fucking scared lor! My eyes were hidden behind the jacket 99.99% of the time, and i could only see about 20% of the screen. But i know the storyline okay. ask me and i can tell you. $4.50 not wasted. weida had some citibank promo that can allow us to watch movie at $4.50! yayyyay. plus free popcorn too.

Went to ikea after that with ser for a delish meatballs meal and my fave: DAIM CAKE! everyone please go and try it really really rocks. its the best cake ive ever eaten apart from cheesecakes. :) and i bought some useless random stuff like a whole tin of tins ie. a tin in a tin. am i making sense? and this 52-CD rack. to which serene commented: aiyo! now what nian dai already, who still buy CD??!! The effects of music piracy reveberate far and wide...

Oh and my favourite purchase of the day.

New shoes! bought for Wednesdays, as i call it, and it took some time for weida and yingzhi to understand what i was trying to say haha. this cute pair comes from charles & keith wisma atria. currently my favourite place to scout for shoes. will vincci please open more outlets in singapore! grr.

update! Ben has taught me something today. THE place to go for all parking and erp rates! whoopee!

update!! Haizad the DAMN HANDSOME singapore idol reject acted in the maid! he was the postman! ooh eyecandy for the film :) that was the only time i removed my jacket hurhur. oh after coming out frm theatre my hands super suan from holding up my jacket for 1.5hours.

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There's this soury taste in my mouth. And no if ur thinking its the A word, no it isn't. i shall eat an apple to get rid of it.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i have thursdays off
mambo all the way.
everyone please check your timetables and see if we have the same classes! tell me about your timetables!!!

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That’s how I’m feeling now. Like lost sheep. Unherded. Wallowing around in unchartered swamps without a map. I’ve lost sight of the end. OCS talk mentioned keeping the end in mind, and hence working towards it but I feel.. kinda lost.

What is the end that I have in mind? I don’t even know what I want. What is the motivation? Money? A successful career? A happy home life? A caring spouse? Are these even tangible? Sorry, but I think it’s my turn to ask the question: So, what is the meaning of life? Now, at least I’m not half drunk and suffering from a throbbing hangover-style headache rolling around in bed. Specifically, what is the meaning of MY life. What do I want out of life. What do I have to give? How can I make it better? So many questions, so little answers.

If you’re wondering why I suddenly write all this philo crap. Well.. after walking out of the accountancy academic briefing, all this just hit me. Seeing all the students mixing with the professors, maybe its just cynical of me but the word “suck up” kept emerging in my mind. And then, seeing all the SMU campus guides gather outside the audi for their training. Okay, so I lost my chance to be a part of them. And that just got me thinking. What do I want out of my SMU life? I know I want the double degree. But more than that. What sort of fulfillment do I seek to obtain? Will I be able to find it. School starts in approximately 5 days time. I hope the answers come by then.

Lost. That just describes it all. Upon graduation which path would I want to take? Accountant? Finance sector? Will I be able to become that all-rounder that I always seeked to be but always ending up being envious of others’ achievements, never setting some of my own?

What about friendships? Are the friendships formed in this school transient? Will I still have my old friends to fall back on during unprecedented times? Love? What do I want out of a relationship? Do I love you? Or do I love your companionship? Are we truly compatible or is it the rush you get when you meet someone new and the feeling is fresh and exciting? Will that feeling die off? So many questions, so little answers.

How about family? Will I be able to bridge the gap between myself and my brother after 19 years of living our own, personal, separate lives? When and if we take public transport together now, we still do our own things, seldom engaging in conversation. What did it mean when the fortune teller says that I need his help now, and vice versa in future? Will the relationship improve? How about my mum, can she be able to work after this accident? Who will be the breadwinner? Two schooling kids, one pai kar, one storeman.

My travel plans. Will I get to go to Austria with Chorale, or have they changed their destination to Xiamen, China? How about plans to visit bubu in London? Eric and Val in the US? Going back to Korea? And more of Europe – Switzerland, Austria, Germany? Asia: Thailand and Indonesia, for more dive trips? Will my nose ever stop bleeding? Will it be safe for me to go for further dive trips? To take my advance? Will I live to dive another day?

Will I be able to connect to the internet in International Plaza since I’m sitting in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but the wireless network here belongs to Starhub?

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Love wins. Love always wins.
Inspiring quote of the day!

I am chao kiasu cos i am at the acc talk! but okay lah it's actually quite useful. ive learnt more stuff here than at the biz talk. hmmm. Maybe i should post up this new info to benefit all those lazy bums too lazy to wake up early (8am!) to come for the briefing. Prof pang just cracked a joke. From Library to Loo to cLassroom. the 3 Ls. hurhur.

I hope the prof sitting at my 3 - 4o'clock isnt looking at my laptop.

Okay now got energy to blog about yesterday. i think i had ice cream day. lunch was red rubies at thai express. high tea at ps gelare with the same fantastic four gang plus siqing shiqin chuikhim calvin and some host of strangers whom i probably cant remember the name by now. azleen's with me now at the talk! hi!

Then night blading (refer to previous post). Then at night i went to buy bak chor mee and visit beng in yishun. damn far lah... reached home super shagged. i want a new camera. fuji or canon?

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i m damn shagged! just got home. biz talk today was quite fun didnt regret going cos i managed to sell tix (yay!) and stay committed and um met lotsa friends. heh. i'm tired i shant blog further.

oh and i went night blading with ryan and weida. WAH. it is the best blading experience ever. with the land breeze blowing out and everything. and u can just feel the speed. adrenaline. it was damn shiok! i love it. sweat never felt so good.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i'm blogging in auditorium level 2, school of accountancy! :) ben yingzhi and ryan on my right. rachel on my left. louisa a few steps down. kiat on the first floor next to lauria. anddddd i duno where the rest of the people are. everyones leavin the briefing cos they're taking damn alot of time to set up, technical errors they say.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Thank god for orthodontists. Guess who this set of pearly whites belong to back in '99?

I'm not gonna do a before and after picture sequence here, i'm sure most of you know how my teeth look like now (relatively okay, i hope. after paying 3k for it!)

Anyways i love this tioman pic. taken on the boat after dive - nice right! everyone looks happy smiling and satisfied (maybe except ryan looking a bit seasick) L to R: Yingzhi, Ben, Grace, Me, Ryan.

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I don't get it.

A box this big was used to house a thumbdrive this small. Hmmmm.

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West is boring.

I realised today that i drive like my dad. SHIT LAH. like the way kiat noticed on saturday.. right hand on steering wheel, left hand placed at the elbow groove, perpendiular to the right hand. NOooOoOoooOoooo.... it is SO not in the genes.

Anyway i think my dad is going through a relationship revival. he is seriously super nice to me and my bro now.. like, offer to drive to ntu?? last time ask him to pick me up from tanah merah mrt equals to yao le ta de ming lor. and now he's like so freaking nice. and the other day my bro went hostel to stay and my mum was getting ready to sleep and he was like "eh call your son to find out whether he reach hostel or not ah." then its like HUH?! firstly my mum is even more relaxed than him cos my bro's old enough, plus he's a guy? and it's just hostel and the dad was so concerned! i was shocked i tell you. maybe after 22 years of apathy he has suddenly decided to play a bigger role in parenting and to take a greater concern in the lives of his kids.

i'm not kidding or over-exaggerating here, seriously. if you read this and think that i'm being over cynical of him with regards to his involvement in our lives.. you thought wrong. He never knew what was going on in our lives. He only found out i was leaving for Hong Kong like, the day before i left. Same for tioman. especially tioman, like the night before i left he saw me packing and he asked me why. then i said i'm going tioman. then he said when? then i said tomorrow. then he said oh. tomorrow ah. scratched his belly and walked off. He didnt know that i was going to smu. until my mum told him. he didnt bother to ask either.. he didnt know i got the scholarship. he didnt even know my a level results. he doesnt know i learn german. he doesnt know i applied to US universities. he doesnt know that i club, or drink sometime. he doesnt have a single clue who any of my friends are.

okay but then again, i shouldnt be SO cynical. he has always been there in the background doing the stuff that i just dont take notice of and somehow, take for granted i guess. like, ironing and washing all my clothes. cooking sometimes last time. sweeping the floor when he FEELS like it. drying clothes. wash toilet. and yes, sometimes even pick me up from the mrt station. maybe he's the behind the scenes kinda guy. even though he doesnt pull in the dough.

Anyway i have diverged from the topic! i say the above (refer to line 1) because i was in the car just now going to NTU and i realised that all the roads in the west have terribly unimaginative names. like international road. and corporation road. like ??!! i prefre my bayshore and bedok rias anyday man. no way am i gonna live in the west ever in my whole life. of course im referring to the west of singapore, not the west of the world which means US or Europe! haah. i am kantang. or banana.

Update: i really stupidly went to buy milo from the drinks stall near the changi v nasi lemak. URK. and they didnt even gimme a spoon for my milo dinosaur. grmble.

Told a story about a man who is too afraid to fly so he never did land

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you’re wrong
Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance five-hour phone
The best soy latte that you ever had . . . and me

Did you fall from a shooting star?
---> Wow. brilliant song. reminiscing and it really brings back the memories...did you miss me while you were looking at yourself out there?

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

baring your soul

how does one bare her soul on the blog? hmm. like an emo outburst, as previously described in an earlier post? or talking about my innermost feelings? i think my inner INNERmost feelings can never be revealed here, or anywhere else, or to anyone. they're too disturbing. i'm secretly schizo you see.

and yes, happy birthday to kiat once more. he's 21 and it was amusing seeing everyone pissed drunk at chalet esp yinch and chuixy! haha... and of course being the guai girl i am, no beer for me. although the golden ale was very light and good on the palatte. how the hell do you spell that. ate lotsa crap too - pizza and nugget and fries and chips. i am so damn fat.

fat is a perception. so i perceive myself to be fat. the end. :) plus i'm going for changi village nasi lemak bright and early tmr! mmmm can't wait. accompanied by a good milo dinosaur, preferably not from any of the indian coffee stalls at changi v cos according to someone from smux camp og, the indian stalls make bad milo. whenever u order milo ice they give u hot milo, with ice added. and they make milo with water, not condensed milk. the drink stall near changi v nasi lemak sucks. picturing louis' face now, the total YUCKS expression. hurhur.

christmas in thailand sounds like a good idea! ;p

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

ming jing and audrey lee the president scholars!

wow. they've really done it. i'm happy for them and proud that theyre from my alma mater!

anyway i'm ignoring all stupid liu qiong's calls cos i feel i dun have to give an explanation as to why i'm not going down for tuition. but anyways i am really aching all over - forearms, biceps, upper back, lower back, stomach (aka ABS but shant use the term cos they r non existent), thighs, calves and even PALMS! my PALMS are hurting!! from the caterpillar race thingy. sigh.

ok today's itinerary: bizcom orientation, followed by chorale after dinner. then kiat's birthday party. hopefully i can make it home in one piece cos i am really burnt out. check out the rosy cheeks man :)

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Friday, August 12, 2005

back! i hope nobody missed me or my blog, hurhur :)

damn shag. my eyes are closing already. but smux camp was fun it was my last chance at camp, and i think things went pretty well! slack ogmates and um equally slack OGL but generally, good company in good time and i can't possibly complain can i? phuong was in my group! maybe i'll blog about camp next time but deffy not now i can't even think straight......

Happy birthday kiat! 21 years old LOH. i need to get him a present. ah. belated one will do la. to my fellow smux peeps: mark louis calvin audy phuong stef peishan ian and GLs gina&alvin - guess i'll see you in school, 10 more days to go!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I fucking hate you, you know that.

yes, this is what happens when you love too much. give too much. throw everything in the basket and oops, the eggs all fuck up and crack. i see you online and you not so much as give a shit. your presents are all lying on the floor and i hate it when i see them. i wanna grab the bottle by the neck and smash it so i can see it all flow out, just like the pent up messed up fucked up anger in me.

okay, sorry. emo outburst there. didnt mean it. thank god for people like ginny and beng to keep me sane and loving me there. i'm not really angry you know, if you can see my face now you'd think i just look sleepy or sian. but i guess that has been in my system for quite some time now, just needed to let it all out once in a while, like a good diarrhoea.

oh and everyone, andrew and his friend zo is in the papers. go check it out. its in the 160pg guide to singapore under the millenium coffeeshop, they're guzzling beer. oh the photogenic pretties. batt your eyelids and smile for the camera!

camp reporting is at 1230hrs but stupid OCS talk means i'll have to wake up by 0730hrs and get my ass outta da house. and i havent packed. and mr. peak the backpack is too small so i'll have to roll all my clothes or something. everyone PRAY that the bag doesnt burst.

till friday then. everyone don't enjoy phuture without me okay.

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Happy National Day everyone!

Yes, i am happily celebrating the nation's 40th by devouring chicago cheesecake at coffee bean & tea leaf spc, and sipping some warm hot chocolate (oh, the irony!). Best of all, it's on the house cos my uncle n aunty popped by to visit and drink some tea with me. heh. had to send mum to office so decided to bring my darling fujitsu to chill out at the bean... unfortunately the stupid radio wireless mouse doesnt work. damn. stupid 25 bucks pisa crap.

Anyway national day eve celebrations were a BLAST! spent the morning with THE OG and we went ice skating!! hahahha fun fun i hope york and yingzhi have gotten the hang of things, it was so cool whizzing around hand in hand with my fave peeps from smu :) (after ex vj/rg peeps of course hehe i am biased!) but i gotta admit after awhile i got tired of it, i mean the rink is only so small and u can only go around it so many times. We trooped to the carnival@jurong where there was plenty of pasar malam stalls and we all stocked up on our RAMLY cravings hurhurhur. especially ryan he almost cheonged to the ramly stall.. i think he buay tahan already. speaking of which mr ryan has sausage lips!!! super funny. everone go check it out. :P

went for trial muay thai lessons... okayyyy lah. hmm i think i prolly wont join. fighting's just not my thing. and im not good at pepsi cola too (muay thai involves stepping on your opponent's foot!) and the gloves are fucking smelly seriously. i do not wish to develop permanent BO on my hands, yes! on the train back the ah ma sitting next to me kept like covering her nose, so paiseh can!! so rest of the train ride i just put my hands in my pocket n refused to take them out. hmph.

watched Qi Jian aka seven swords which has lousy character developments (like, the 7 heroes were formed within 5 min!) and plenty of sex for a gu zhuang martial arts film. think they want to make it a mixture of everything la - romance, action, thriller film. please. not everyone can succeed mixing all these conflicting elements! and it was DAMN gory yes my eyes were treated to this bloodbath, my poor innocent soulful eyes. PLUS before they played the actual movie they had to show all the horror movie trailers like the maid, and land of the dead, i think i almost died in the cinema. NO ONE will ever get me to watch a horror movie with me! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! unless of course he/she pays me 100 bucks to do it heh heh heh.

Okay to summarize everything else i did on that night - watch fireworks, climb up sheares bridge, eat collon biscuits, eat hup kee orh jian @ glutton bay (the best there is!!!), drive to this cool rounding place in yishun facing the reservoir and looking at all the bike gangs and car gangs rounding and seeing all those AE86 wannbes. almost falling asleep driving the long lonely road called TPE home.

THE END. exhausted.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Someone told me that I'm one in a million! :) made my day!

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

ATTENTION EVERYONE Please go and read today's Sunday Times Page 26, the article by David Grimes - Don't be dumb, be cerebrally unwilling. IT IS DAMN SUPER FUNNY!!! hahaha i wish i could reproduce the whole article here cos it's really very very witty everyone go read it!

Random thoughts: the brother is doing his integration by parts homework now. HURHURHUR

More random thoughts: there will be fireworks tomorrow at 12mn at marina south! siqing i was not lying, nat day eve really got fireworks!

random thoughts part iii: fireworks vs chinablack? Hmmmmm.

random thoughts part iv: ginny came up with a new word today: louya. combination of lousy and lao yah. hahaha i think its cool man. LOUYA.

random thoughts: there's this really cool web! i think it's really cute! haha. david grimes related as well, but its damn funny. go read the airport carousel bit, and the stuff they said about singapore hurhur.

I just spent the entire afternoon online, reading david grimes' articles (they are so darn funny! google him and you'll find it.) after reading this article scroll down and read the rest of his articles.. really damn funny. does he have a book? if got i want to buy! haha. i love humourous books! no correction: i love humourous authors - sue townsend, david grimes. witty writing is just so much more intelligent than other forms of writing, cos it puts a smile on me face! :)

book cravings! someone, anyone, bring me to mph now! oh now got the books warehouse sale at expo. i always go there buy a lot of cheap books and lug them home without reading any. heh heh ooooopsies.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sea Mosquito

create your own visited countries map

Thats 3%! So little. i have yet to explore whole of europe plus USA leh. I wanna accumulate chops in my passport! anyone care to do that with me? :)

I'm so sad alicia just told me that asoc camp was wayyyy fun and they had so much fun! without me! sobsob :( wish i was there... urgh really STUPID sickness! bahhh. i hate myself.

aNyway back to the title of this post. sea mosquitoes: do they exist? according to dm dom, yes they do! i didnt believe at first. but when i was swimming around underwater, could feel this sudden stinging pain on some parts of the exposed skin like my feet or on my hands. as if i was bitten by a mosquito! then i'll scratch it cos it itches. but no blood or anything or any scar even. hmmm. strange. weird wonders of the world.

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wah my funky brother just sms me to tell me he at wala's now. funky siaa! means tonight i better sleep my own bed hurhur.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

So cool! I am damn inspired to take a Class 2B license now. Think i will go ahead with it once i regain my hearing, yay :)

Anyway, rewind rewind lets go to the start of the days events, we'll come to the inspiration bit later. Went to see dive doctor Kevin U. Chan at his Shenton Way clinic. He's good man, at least he's a proper dive doctor (unlike the gp at Woods clinic@Eastwood and old doctor Oei at Oei clinic!) and he knows what goes on during a dive n stuff.. And he himself is a diver so, like, he knows, u know? Haha. he's a padi certified instructor! anyway besides that. let him inspect my ears, n then damn fun he started playing around with this HUGE tuning fork to test my hearing. hurhur. but anyway the whole consultation plus medication came up to a FRICKIN 138 BUCKS! WAH U THINK MONEY GROW ON TREES AH! thats equivalent to half a dive trip liao lor! sian. so paiseh i din even have enough cash on me, had to go to atm that was frickin at amara hotel to draw money. so paiseh walk all the way there n back.

After that caught charlie and the choc factory w ginny the siaocharbor! wahahah it was damn nice really. and to ser: yes i caught the hair bit! haha it was damn good, laugh-out-loud funny! the graphics were real cool, like semi cartoon such that i couldnt decipher whether i was watching cartoon or movie sometimes! weird huh. but cool lah. but i felt they deviated a bit from the book just to give the movie a better ending. I wonder if they'll film Charlie and the glass elevator...? Hmm. that would be DAMN frickin cool dude.

went to the siaocharbor's house.. hehe to eat a good home cooked meal that i havent had in ages, thanks in part to a lack of cooks in the house. it was delicious! yum. thank you aunty chua! hehe... :P and everyone GUESS WHAT?!?! ginny the qian jing siao jie actually PEELED PRAWNS FOR ME!! gasp gasp i was so touched, tears started welling in my eyes! :) hehe.. thank u thank u.. next time when i not so sick i peel for u ok hehe.

last but not least - yes! today i had my virgin bike ride, it was frickin cool! i was damn scared at first.. then my head stuck in smelly helmet :/ but its damn cool lah. and i can feel that its damn dangerous too, like its really u against the road whereas in a car its more like your car vs the road, u know? then quite cool when u can weave in and out of traffic esp during jam.. hurhur. but thats the dangerous bit about bikes also i guess. but yes! i am inspired. i shall go take up lessons (shh dun tell my mum she'll kill me).

Ambassadors' interview went well i guess. i hope i portrayed the happy sunshiney image of a friendly and chatty girl, hurhurhur :P hope i get it! sigh hongyi n siqing n wannie are all out cheonging tonight. wish i could join them. or wish i could at least be in accountancy camp. shit you, illness!

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No more bro's room for me

I WANNA SLEEP IN MY OWN ROOM! ugh. i love the cool aircon that's nice and quiet and even though i have flu now theres this strange scent in my brother's room (probably BO or smth) and i can just sense it. so i wanna sleep in my own room. but my bed is so fucking messy that i think it's near to IMPOSSIBLE. shit lah die lah. tonight sleep sofa again ah. sian leh. i always sleep sofa later kena curved spine then i will grow old and possibly even shorter.

i have warped news to announce. my boobs are now tri-coloured AND peeling! it is damn gross. cos of all the diff shaped bikinis i wore during tioman. so end up like my boobs got 3 different triangle colours now HURHUR. i was contemplating posting pictures up but that is so spg and i am not one for artistic nudity so i shant do it. :P

i'm sick so why am i still sleeping so late. shit. bad girl. turn off your computer now.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

fucking sick. bad cough and flu and slight fever/headache too. really feeling shity now. plus i just banged the car again. scratch against the basement carpark pole. :( and i need to take care of mum. argh

think no more acct camp for me tomorrow SIGH can someone take care of me pls

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Of diving and rock climbing ryan

BACK!!! i have good news and bad news.

Good: I had tonnes of fun on Tioman! Muacks to yingzhi grace ryan and ben! Really love you guys think it made the trip like really enjoyable and momentuous and fun yes :)
I feel much more comfortable in the water now. I think i am ready to take my advnaced open water course!
I had a deliciously good looking dive buddy cum instructor!

Bad: I have a really bad flu and cough and basically am in bad shape now.
Sat out my last dive cos my penultimate dive was terrible, could feel the sinus pains under water and emerged with massive nose bleed and mucus drip! effing gross.
My ear is blocked. i think it's gonna remain like that for another week or so till it clears, ugh.
I have tuition tomorrow.
Everything is happening so fast within these few days i feel like i cant catch up! I check my smu email inbox and there r like 48 unread mails! wtf.
I am shit tired.

shall go sleep now.

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